Which version of Windows do I have?

Which version of Windows do I have?

Microsoft makes this super simple Find out which Windows Version you are using You can check if your computer is operating. It is possible to check the main version of your PC (Windows 10 or 11), as well as minor versions and build numbers.

There are several ways you could Locate your Windows version Include Run, Settings and System Information. No matter what method you choose, the Windows operating system version you see will be the same regardless.

What version of windows do i have?

Why Should You Find Your Version of Windows?

Many reasons could be given for you to search the Windows version that you have.

  • Most people do this because they want to make sure that an app works on their computer. Certain Apps only work with certain versions Windows. Knowing your Windows version allows you to see whether an app can be used on your computer.
  • A second reason is the desire to Download the drivers The driver site requests that you choose the version of Windows to which you want to install a component. To ensure that you are downloading the right drivers for your Windows version, this site asks.
  • Third, you can be charged for the cost of your services Request technical assistance From someone and they would like to have your version so that you can give them specific instructions.

How to Know if You Have Windows 10 or Windows 11

The most recent technology is now available as of June 2022 Windows 11 is included in the box with all PCs, However, some versions still come with Windows 10 It’s simple to determine which version of Windows you are using.

You can check the current position by using a quick method Start menu.

If your PC runs Windows 10, your Start The menu icon can be found in the lower-left corner on your screen. As such:

What version of windows do i have?

Windows 11 has the following features: Start Menu in the centre of the taskbar (the horizontal bar at the top of your screen).

What version of windows do i have?

These alternative methods may be helpful if you have a customized Start menu app installed or are unable to identify Windows version by the above method.

Use Settings to Find the Current Windows Version

The Settings app is a quick and easy way to determine the version of Windows, major, minor, build number, edition, or version. The Settings app shows all of this information in one screen. This makes it easy to identify your computer.

  1. Press Windows + I To open the Settings app.
  2. Choose System You can access the sidebar from the left.

    What version of windows do i have?

  3. Scroll the System Page down, then select About.
  4. Under the “Windows Version” tab, you’ll find your Windows version information Windows specifications section to the right. There are many options to view information such as your Windows edition and version.

    What version of windows do i have?

Use Run to Find Your Windows Version

The You can quickly get to various tools by using the Run command Your system information will be displayed on your computer, as well as the window that shows it.

  1. Press for Open Run Windows + R.
  2. Type winver In the Run Box and Press Enter.

    What version of windows do i have?

  3. In the About Windows dialog, you’ll see the main version as well as other information.

    What version of windows do i have?

Use Command Prompt to Display Your Windows Version

To execute tasks you don’t have to use commands, you can Command Prompt allows you to run any command. To view the Windows version. This command displays only the version details and not your Windows Edition.

  1. Click the right-click to launch Command Prompt Start Choose from the menu icons Command Prompt.
  2. Type ver Press the button and wait for the prompt Enter.

    What version of windows do i have?

  3. You can see the Windows version you are currently using with Command Prompt.

    What version of windows do i have?

View Your Windows Version Details in System Information

System Information allows you to Get in-depth information regarding various components of your computer, which includes your Windows version.

  1. Press Start, System Information, Click on the icon to select the application from the search results.
  2. Choose System Summary You can find it in the sidebar at the right.
  3. The pane to the right will show you your Windows version information. To view additional information, scroll down the pane.

    What version of windows do i have?

It’s Useful to Know What Version of Windows You’re Using

It’s easy to know what Windows version you have so you know if you are getting driver updates and downloading compatible apps. Also, it’s easier for you to give the right version number back your tech team, so that they can assist with your tasks.

It’s also easier to decide when it is time Upgrade to Windows 11 or perhaps You can change the editions of Home to Pro.

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