Twitter is not loading images or showing photos These are the 11 Solutions

Twitter is not loading images or showing photos These are the 11 Solutions

Are you having trouble loading images from Twitter on your desktop or mobile device? There are some things that you can do to correct the problem.

Twitter may stop showing GIFs and images on occasion. This could be due to a problem with your internet or a corrupted application cache.

Twitter not loading or sing pictures? try these 11 fixes

Continue reading to find out how to fix Twitter’s inability to load or show pictures on iOS and Android.

1. You can check Twitter’s server status

You should start by eliminating any server-side issues. For more information, visit Twitter’s official API status page Monitor a website from a third party, such as DownDetector To verify that everything is working properly on the social media site. Wait until Twitter fixes the problem if there is an outag.

Check twitter’s server status

2. Make sure you have an internet connection

Next, check your internet. Next, check your internet. Do websites and apps load slow on other websites? These are quick fixes that you can try on your phone or computer if they load slowly:

  • Toggle Airplane Mode On, then off.
  • The IP lease can be renewed for your mobile or desktop device.
  • Restart or reset your wireless router .
  • You can switch to another Wi Fi network.
  • You can switch from Wi-Fi and Cellular to the other or vice versa.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work, you can check out our guides Troubleshooting slow Wi-Fi and how to fix it or mobile data connection For more speedy internet, see our other articles.

3. Forcing-Quit Twitter and Re-open It

Twitter’s force-quitting or relaunch can quickly fix issues such as image loading. Open the app switcher on mobile devices and swipe away Twitter You can also relaunch the card via your home screen.

Force-quit and re-open twitter

It’s a smart idea to close down the Twitter app on Windows or macOS if you use it Use the Task Manager or Activity Monitor Before launching it again.

4. Disable Virtual Private Network

VPNs (virtual Private Networks) Twitter often blocks images from being displayed within tweets. You can disable a VPN on your desktop or mobile device and connect to another server. Then, try again loading Twitter.

5. Disable Ad-blockers or Blockers of Content

Twitter can sometimes stop working when you have an advertising blocker installed on your browser. It could be worth disabling or adding Twitter to the exceptions list.

Disable ad-blockers or content blockers

6. Make sure to check the settings for data usage

If you have any questions, make sure that Twitter’s data usage settings don’t limit the ability of the web app and app to load images.

You can find the following information on both desktop and mobile Twitter apps:

1. Tap the profile picture at the top-left corner of your screen.

2. Select Settings and privacy.

Check data usage settings

3. Tap Accessibility, display and languages.

4. Tap Data usage.

Check data usage settings

5. Disable Data saver.

6. Tap High-quality images Pick the right one On cellular or Wi-Fi. High-quality video High-quality video playback via Wi-Fi or mobile data is possible in the following categories.

Check data usage settings

You must follow these steps to access the Twitter desktop app:

1. Select More > Settings and privacy You can find it in the sidebar of Twitter.

Check data usage settings

2. Click here Accessibility, display and languages >Data usage.

Check data usage settings

3. Disable Data saver. . You don’t have any additional choices in the Twitter mobile app to choose between high-quality photos and videos.

Check data usage settings

7. Deactivate Data Saving Modes

Disable data saving for mobile data or Wi-Fi at the system level on mobile devices to fix image loading problems with Twitter.

For the iPhone or iPad:

1. Select Cellular/Wi-Fi in the Settings menu of your iPhone.

2. Tap Cellular Data Options or the SSID of your Wi-Fi network.

3. Next, turn off the switch Low Data Mode.

Disable data saving modes

Android is a great choice if you are an Android user:

1. You can open the Settings Tap and install the app for Android Network & internet.

2. Tap Data Saver.

3. Next, turn off the switchData Saver. Unrestricted data Move the switch to activate it Twitter.

Disable data saving modes

8. Get the most recent version of the Twitter app

It is possible to have issues with the Twitter app’s older version. You should update the Twitter app. You can search the following keywords to do this: Twitter You can find the App Store or Google Play Store on your device. Then, tap Update If the choice is available, click it.

Update to the latest twitter app version

Android users: : To replace an older version of Twitter’s Android application, sideload it by downloading the latest Twitter APK file.

We strongly advise that you upgrade your browser if the problem occurs when using Twitter from your desktop. If you are using Chrome, open the Chrome menu Click here to go there Help > About Google Chrome Click here to start an update Find out how you can Windows browsers can be updated and Mac .

9. Clear the cache of Twitter app

Another reason images may not load on desktop or mobile is a corrupt Twitter cache. Twitter will need to clear all app data before it can download anything from scratch.

On Android devices:

1. Open Android’s Settings App and Tap Apps > Twitter.

2. Tap Storage and cache.

3. Tap Clear cache.

Clear the twitter app cache

iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Android device:

1. Pick the portrait that best suits your Twitter account and click “Save as” Settings and privacy option.

2. Select Accessibility, display, and languages > Data usage.

3. Tap Media storage Choose and Clear media storage.

Clear the twitter app cache

4. Return to the original screen.

5. Select Web storage > Clear all web storage.

If you are using Twitter through a web browser, clear your browser cache. Let’s take Chrome as an illustration chrome://settings/clearBrowserData In the address bar, click on a brand new tab and then press Enter. Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files Categories and choose Clear data.

Clear the twitter app cache

Do you use a different browser for web browsing? How to Clear the cache from any browser, Windows or Mac .

10. Log out and sign back in

A second solution to Twitter problems is to log in and out again.

You can find the twitter app here:

1. Pick the profile photo you want and click “Save” Settings and privacy option.

2. Select Account information.

3. Select Logout.

Log out and sign back in

Select your profile picture in the lower left corner of Twitter’s website and click “Save” Log out.

Sign in to the Twitter app/website again after you log out using your Twitter credentials.

11. Take down and reinstall Twitter

If you are unable to resolve the problem, it might be worth removing Twitter from your computer and reinstalling it. It will fix any network permissions that have been corrupted or other issues that prevent the app working properly.

You can delete the Twitter app by following these steps:

  • iPhone & iPad: Twitter Click icon on your Home Screen, and then tap Delete App > Delete.
  • Android: Twitter Click the icon Uninstall Area at the top right-hand corner of your scree.
  • Windows: Start button Choose and Apps and Features. Twitter > Uninstall.
  • Mac: Applications Drag and drop the folder Twitter To the Trash.

Next, you will need to re-download Twitter via Microsoft Store or Play Store. After that, log in to your account.

Fixes for Twitter Image Loading Problems

Twitter image loading problems are usually easy to fix, even if there is a server outage. It’s usually just an issue with the internet or some other glitch. You should still be able get Twitter to display images normally if you take your time.

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