Windows 11/10: How to Merge Folders Easily

Windows 11/10: How to Merge Folders Easily

You likely have several folders or subfolders that contain all of your information if you are trying to organize files. Perhaps you find you are a little too organized. You can merge the folders to make it more manageable.  

However, changing an existing folder structure can be more complicated than it seems. It is impossible to merge multiple folders using the folder merging button. Instead, you must go to each directory manually, press CTRL A to select all files and create new folders. Copy-paste files from the destinations.  

There are other methods to merge folders within Windows 10 or Windows 11. Here’s a list of all the top options, from third-party applications to Microsoft Windows built-in methods.

Easily merge folders in windows 11/10

Windows 10/11 allows you to merge folders with the same name

Let’s first look at what the default options are before we get into third-party applications or Powershell scripts. Although Windows does not offer a “folder merging” feature, you can copy and paste folders to create a merge.

Windows automatically merges folders that are copied to another folder of the same name. This will prompt you for resolution of any file conflicts. This is how it works:

  1. Find the folders that you want to merge. Rename the folders that aren’t exactly identical to make them match each other.
Merging folders with the same name in windows 10/11
  1. Simply copy and paste the contents of the first folder into the directory with the second folder. Use the right-click or tap the keyboard shortcuts to either copy the folder from the first directory, or paste it into the second one.
Merging folders with the same name in windows 10/11
  1. If the names of any files within the folders are not identical, they will merge without additional steps. Windows will notify you if there is a conflict and ask what you should do. They can either be deleted, replaced or skipped. Or you may decide to do it individually.
Merging folders with the same name in windows 10/11

That’s all. You just need to make sure they all have the same folder names and copy them one after the other. Windows handles all the details.

For casual users who simply need to combine the contents of different folders, this is the most efficient method. A third-party tool is required if you want to add criteria to fix file conflicts in folder merging.

To merge Folders using a Powershell Script

The copy-paste technique is very easy, but it can become tedious when you have to work with many folders. Systems administrators deal with many different systems simultaneously. They need an efficient method of merging them.

We will use the same technology that we used for most other automation tasks Powershell This is possible. To do this, all we need to create a script which compares each file name and goes through the entire parent folder. It is possible to either replace files, or not.

$sourcePath = “C:\Folder1”

$destinationPath = “C:\Folder2”

$files = Get-ChildItem -Path $sourcePath -Recurse -Filter “*. *”  

{foreach($file in $files)foreach ($file in $files)   

$sourcePathFile = $file.FullName  

$destinationPathFile = $file.FullName.Replace($sourcePath, $destinationPath)  

$exists = Test-Path $destinationPathFile  


$dir = Split-Path -parent $destinationPathFile  

If! If you (!  

Copy-Item -Path $sourcePathFile -Destination $destinationPathFile -Recurse -Force  



$isFile = Test-Path -Path $destinationPathFile -PathType Leaf  


Copy-Item -Path $sourcePathFile -Destination $destinationPathFile -Recurse -Force  




Using a powershell script to merge folders

This script uses the following: loop To recursively copy the contents from the source folder to the destination folder. The original files can be left untouched in the event of conflict. Alternate ways to resolve conflicts include replacing files that are older or deleting them altogether. To make the process more flexible, you can use parameters to determine source and destination paths.

Third-Party Application to Mergefolders Easily

There are several third-party programs that can make merging folders faster. There are a variety of complexity levels, from the basic GUI merge tool to full file comparison software with versioning.

These are the top third-party programs for merging folders on Windows 10 or 11:

WinMerge (Free)

Windows is unable to compare files that are identical while copying them. It can only tell you their date and file size, so you will have to decide which file you want to retain if there is a duplicate.

Third-party applications to merge folders easily

WinMerge, an open-source program that allows you to compare files or merge folders within Windows, is WinMerge. This program is useful for system administrators and coders as it allows them to compare text files, and then present the results in a visually appealing format.  

2XDSOFT Folder Merger (Free)

2XDSOFT Folder merge is an excellent choice if you are looking for a GUI-based tool to manage folders. This tool allows you to merge folders or subfolders using an intuitive interface and many customizable options.

Third-party applications to merge folders easily

It is possible to retain folder structure and filename filters. You may also be able to remove subfolders. You can also carry the app around on a pendrive and make use of it without installing it.

Araxis Merge (Free 30-day Trial; $129 Standard; $269 Professional)

Araxis Merge, a file comparison and merging application for Windows or macOS is powerful. It is similar to WinMerge and best suited for programmers, legal professionals, or those working with large text files.

Third-party applications to merge folders easily

This is WinMerge’s more sophisticated version, which allows for file comparison with text, images, and binary files. Araxis Merge allows integration of version control systems, as well as an API that allows automation from the command-line.

These extra functions are not included in the price. Araxis Merge Premium Tool requires you to buy a license in order to continue using it after the 30 day trial. Visit the Araxis merge site complete pricing You can also find out more about a A detailed listing of features Both in standard and pro versions.

Is there a better way to merge Folders within Windows 10/1?

The default approach is best if you want to combine the contents from two directories in one folder. Open File Explorer and rename each folder to the same name. Then copy-paste the contents of each other into the new folder. Windows will handle the merging.

If you are looking to merge multiple folders or require detailed file comparison algorithms, then there is no need for other methods. You can merge text files using these methods other methods .

Powershell scripts provide the best option for this task, since cmdlets allow you to combine files according to any advanced criteria. To write Powershell code, you need to have a basic understanding of Powershell syntax. If you need to automate merging of folders, this is what you should do.

Third-party applications are more intuitive and user-friendly. WinMerge or Araxis Merge are third-party applications that allow you to merge files without having to know any coding. They are indispensable programs for people who deal with bulk text files.

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