What to do if you get a message error on WhatsApp?

What to do if you get a message error on WhatsApp?

This tutorial will explain why WhatsApp messages display “Waiting to receive this message”, and provide four methods for revealing the contents behind it.

Make sure that your internet is up and running before you start troubleshooting. Check if your browser can access a website or if WhatsApp messages are being sent to you. If you have a Wi Fi connection, switch to it Slow cellular and mobile data connections . . You can contact your internet provider to fix your Wi Fi connection or use cell data.

Fix waiting for this message error on whatsapp

WhatsApp is “Waiting to Receive This Message?

WhatsApp uses encryption to encrypt messages sent and received so that no third party can monitor them remotely. This is one of several benefits WhatsApp features that are secure . . WhatsApp will conceal messages behind the “Waiting on this message” placeholder if it is interrupted in the message encryption process. This could take time.” placeholder.

WhatsApp encrypts a message sent by someone to you via text before it is delivered. The encryption of messages takes only a few seconds, but certain circumstances can cause delays or interrupt the operation. If WhatsApp can’t fully encrypt messages, the recipient may not get the message. If this happens, the contents of any texts you receive will not be visible to you.

Why is whatsapp displaying “waiting for this message”?

WhatsApp shows “Waiting” instead. This could take a while.” Waiting for this message. You can also check your phone to avoid this error.

This error is caused by WhatsApp not encrypting your message properly or because the recipient has had difficulty decrypting it. In the following section, we will highlight possible reasons for the error.

Is there a reason for the “Waiting For This Messages Error”?

This message can be triggered by many things.  

  1. This error message may appear if the sender closes WhatsApp prior to the messaging app encryption.  
  2. If you, or your sender, are running an obsolete version of WhatsApp, this error could occur.
  3. You may also receive this error if your sender has recently switched phones, deleted and reinstalled WhatsApp.
  4. Another factor that can interrupt WhatsApp’s encryption process is server downtim.

What to do about “Waiting For This Message” in Android and iOS

Fix “waiting for this message” on android and ios

This error message cannot be “fixed” because it doesn’t have any effect on either your or the sender’s phones. This is not an error. WhatsApp, however, is not telling you it’s an error per se. Instead, WhatsApp says that there will be a delay in decrypting or encrypting messages on both devices.

Here are four methods to speed up end-to-end encryption. This will allow you to view hidden text without the “Waiting For this message” placeholder.

1. You can’t wait!

WhatsApp could display this error, as the sender may force close WhatsApp. You may need to wait for the recipient to reopen WhatsApp to see the hidden message. It’s possible to contact the sender using other methods, such as phone calls, SMS and iMessage.

2. You can check the Status of WhatsApp Server

WhatsApp’s encryption engine could malfunction in the event that certain parts of its instant messaging server go down. Check the status of WhatsApp servers via site monitoring platforms such as DownDetector if nothing happens while you wait IsItDownRightNow .

Check whatsapp server status

These websites might report that a server is down. You may have to wait until WhatsApp resolves the issue.

3. Check out WhatsApp Update

This error message may be displayed if the sender and you are both using different versions WhatsApp. This error message could be caused by a bug in one of the WhatsApp versions that you use.  

Check the app store on your phone to make sure that you are using the most recent version of WhatsAp.

Head to if you are using Android devices WhatsApp page in the Google Play Store And tap Update.

Update whatsapp

iPhone users can search for WhatsApp App Store And tap Update You can find more information on the app page.

Update whatsapp

If the issue persists and you are using the most current WhatsApp version, contact the sender for an update.

4. WhatsApp data can be reinstalled or deleted

You may be experiencing this error in different messages or conversations. This is a sign that your WhatsApp device has a problem. However, before you reinstall WhatsApp, ensure that both the sender and yourself are using the latest version.

WhatsApp data files, such as chats and media files can be deleted by uninstalling it or deleting WhatsApp. Make sure to Back up WhatsApp data Before you delete an app, make sure to backup it using Google Drive or iCloud.

Clear WhatsApp Data on iOS

Once you have backed up your chats press and hold WhatsApp icon Tap the Home Screen of your iPhone and then tap Remove App. Delete App Click on the confirmation prompt for instructions.

Reinstall or clear whatsapp data

You can also press and hold WhatsApp to access the App Library. Tap Delete App, And tap Delete Follow the prompt.

Reinstall or clear whatsapp data

Allow WhatsApp to install for another minute, then go back to the App Store. This link is available to you Open the App Store and search for WhatsApp to redownload your app.

Clear WhatsApp Data on Android

You can delete WhatsApp data on Android smartphones from the Settings menu, instead of uninstalling it.

  1. Long-press the WhatsApp icon Click the “Add to Cart” button info icon.
Reinstall or clear whatsapp data

Alternatively, go to Settings > App & notifications > App info (or See All AppsTap and ) WhatsApp.

Reinstall or clear whatsapp data
  1. Select Storage & cache.
  2. Tap the Clear Storage Click here to select OK Follow the prompts to confirm.
Reinstall or clear whatsapp data

It will disconnect your WhatsApp account and delete all of your messages. Reopen WhatsApp again, verify and add your phone number and then restore the chat backup. Check if the hidden text is visible behind the “Waiting to receive this message” placeholder.

WhatsApp Support

You can convince your sender before you reach out to WhatsApp Support to resolve the issue. You can also ask the sender to resend your message. Contact Finally WhatsApp Support You may get an error message from WhatsApp if it keeps showing up on your phone.

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