What is the Windows 11 Gaming Performance like?

What is the Windows 11 Gaming Performance like?

There has been much debate about Windows 11’s gaming performance since its release. Many of the following are examples the buzz It has received negative reviews from users who claim that they experience performance drops when upgrading to Windows 10.

Do these claims really hold? Is it just rumors about performance problems? Windows 11 is great for gaming. Let’s take an in-depth look.

Good is windows 11 gaming performance?

VBS Factor

Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) is one term you’ll likely come across when discussing Windows 11 gaming performance. VBS was created to enable enterprise users to separate critical functionality from malware. This prevents data theft, and allows them to shutdown the system in case of a compromise.

The technology adds an extra layer of protection TPM By running Windows as an virtual subsystem. VBS is not activated for personal and home Windows versions, regardless of whether they are upgrading from Windows 10 or installing a new version. Virtualization shouldn’t slow down gamers’ computers.

New Features

Microsoft claims Windows 11 is the most popular Windows operating system for PC gamers. You get a lot of gaming options, such as DirectX 12 Ultimate, Direct Storage, and Auto HDR. Although not many games are able to use this new functionality, we expect them to be in place within the next few years.

Direct Storage

Direct Storage was originally developed for Xbox. It aims to take advantage of the fast data transfer speeds offered by the Xbox NVMe SSDs to deliver game data more efficiently. It is still a new API, so there are not many details. However, it is possible to use the GPU to decompress assets quickly and then transfer them to the game nearly instantly.

New features

As loading games from storage continues to be a bottleneck for the gaming industry, this would increase gaming performance. The increasing fidelity of graphics–necessitating high-res textures and detailed 3D models–has further exacerbated the problem, as large amounts of data need to be streamed constantly for a game to work.

Auto HDR

High Dynamic Range monitors have become a popular feature among PC gamers. The advanced monitor will not work for most video games that run on Standard Dynamic Range, however.

New features

Windows 11’s Auto HDR feature aims at closing the gap. The Auto HDR feature, as the name implies, will modify the luminance and color balance to provide an HDR experience on all games.

Although it won’t be as good as native HDR integration it is still a significant improvement over SDR. You can also get a visual improvement immediately if your monitor is HDR-capable.

The Benchmarks

The end result doesn’t matter about how well a system looks printed. Only the hard, cold numbers matter.

The benchmarks

Multi-visually demanding games were all tested using the same CPU/GPU. We first tried it in Windows 10 and then upgraded to Windows 11 for the best results. A clean install will give the same results. A rig equipped with an AMD Ryzen processor, an NVidia GeForce RTX GPU and 16 GB DDR4 memory was used for the testing. Each game was run at the default setting.

GameFPS on Windows 10FPS on Windows 11
Far Cry 57677
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla6661
Call of Duty: Warzone7168
Final Fantasy XIV6365

These results were… disappointing. Windows 11 does not seem to offer any gaming optimizations, as frame rates remained almost identical for all games.

This also ensures that FPS will remain constant, meaning you’ll enjoy the same game experience as Windows 10 without any noticeable drops.

The Verdict

Windows 11 does not impress if you only focus on benchmarks. Windows 11 performs slightly less than Windows 10 or is about the same performance, which is not a great thing.

Windows 11 is going to make PC gaming better in the long-term. Windows 11 would allow for new titles that are optimized to maximize Windows 11’s capabilities DirectX From 12 Ultimate Storage to Direct Storag.

Before we even get to the fact that Windows 11 has still many kinks and is relatively new, You can expect it to outperform Windows 10 over the long term, and perform far better than Windows 11.

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