Twelve Best Apps for Team Task Management

Twelve Best Apps for Team Task Management

Apps for team management are very popular these days. It can be hard to decide which of these apps is the best. We have compiled a list to assist you.

Because most of the paid solutions tend to be premium, it is not possible for us to make a distinction between free and payed team management tools.

12 best team task management apps

1: ClickUp

ClickUp offers the best team management platform on the market. You will find all you need in this app, including to-do list and goal-tracking as well as integrated chat and notification.

The interface might be too complex for novice users, which can make it hard to use. Nonetheless, you have the ability to customize the interface so that only necessary features are available.



For small groups, the monthly cost starts at $5 for each member.


  • Many advanced features available to help with task management
  • Interface flexible and customisable
  • Chat support integrated


  • It is possible to be overwhelmed by too many options

2: Asana

Asana is a popular task-management app. Asana is easy-to-use, offers great team collaboration, and it’s constantly updated with new tools.

Asana allows you to access a Kanban board as well as a tasklist, making it easy to manage your team’s projects. Asana is available for free to small groups (upto 15 people), and you don’t have to pay anything.



For up to 15 users, the plan is free. After that, it starts at $10.99 per month.


  • For fifteen members of your team, it’s free
  • Customizable interface
  • Features all the necessary tools for managing tasks


  • Expensive plans

3: TasksBoard

Because of its lackluster feature set, TasksBoard doesn’t often rank highly in such lists. ClickUp and other apps surpass it. However, this simplicity is also what makes it so easy This app is great for team task management and beginners .

Although it lacks the fancy features of other team management software, TasksBoard does what it is supposed to. TasksBoard can be used to collaborate remotely with your team members without having to navigate a complex interface.



Starting at $3.99 per user/mont.


  • Simple app for beginners
  • It’s great when it is paired with another services like Slack


  • There are no advanced features for task management
  • Lacks good communication capabilities

4: Trello

Trello was probably a name you have heard about Kanban Board-style Task Organizers It is quickly becoming a popular tool. The intuitive interface and versatility make it an excellent tool to manage team tasks.

It is a card-based system Even for complete beginners, it is very intuitive, This will help your team to stay focused on their work. This system is not ideal for large projects because of the overwhelming number of cards.



  • It is simple to use
  • You get 10 boards with your free plan


  • Doesn’t scale well
  • Lacks good communication features

5: Wrike

Wrike has a powerful tool that can be used by large teams. It features a calendar view, advanced task management and AI-suggested repetitive tasks. Wrike is a flexible platform that allows file sharing, communication and integrates with other platforms such as Salesforce, Github and Google Drive.

The app is expensive, but you can still get a trial version to see if it works for you. This free app is limited in features, and it’s only for moderate use.



Prices start at $9.80 for each user per mont.


  • Automation tools for task management
  • Integrations with other applications
  • Good communication features


  • Only five persons can receive the free version
  • Expensive pricing
  • It takes time to learn

6:, a task-management app that focuses on visuals, is an example of a visually focused application. The app is powerful but the user interface makes it easy for large teams of non-technical people to work together. functions more as a series of spreadsheets and real-time progress reports than it is a project management application. However, that doesn’t make it bad. The simple interface hides a complex system under the surface, so it might take some time to get things set up.



Starting at $8 per user per monthl.


  • Great UI
  • Outstanding task planning and tracking
  • You can customize the look with templates


  • Pricing scheme with complicated terms
  • Navigation options are poor

7: ProofHub

ProofHub has a great interface, robust features, and is an excellent task management tool. Although it does not offer a free trial, it has a simple fixed-price pricing structure that makes up the difference.

Proofhub does not charge per individual like other project management applications. Instead, they ask for an annual or monthly flat fee. It makes it much easier to navigate complicated pricing structures as you grow your team. Proofhub’s seamless operation and all the necessary features for project management are the cherry on top.



Starting at $45/month, unlimited users permitte.


  • Monthly fixed pricing
  • All core features of project management are included
  • Simple to comprehend and easy to get started


  • There is no free version

8: Clockify

Clockify, as the name implies, is primarily a clock-based software Time-tracking software . . Clockify can double up as an excellent team management app, since project management is all about controlling the time that’s spent on tasks.

Time clocks, timesheets and calendar views allow you to track the time of each member of your team. This gives you an accurate picture about their productivity. Clockify’s free edition does not offer many of the fancy features you would want.



Starting at $3.99 per mont.


  • You can accurately track the progress of your task
  • Can create easy to understand Gantt charts or graphs


  • There are limited tools for task management
  • For beginners, it can be quite complex

9: Microsoft Teams

All roundups of Apps to facilitate team collaboration Without mentioning Microsoft Teams, your list will not be complete. Microsoft Teams is a team management tool that offers great communication features, including chat support and video calling.

The integration is seamless with Office 365 files. You can use your OneDrive account to access shared documents and keep track of their progress. Microsoft Teams includes an Instant Communication icon that can be used on Windows 11 computers to further emphasize the interconnectedness and connectivity of the Microsoft ecosystem.



Prices start at $4 per user/mont.


  • Integration seamless with Office 365 Apps
  • Video calling and chat built-in
  • Low pricing


  • Microsoft-centric workflows are more compatible
  • Cluttered navigation

10: Notion

Notion A new twist on the traditional task management system is custom wikis. This is a way to easily document instructions and workflows, which can be used as a bootstrapping tool for new hires.

It also includes all the necessary tools for team task management, including task assignment, task assignement, and file sharing. You can also customize Notion with the help of There are many project templates To quickly and easily create the things you require, there are two types of community-built tools: official and communitarian.



Prices start at $8 per month for each use.


  • Customizable UI
  • Can create custom Wikis

Cons Communications options that are not good

11: Jira

Jira has been a favorite project management tool for software developers. Its precise nature and ability to follow a development process is why Jira is so popular.

An automation engine is also available in the app to streamline work flow and reduce stress. Jira can be used by teams with less than 10 members for free, which makes it an ideal option for smaller development teams.



Prices start at $7.75 for each user per mont.


  • It is great for managing the software development process
  • Attractive pricing
  • A visual roadmap to track tickets and monitor task progress


  • Use of the site is somewhat difficult
  • There are limited scheduling options

12: Podio

Podio, a team management tool that integrates many features in one app, is a comprehensive and well-rounded solution. It is also highly configurable, so every team can have exactly what they need.

What is the best thing about Podio? The integration of so many features into the app. Podio includes everything you need for collaboration with remote teams, including audio/video calls and file sharing. You also get visual reports and calendar views to help you track the progress of your projects.



Prices start at $11.20 per month for each use.


  • Chat and calling in-app
  • File sharing integrated
  • Customizable UI


  • Only five people eligible for the free plan
  • Prices on the high side

Which is the Best Software for Team Task Management?

There is no single task management program that can be ranked as the best. Each of the listed options offers a different style and approach to project management, with their pros and cons.

You want a task management tool that works well in your current workflow, and is affordable. This is because every app can be used as a collaboration tool by other teams around the world.

Proofhub’s Fixed Pricing makes it an excellent choice for any team. There are many features in Task Management Software that can be used by teams. You do not have to pay per person.

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