You can watch the 2022 French Open Online without Cable

You can watch the 2022 French Open Online without Cable

This is the 126th anniversary of the French Open. The tournament schedule is subject to change as well as broadcasting channels. The tournament runs May 22 through June 5.

The 2022 French Open schedule was compiled by us. We also gathered streaming information that covered the event. You can also watch the French Open tennis tournament via your computer or smartphone, even if you don’t own cable TV. These are some of the many streaming services Some are available for free while others may require you to subscribe.

Watch the 2022 french open online without cable

The 2022 French Open Schedule

The 2022 French Open edition will be held for 15 days. It begins May 22nd, 2022 and ends June 5th, 2022. Below is a schedule for the tournament, starting with the preliminary round and ending in the finals:

  • May 22 – May 30: Qualifying rounds (1st through 4th rounds).
  • May 31 – June 1: Quarter Finals.
  • June 2 – June 3: Semifinals.
  • June 4: The Final for Women and the Final for Men in Doubles.
  • June 5: The Final for Men and the Double Final for Women.

2022 French Open Broadcasting Partners/Networks

The United State, NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) and Tennis Channel The tournament will be televised in the United States of America and territories.

Eurosport Holds the exclusive right to televise French Open tournaments only in several European countries (Spain Portugal, United Kingdom, etc.) up until 2026.

If you are in France or Andorra, as well as other overseas departments of Franc, Amazon Prime Video This site provides live coverage for the Roland-Garros Tournament 2022.

2022 french open broadcasting partners/networks

ServusTV Red Bull’s streaming service is the official broadcast partner of this tournament. Austrian citizens will be able to stream live coverage from the 2022 French Open.

RDS (Réseau des sports (RDS) and The Sports Network (TSN) Canadian broadcasters of Roland Garros are authorized.

Here are some streaming services which support these broadcasting channels.


ServusTV Austrian TV station. However, you can stream live or on-demand content through the streaming app. The ServusTV App is free to download from the Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store. Live streaming of sports events, as well as other shows, is also available for free.


It is important to mention that the ServusTV application is only available in German. There are no translation options. It may be difficult to use the app or its contents. You’ll also need an app Virtual Private Network (VPN) To access ServusTV content in other countries.



Watch the French Open live on YouTube 9Now’s WWOS channel (Wide World of Sport – 9Now) If you live in Australia, please download this document. The document is available for download 9Now app You can create an account with Nine on your smartphone or tablet to view all French Open matches for free. 9Now can be used on Apple TV, Android TV and Smart TV models (LG or Samsung).

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video will provide coverage of the finals, semi-finals, and qualifying rounds for both Men’s French Open and Women’s French Open. An Amazon Prime subscription or Prime Video subscription is required, along with the Prime Video app and compatible streaming devices. If your device does not support Prime Video, you can stream live matches from a web browser.

If you’re Prime Video subscribers, French Open matches are available for viewing at no extra cost. You will have to pay an additional EUR5.99/month, or EUR49/year subscription fee after your 7-day free trial.

Amazon prime video

Amazon Prime members Prime Video allows you to view the French Open in Monaco and Metropolitan France online at no extra cost. Amazon Prime Video (EUR5.99/month) and Amazon Prime Video (EUR49/year) have comparable subscription fees. Prime Video users have 7 days, while Prime Video members get 30 days of trial. Prime Video members only have seven days.

Sign up for Amazon Prime and enjoy a 30-day complimentary trial.

Tennis Channel

Tennis Channel Plus gives you unlimited access to live and recorded tennis matches from multiple tournaments. Access to the Tennis Channel app on smartphones and smart TVs is possible via streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV or Fire TV. You can stream the 2022 French Open via any web browser by visiting the Website of Tennis Channel .

Tennis Channel Plus can be purchased for $109.99/year. This is available only in the United States All U.S. Territories . . You can stream any tennis tournament (e.g. U.S. Open) live streaming until you cancel your subscription.

A subscription to the 2022 French Open will not be affordable unless you are a passionate tennis player.

Peacock TV

Peacock Premium ($4.99 per month): You get access to the following features You can watch the French Open live online at NBC . . The $9.99/month premium Plus subscription plans offer similar channels with less ads. Peacock TV works with Android, iOS, Fire Tablets and smart TVs. It also supports streaming devices such as Android TV, Chromecast, Chromecast, Fire Tablets, Fire Tablets, Fire Tablets, Fire Tablets, Fire Tablets and other mobile devices. ).

Peacock tv

Peacock TV, an American streaming site is available. To stream the French Open, you must have access to the United States of America or other supported territories. To bypass Peacock’s geo-restrictions, you can use VPN.

YouTube TV

On this page, live matches for the 2022 French Open are available YouTube TV Via the NBC Channel. Within seven days after registration, new users will be able to watch the French Open online free of charge. To view the remainder of the tournament, you will need to subscribe to a $64.99 per month subscription after the trial ends.

Youtube tv

YouTube TV was published at $14.99. This is a one-month discount only for new users. YouTube TV can also be accessed in the United States, just like Peacock TV.

Sling TV

Sling Blue ($35/month), gives you unlimited access to NBC’s programming The 2022 French Open will be live televised . .%20There%E2%80%99s%20no%20free%20trial,%20but%20new%20users%20get%2050%%20off%20the%20first%20subscription.%20Sling%20TV%20also%20supports%20the%20Tennis%20Channel,%20but%20it%E2%80%99s%20included%20in%20a%20%E2%80%9CSports%20Extra%E2%80%9D%20add-on%20plan.

Sling tv

Access to Tennis Channel requires you to pay $13 per month more than a Sling Orange/Sling Blue subscription. That’s $48/month–$30.5/month for new users.

Sling TV cannot be accessed in geo-blocked areas outside of the United States. The streaming service works on select streaming devices as well as smart TVs. This Sling TV Help Center document provides a detailed list of all supported devices.


Formerly AT&T TV, DIRECTV offers three subscription plans (Choice, Ultimate, and Premier) that include the Tennis Channel. DirecTV Choice costs $79.99/month and has over 90 channels. The “Ultimate” plan with 130+ channels is $94.99/month, while the high-end Premier subscription is $139.99.

Check out the complete DirecTV Stream channel lineup You should consider your options before you choose a subscription plan. If you want to only watch the French Open online via Tennis Channel, then the “Choice” subscription is sufficient.

The Sports Network (TSN), and Reseau Des Sports(RDS)

TSN Canadian-English television station licensed to broadcast tennis tournaments, including the French Open and Wimbledon Championship.

The sports network (tsn) and réseau des sports (rds)

Reseau des sports (RDS), offers TSN-like channels. A significant distinction is the broadcasting language. RDS is the French version of TSN. If you prefer to watch the 2022 French Open live in French, download the RDS App instead. You can stream the event directly from YouTube RDS website Use your internet browser.

You can watch the 2022 French Open live on TSN or RDS with the $19.99 subscription. You can also stream content to two devices at once with one subscription. You can find the TSN and RDS applications on both Google Play Stores and Apple App Stores.  

You can’t miss the Action.

Other streaming services include FuboTV (from $69.99/month), and Hulu Live TV ($69.99/month). These streaming services are only available in the United States and offer the NBC Sports channel.

It is important to note that you cannot access geo-blocked content by using a VPN service Some streaming services may prohibit you from using certain content. You should read the terms and conditions of each platform to ensure you’re not breaking any laws.

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