VirtualBox: How to fix "VTX is not available (verr_vmx–No-Vmx).

VirtualBox: How to fix “VTX is not available (verr_vmx–No-Vmx).

VTX or Intel Virtualization Technology is a technology that allows virtual machines and processors to operate them. VirtualBox will not function correctly if it encounters an error stating that “VTX is unavailable (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX)..

The error means that virtualization is not enabled on your processor. It could also be caused by a security measure or a conflict between another technology. There are several easy solutions to this problem. These are the most common ways you can resolve this issue VirtualBox error.

Fix “vt-x is not available (verr_vmx-no-vmx)” error in virtualbox

Fix 1: Allow VT-X to be enabled from BIOS

The simplest reason you get a “VTX is not available error” is because the feature has not been enabled on your machine.

If you’re the first person to run VirtualBox on your machine, this is most likely. You can fix this by simply following these steps: You can access BIOS settings, and you will be able to activate the VTX or VTD options. . It is commonly called Intel Virtualization Technology (or the SVM mode) in AMD computers.

Fix 1:  enable vt-x from bios

The placement of this option can vary between Motherboards so you may need to dig around in BIOS menus. It will be under some motherboards Security; Advanced.

Solution 2: Turn off Hyper-V

Microsoft Windows offers many features Its own version of virtualization, It doesn’t work with third-party software like VirtualBox. To get VirtualBox to work correctly, you must remove it.

Hyper-V is a feature that’s only available in 64-bit versions of Windows. Hyper-V is only available in 64-bit Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions. You can skip this step if you are using Windows 10 Home or Windows 11 Enterprise editions.

  1. You have many options to disable Hyper-V Windows. The most reliable method is the Command Prompt. In the Start Menu, search for “cmd”. Click the button to select it Run as administrator option.
Fix 2: disable hyper-v
  1. Enter the following command into your terminal: bcdedit/set hypervisorlaunchtype of

This will modify the Boot Configuration data and delete Hyper-V services from the list.

Fix 2: disable hyper-v
  1. To be extra safe, follow up with this command as well: dism.exe /Online /Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V

This prevents DISM Automatically adding the service back to the Windows Image Service Servicing and Administration when the Windows Image is updated.

Fix 2: disable hyper-v
  1. You can restart your computer.

Solution 3: Remove Memory Integrity

Windows Security offers a virtualization-based protection that protects you from any malware. It can detect code injection at low levels and prevent any further attacks. VirtualBox is also affected by this, as Hyper-V does.

Core isolation provides basic security that most people don’t require. Core isolation is deactivated by default on most modern laptops. It conflicts with software designed to maximize hardware performance.

  1. Open the following link to disable memory integrity in your computer Windows Security. . It can be searched in the Start menu.
Fix 3: disable memory integrity
  1. Change to the Device Security tab.
Fix 3: disable memory integrity
  1. Check the Core isolation header to see if Memory integrity is being maintained. You can select Core isolation details This will take you directly to the choice.
  2. Flip the toggle on the Memory integrity switch to turn it off Off position.
Fix 3: disable memory integrity
  1. Then restart the computer.

Fix 4: Verify Your Antivirus Settings

Third-party anti-virus software may prevent you from using certain virtualization functions on your computer. Avast automatically disables VTX on certain computers, as an example.

For hardware virtualization, you will need to check the settings in your antivirus program and ensure that it is enabled. Avast requires you to verify General >> Troubleshooting >> Enable hardware-assisted virtualization.

Fix 4: check your antivirus settings

Which is the best way to fix “VTX is not available (VERR_VMX_NO_VMX”) error in Windows?

Having Hyper-V virtualization VirtualBox can be hacked or run, which is why you will get a VTX error in Windows 10. This can be easily fixed by disabling VirtualBox via the command prompt.

Many computers also experience this error because their BIOS does not allow virtualization. The solution is the same: open your BIOS Settings and activate the Intel Virtualization (or SVM) mode.

Overzealous security options could cause your computer to get the VTx error. For any issues, you can disable memory integrity under Windows Security and check the settings for your third-party anti-virus to resolve them. VirtualBox should be running now without problems.

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