What happens when Discord Messages fail to load? 11 Tips to Help

What happens when Discord Messages fail to load? 11 Tips to Help

Discord is having trouble loading your messages onto your desktop or phone? This article will explain why Discord is having trouble loading messages on your phone or desktop and how to correct it.

There are several reasons Discord might display a message “Messages Failed To Load”, including server outages, internet slowdowns, cache corruption, and other possible causes. Server outages, slow internet speeds, and cache corruption are all possible reasons.

Discord messages failed to load? 11 fixes to try

You’ll find this guide to troubleshooting the Discord problem on iOS, Android Mac and Microsoft Windows.

1. The Discord Server Status can be viewed here

Discord website and app will not load messages because of server problems or glitches. This can be checked quickly by visiting http://www.discord.com DiscordStatus.com Monitoring tool for third-party websites such as DownDetector .

Check the discord server status

Discord players and users who are experiencing server problems must continue to wait for the systems to go back online. You can move on to the next steps if the server-side problems persist.

2. Make sure you have an internet connection

Discord message loading issues could be caused by your internet connection. Try these solutions if other applications and programs have difficulty connecting to the internet:

  • Discord is best used from a smartphone. Toggling the button will allow you to switch between Discord apps Airplane Mode On, then off.
  • Renewal and release the IP lease for your desktop device.
  • Restart the computer if you continue to have problems soft-reset your router .
  • Flush the DNS (Domain Name System), cache You can force Discord’s IP address to be resolved on your desktop or mobile device.
  • If you can, try connecting to another wireless network. Mobile devices can switch from Wi Fi to Cellular, or vice versa.

Discover what other things you could do How to troubleshoot slow Wi Fi or Cellular network .

3. You can switch between text channels

Discord servers may offer multiple channels for text. Discord might reload your messages after switching to a new channel.

Switch text channels

4. Mark Text Channel for Read

Discord can also help with message loading problems by marking a channel text as read. You can do this by right-clicking or long-pressing the channel in question and selecting Mark as Read.

Mark text channel as read

5. Forcibly Quit and Relaunch Discord

Force-quitting the Discord app and restarting it on your desktop or mobile device is the next solution. Start on Android and iOS by opening the App Switcher. Next, find and delete the App Switcher Discord Card, go back to your home screen and tap on the Discord icon.

Force-quit and relaunch discord

Shut down your desktop device’s app Use the Task Manager or Activity Monitor Be sure to restart Discord before doing so again.

  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Esc Open the Task Manager. Then, select More details, DiscordEnd Task.
  • Mac: Launchpad Choose and Other > Activity Monitor. Discord processes.
  • iPhone & iPad: Settings app, go to General > iPhone/iPad Storage > Discord, Delete App.
  • Android: Settings App, Select Apps > Discord, Uninstall.
  • Windows: Start button, Apps and Features, Discord > Uninstall.
  • Mac: Applications Drag and drop the folder Discord Into the Trash.

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