Windows 10: How do I change the Fn key settings

Windows 10: How do I change the Fn key settings

Do you remember hitting F5 to restart your Windows 95 computer. This was almost obsessional. The F1-12 keys were only used for one purpose back in those days. Modern keyboards have many additional functions, which can be accessed with the Fn key Function key ).  

Change fn key settings in windows 10

Fn keys: How useful are they?

Fn turns F1-F12 keys in to dual-purpose keys. It acts as a default key, however, there is a subtle difference. There are many combinations that can be used, and they vary from one model to the next. They are most commonly found on laptops, where you can adjust the screen brightness. However they may also be present on specialty keyboards such as gaming and productivity-centric boards.  

Take, for example, the Dell XPS15, Fn + F5 The brightness will be increased on the Lenovo G560 while the settings for the wireless device are displayed the same way.

F-keys are not the only keys you have access to. Fn keys can also be combined with keys such as Insert, PgUp and Arrow keys. A combination of Fn and one of the keys is useful to do a lot of different things You can adjust the screen’s brightness, Also, you can turn the display off, adjust the volume and many other functions.

Are fn keys helpful?

Sometimes, however, pressing F-keys (without Fn) can trigger a command such as increasing the playback volume. F-keys are not available for standard in such situations keyboard shortcuts You can refresh by pressing the F5 button.

You can fix this by following a few simple steps. The Fn key can be altered in many different ways. We’ll show you in this guide.

The Fn Lock can be disabled

The Fn Lock key is a modern keyboard that can be used on both laptops and desktop computers. It’s a key with an icon for locking the computer. You will find the lock icon on most keyboards, however, it is possible for your keyboard to have the lock icon on either the Num Lock or Shift keys.

Press the “Enter” button Fn + Esc It toggles Fn locks by pressing the button with the key icon.  

Disable the fn lock

After you have done that, the Fn key will no longer be needed to perform functions such as dimming the screen or turning on or off Bluetooth or WiFi. You can simply press the F-key to activate it. This is similar to the way you use Caps lock. Caps Lock will be enabled automatically so you don’t have to use the Shift key when typing caps.

The Fn lock can be disabled if the problem is similar to yours but you still want to use standard F-keys. The same method as to enable it can also be used to disable it. Use the Fn key to activate it.

Windows allows you to change the Fn Key settings

Fn key settings are also possible to be modified from within the operating system. Windows Mobility Center allows you to change the function key settings of a Dell laptop with Microsoft Windows 10 or 8.

Press Win + X Right-click on Windows 10’s Start Menu to Open the Power Menu and Select the Option Mobility Center. Hardware and Sound > Windows Mobility Center.

Choose the drop-down menu below the Function Key Row alternative under the Customized by Dell Inc. section. Here are two choices: Function key and Multimedia key

Change fn key settings from within windows

Select Function key You can use the F keys for basic functions if you prefer Multimedia key If you wish to use F-keys to perform functions which would normally require that you press the Fn button.

Similar options may be available on laptops made by other brands. You can change key behavior by using the Lenovo Keyboard Manager and the Samsung Settings apps on Samsung laptops.

Adjust Fn Key Settings within BIOS

You should be able to change Fn key settings using the two previous methods. But, in the unlikely event that these didn’t help, you may use BIOS settings.  

You should not mess with settings that you do not fully understand as it could render your computer inoperable.  

You can change Fn key settings via BIOS/UEFI firmware on many laptops, but not all. After rebooting, your BIOS configuration can be accessed. If your computer is not booting, you can press F2, or F10 to enter the BIOS setup. You can also use the alternative method Accessing Windows 10’s BIOS

You will need to look around a bit at this stage, as UEFI settings can be placed in different sections based upon the BIOS interface. Each manufacturer is unique.

On my HP laptop for instance, the setting under the System Configuration tab. Change the Action Keys Mode to Enabled The F-keys will function as normal. You’ll have to use an Fn key and an Fn key to execute a function.

Change fn key settings in bios

It’s easy to live with FnKey

It can be annoying to experience a momentary problem with your Fn Key because of an OS update or an accidently changed in settings.  

However, Fn is still one the most important keys in your keyboard. This key eliminates the need for multiple clicks and allows you to perform many functions by just pressing a number of keys.

You can also use the Fn key on many Apple keyboards. It can be disabled if it isn’t working properly Troubleshoot Fn Key Problems on Mac OS You can also find them here.

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