Windows 11/10: Best Greeting Card Software

Windows 11/10: Best Greeting Card Software

As long as you are able Create greeting cards using MS Word, You can search for more professional and user-friendly apps that meet your requirements. The modern design app has drag-and-drop templates and libraries of images, as well as a variety of fonts and many other design elements. Many of them are completely free and do the majority of the work. 

Drawing apps While Illustrator and Photoshop are amazing and do nearly anything you need, it can also be difficult to learn how to use them if your not an experienced user. This article will show you how to use several Windows-based greeting card programs, both free and premium. Software that creates greeting cards will be our focus.  

Best greeting card software for windows 11/10

1. Adobe Creative Cloud Express (Adobe Spark)

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is the former Adobe Spark. It’s a simple and powerful greeting card program and app. You will still need internet access in order to use Express, which may make it less appealing for users who create their own cards.  

This app was designed primarily to be used by social media users. The app costs nothing and comes with tons of templates to help you quickly create cards for various occasions. This app by Adobe can create a greeting card, invitation or poster for any occasion.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is accessible via email or any other social media. Adobe Creative Cloud Express will allow you to access all the design options available, without paying any extras. Adobe CCE lets you choose from more than 10,000 stock images for your card.

To personalize your greeting card, you can upload an image. If you upload your images to the template for greeting cards, however, they will need to be cropped and made perfectly fit with the templates. Stock images are already pre-sized so that you can easily match the dimensions.

Adobe CCE also allows you to modify the font, style, color, and layout. You can also add logos and icons to the software. The software even includes a database of animated images that can be used to make an eCard, or personal video.

This app allows you to send your greeting cards directly through email, social media, or print it. It is available in both Windows and Mac versions. You can also access the app through different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox Edge, Edge or Safari. You can also download it as an application for Apple phones and Android tablets.

2. Canva

Canva is highly rated by social media influencers and graphic designers. It’s also a great tool for anyone who loves to create their own logos and flyers. Canva can be used as a greeting card designing software. Canva is only available in browsers. You don’t need to install any apps unless you wish to use it on an android or IOS phone.

Canva is free, however it has limited access and only limited templates. However, Canva can be used to create cards for everyday use and special occasions. For $12.99, you can upgrade to Canva Pro. Unlimited access to Canva stock images and templates is included in the monthly fee. Additionally, you will get additional tools like instant animation or background removal.  

Canva provides tutorials to help you use various tools and make simple greeting cards. There is also a search box that allows you to use Canva to locate different actions.

Canva’s staff is available to help you if there are any questions or problems. This design tool has one problem: the photo editor. This tool is extremely basic and has options similar to Instagram. You cannot use it to remove red eye or repair photos. Canva’s users can still get a print service for free.

3. Fotor

Fotor allows you to edit your photos online for free. This web-based tool has a limited but free version. Fotor Pro allows you to access additional stock photos, fonts and storage at a low $8.99 monthly or $39.99 annual price. Fotor is the perfect tool for you if your passion lies in creating personalized greeting cards. Fotor is easy to use with its drag-and drop interface. However, Fotor also offers videos tutorials that will help you if there are any questions.

Fotor lets you edit photos, make them sparkle and create cards to share with your family. Fotor also offers advanced features like background removal, blemish removal, and wrinkle removal. It allows you to change the background and add filters or photo effects that will make your card truly unique.  

Fotor allows you to make a design with your photographs or from a combination of them. You can simply click on “create design” and you will be taken to Fotor’s card maker. This tool will allow you to choose from a variety of templates and text fonts. You can also select colors. Fotor has a wide range of card designs that can be customized with a multitude of elements, such as shapes, cutouts, lines, stickers, etc.

4. Greeting Card Studio

Microsoft’s own Greeting Studio, which is free with Windows 10, and 11 compatibility, can be very useful and helpful. You can create personalized and fun cards using this simple design tool. Because they use the same fonts that Microsoft Word, you are familiar with its fonts. To make your cards more interesting, you can add frames or themes to them. You also have the option of rotating them. It is very easy to use the card maker.

Greeting Card Studio provides templates for creating your own designs. However, they don’t look quite as good as other card programs. The app includes a collection of images that can be used for any occasion. However, it also allows you to upload photos directly from your personal computer. You can create a greeting card and download it in a jpeg, or as a PDF file. It is ready to be printed.  

The main problem is that all cards you make with Greeting Cards Studio will automatically have a watermark on them unless there’s a $1.99 charge.

5. Hallmark Card Studio

Everyone knows Hallmark cards. The company was established in 1910 and is one of America’s largest greeting card producers. The company offers digital greeting cards to suit modern occasions. It also offers software called Hallmark Card Studio that allows you to make your own greeting cards, and then send them out to family members and friends as either a digital or printed version.

Hallmark Card Studio has the best beginner design software, however it is $29.99. There are over 14,000 ready-made cards you can download and use at your own pace. Over 18,000 clip arts and 10,000 sentiments are available for you to make your cards. You also have access to more than 13,000 images. Hallmark Card Studio allows you to make more than just greeting cards. The software is capable of creating calendars, scrapbooks and invitations as well photo projects.

Hallmark Software offers you tips to make the perfect cards for any occasion. It also includes video tutorials and helpful videos. This software will make making card-making fun. Hallmark Creative Studio has beautiful frames, fonts and themes. This software allows you to create cards that you can email or send directly to friends and family via social media.

6. Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe

Although this Hallmark greeting card manufacturer is not the first, it merits a mention. This card maker comes with an integrated photo editor and is more complicated than the standard version. To create personalized and unique greeting cards, you will be able to upload and modify your own images. Photo editing tools allow you to apply special effects to images and change the color or focus.  

Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe includes more ready-made cards and clip art, as well as sentiments. You can also find prewritten phrases that are suitable for different occasions. The Deluxe card-making program has special tips to help you make cards with more sensitive information. Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe allows you to add audio files, making your eCards personalized. Hallmark’s card-making software is available in this version for $49.99. It is compatible with Windows 11 and 10.

7. Greeting Card Factory Deluxe 11

Although this greeting card software may seem dated, it has customizable templates and more than 27,000 already made projects. You can also use the advanced editing tools to edit your images and remove any unwanted elements. You can use over 500 fonts and graphics to create high-quality, retail-quality cards that will be loved by your family.

You will find it easy to use thanks to its simple user interface. The updated version, Greeting card Factory Deluxe 11, allows you to make thank you cards, envelopes, calendars and invitations. The Digital Photo Editor allows you to personalize greeting cards by adding your own photos. Although it does not have as many features as Hallmark’s software however, the cost is comparable. The price for Greeting Card Factory Deluxe 11, $49.9.

8. Print Artist Platinum

Print Artist Platinum is another software available for $49.99. It has many great features. You can download the software, or you can purchase a printed version. This software is great for those who are passionate about creating their own artworks and photos. Print Artist Platinum does offer its own graphics. They are perfect for various occasions and holidays, as there are 377,000.

Print Artist Platinum allows you to create greeting cards as well as templates and layouts that can be used for gift boxes, calendars, stickers and stickers. There are many fonts available and a digital photo editor. Add filters or effects to enhance photos and your overall project. The Print Artist Platinum has brushes that allow you to personalize your project in new ways.

The software allows you to share your project directly on social media, such as Facebook and Youtube. It is also possible to send greeting cards to friends via their e-mails. The Print Artist Platinum software is ideal for creating eCards. You can add sound effects to your projects or even add music. Although this program is easy to use, new users may feel overwhelmed by the number of options it offers. Print Artist Platinum offers tutorials and a FAQ page for help.

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