Windows 11/10: How to limit Battery Charges to a Specific Percentage

Windows 11/10: How to limit Battery Charges to a Specific Percentage


This feature is not available in Windows 10 or 11, but there are a few alternatives if you need it to extend the life of your laptop’s battery.

Limit battery charge to a certain percentage in windows 11/10

You don’t need to reduce the charging level of your laptop batteries?

What makes a laptop battery last longer if it has a lower maximum charge? The lithium-ion chemistry of the battery and its workings are what this is all about. This article will provide a detailed explanation A Comprehensive Guide to Battery Charging.

Lithium batteries do not like being kept charged at their maximum capacity for long periods of time. It is more stressful on the battery, and it will wear out faster. This accelerates the time you need to replace your battery replace it. It’s an issue if your laptop is one of many thin models that have a removable battery and can be very costly to replace.

Why limit your laptop battery charging level?


Window has a limited battery setting

If you open up Power Options Windows 10/11 or Windows 10 open advanced power settings, battery section, There isn’t much to be found there.

The settings correspond to the actions that Windows needs to take when it is low on battery.

Why limit your laptop battery charging level?

As this can reduce your battery’s longevity and decrease battery capacity, it is crucial to not allow the battery to reach critical levels.

Use a third-party app

Windows does not have such a feature, but you can make it work with a third-party application. None of these apps will allow you to control how fast your laptop is charging. Instead they will give you data about your battery. They can also advise you on how to adjust your settings, or unplug your computer manually when it is time.

Battery Limiter (Free)

Battery Limiter, a freeware program that sounds an alarm whenever your laptop has reached a preset level of charge, is simple. If you need to reduce the battery life of your laptop when it is used as a computer desktop, this app won’t be much help. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t charge your machine too much for those who use their laptop as a desktop computer.

Using a third-party app


Battery Optimizer (Free)

Battery Optimizer utilizes proprietary analysis to determine the current health of your laptop battery. Then, it suggests what you can do to keep that health.

Using a third-party app

We’ve seen user reviews about this application and it seems to have a positive effect on battery life. However, that latter part is not hard to prove.

The Battery Optimizer is your best option to maintain your battery’s long-term health apart from the brand-specific, proprietary charge limiter.

Common Laptop Brands: Battery Charge Limitation

Laptop manufacturers have the ability to include this function into their products, even though there is no software that can prevent your battery from charging beyond a specific percentage.

The manual setting can be found in the UEFI menu if the laptop is capable of charging above a certain threshold. It’s often difficult to reach this setting, so many laptop manufacturers provide a third-party app which allows you to switch between hardware settings and not have to reboot your computer.

Limiting battery charge on common laptop brands

Below are some of the top laptop brands. However, each model may have a different support for the feature and access to it. For access to the battery threshold settings, you might need to update your firmware.

Limiting Charge on Asus Laptops

Asus Battery Health Charging is an official charging threshold feature. As part of Asus’s battery health charging feature, this application is pre-installed on Asus laptops MyASUS, It’s not difficult to overlook. Initial notification will be a message saying “Battery power settings is in Full capacity mode now”, but this message won’t last for more than 90 days if it’s ignored.


Limiting battery charge on common laptop brands


ASUS laptops support Linux if you enjoy spending time with it battery thresholds In that operating system.

Limiting Charge on Dell Laptops

Dell laptops are equipped with the Dell Power Manager Utility pre-installed. You just need to launch the app and open the Battery Information tab. Then, select the settings.

Limiting battery charge on common laptop brands

To extend the battery’s life, select the Primarily AC Us option. This will limit charging.

Limiting Charge on HP Laptops

You can turn on the Adaptive Battery Optimizationer if you have a HP notebook. This feature is not available on every HP notebook. You’ll need to verify that it is included in your particular model.

To The feature can be activated : :

  1. The computer can be restarted or started.
  2. Press F10 to enter HP Computer Setup.
  3. Choose Configuration.
  4. Change Adaptive Battery Optimizer to Enabled.

You can check the current status by clicking her:

  1. The computer can be restarted or started.
  2. Press Escape Click here to access the startup menu.
  3. Press F2 Click here to access the HP PC Diagnostic UEFI.
  4. Choose Power > Battery > Run Once.
  5. After the test has been completed, you can choose to continue Battery Details.

Check the following: Adaptive Battery Optimizer It should be listed in the Results. This should be enabled/activate.

Limiting Charge on Lenovo Laptops

Limiting battery charge on common laptop brands

Utilizing Lenovo’s in-house charging system is the best way to limit the charge on your Lenovo laptop Lenovo Vantage %20software.%20This%20is%20a%20general-purpose%20laptop%20utility%20for%20Lenovo%20laptop%20users%20with%20advanced%20power%20options,%20including%20a%20Conservation%20Mode%20that%20will%20limit%20the%20battery%20charge%20to%20between%2055%%20and%2060%.

Microsoft Surface Laptops: No Charge for Additional Devices

Ironically, Microsoft Surface laptops have a built in battery charging limit function within the UEFI Menu. You can choose from the UEFI Menu once you are logged in Boot Configuration > Advanced Options Click here to toggle Enable Battery Limit Mode on.

Limiting Charge on MSI Laptops

MSI users have the option to use Dragon Center and Creator Center apps depending on which laptop they are using, in order to determine a minimum battery level. Click the toolbox icon at the top of the app. There are three choices available under Battery Health Option.

Limiting battery charge on common laptop brands


It’s a good idea to get rid of the battery?

You might think that a removable battery on a laptop can be removed and put back in only when it is needed. You have the option to remove your battery and use it as a charger. Most laptops can run without batteries.

Why not remove the battery?

This removes any protection against data loss from laptops. You may be unable to access your data if the power goes out or there is a blackout. You may not be able to change or remove your battery while it is still on. It can also make it difficult to take out and reinstall the battery.

You might not be concerned about prolonging the battery life on a laptop that has a removable one. It’s easy to order a brand new battery, and then swap out the damaged one with a new one.

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