Trifo Lucy: An AI Robot Vacuum, Mop and Cleaner

Trifo Lucy: An AI Robot Vacuum, Mop and Cleaner

We came across the Lucy AI robotic vacuum when we were searching for the perfect robot mop and vacuum Trifo . . This robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a mop and has an AI camera to monitor your home. It can also double Lucy’s security by acting as an alarm system. 

Let’s take a look at Lucy and test her cleaning skills to see if it is a good choice smart home installment For your home.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

Trifo Lucy: First Impressions & Specs 

There are many to choose from Robot vacuums available on the marketplace Now is the best time to get one. It might be difficult for someone who has never used these tools before to choose the best model. Many of the gadgets offer the exact same features. Sometimes, it can be hard to pick between models from different manufacturers. Trifo is a brand that offers several models of robotic vacuums. Each one serves a purpose.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

Lucy is part of the Trifo Family, which offers customized robot vacuums that are tailored for your specific needs. Emma is the most basic vacuum available for people who do not want additional features. Ollie, a vacuum for pets owners, is the Max model. This vacuum is full-on home surveillance robot vacuum. Lucy, the ultimate model in the Trifo Family, is the best and most balanced.  

Lucy, a robot vacuum/mop with advanced AI that learns over time is called ‘Smart Robot Vacuum’. This means Lucy will learn more about your home and make cleaning easier.  

Lucy’s dual-camera system is another distinguishing feature. A 1080P HDR camera in color and a Time-of-Flight depth camera are used to visual simultaneous localization (VSLAM), navigation, and smart mapping your home. Lucy can detect objects in your home and avoid getting stuck in tight spaces. The cameras are only intended to be monitored while you’re gone and can also keep an eye out for your pets.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

Lucy by Trifo comes with a mopping function, however it is difficult to name this mop the best because of the tiny water tank you need to refill during cleaning. This will be discussed more later. Here are the specifications of Trifo Lucy’s robot vacuum.  

  • Dimensions of the robot: 14.2×3.3in (360x84mm)  
  • Dimensions for charging dock: 6.8 x 5.6 x 3.9in (162x142x100mm)
  • Weight: 7.5lbs (3.4kg) 
  • Suction power is 3000Pa for the Luciy Standard and 4000Pa for the Luciy Pet edition  
  • Dustbin capacity: 600ml 
  • There are three cleaning modes available: standard, turbo, and silent.  
  • Capacity of water tank: 100ml/3.5oz 
  • Noise: < 70dB
  • Battery Life: Fully charged 5200mAh lithium battery in less than 180 minutes
  • Running time up to 120 minutes
  • Special features: motion detection, dual-camera system (1080P HDR camera + depth sensor for day & night control), app control via your smartphone (iOS & Android), voice control via Amazon Alexa, and manual control. 
  • Prices starting at $339 Amazon

Lucy is equipped with a number of impressive specifications. These include the same features found on modern robot vacuums as well as unique capabilities like the Visual SLAM Navigation system which transforms Lucy into a security camera.  

Design & Unpacking

Trifo Lucy is the same robot vacuum design that most brands use up until today: it features a round plastic case and three wheels. It also has a main brush with a rolling head, as well as a side brush. The entire body of Lucy’s robovac has a black gloss top and matte sides. A golden ring is attached with two buttons and the logo. Lucy is sent to the charging dock by one button, while the power button takes her there.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

Trifo Lucy is glossy and black, so it can easily gather dust and hair from your floors. The black and golden color scheme give it a luxurious look.  

Plastic is used for the top of the robotvac. The lid can be opened to reveal the buttons and other components. You can remove the largest one, a debris bin (or dustbin), by pressing down on the button underneath it. You can also use the Reset button to reset the Trifi Lucy.  

The contact sensors are located on the device’s front. There are also two cameras that can be used for night and day vision.  

Trifo Lucy’s bottom has the standard charging pins and tracking sensors. It also contains a rolling brush and side brushes.  

What’s in the Box

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

Your Trifo Lucy will be the first to notice is its top-notch packaging. Although this vacuum doesn’t come cheap, it is clear to see exactly what you’re getting for your money. The contents of the vacuum box will be revealed once you have unpacked it:

  • Trifo Lucy robot vacuum
  • A charging dock that accepts a charging cable
  • Reservoir for water removal
  • Reusable microfiber pads (for wet mopping)
  • How to use the manual inside a Trifo Lucy envelope 

The total package weighs about 13 lbs, or 6 kg.  

Cleaning Performance

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

The purpose of a robot vacuum cleaner is not to vacuum or mop your floors. Instead, the robotvac will do these tasks automatically and without you having to touch them. First, set up Trifo Lucy.  

Setup & Mapping 

Trifo Lucy’s setup is easy and comparable to other robotic vacuums. After you have unpacked Lucy, connect the charger to the dock and charge the device with the charging cable. You’ll also need to install the app and create an account to sync Trifo Lucy with your WiFi. Once Trifo Lucy is fully charged, open the app to map your home.  

Laser-based LiDAR is the most common technology used by mapping robot vacuums. Lucy, however, uses a camera and a laser to draw a floorplan of your home. Visual SLAM technology is used to capture more information about the surroundings. Lucy can avoid obstacles in front of objects better than those using LiDAR.  

Vacuuming & General Cleaning

Trifo Lucy is a better cleaning tool because of a number factors. It has a maximum suction power rating of 4000Pa, with an average of 2700PA on most modern robotvacs. There is also a large 600ml dustbin. The dustbin doesn’t have to be empty every week, and it is therefore not self-emptying.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

A combination of a rotating brush roller and a sidebrush will clean hard floors well, even at a normal suction level. Trifo Lucy can clean large messes, pick up pet hair and dirt. You will need to increase the suction power. This is also true for carpet cleaning and area rug cleaning. We recommend turning on the Edge Cleaning feature (Sweeping edgeswise) in the app for thorough cleaning. Lucy will spend more time cleaning around furniture and near the walls.  

The Trifo Lucy is very easy to clean. Remove the dustbin cover and open the cover. Next, flip your robovac upside down and untangle any knotted hair. With a soft, clean cloth you can wipe down the body.  

The Mop Function

Trifo Lucy includes a mop feature that allows you to clean wet surfaces. It is great for cleaning up spillages on the floor. Trifo Lucy has a 100ml water tank. You’ll need to refill it at least twice before Lucy can cover your whole home. If you want to completely automate cleaning, this is not a good option.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

You get several reusable mop pad that can be reused and are very easy to clean. Simply take the cloth off and put it in the washer. Although the mopping function of Trifo Lucy is not her strongest, it does a good job at mopping. Lucy can clean your home and keep it dust-free if she is regularly assisting with cleaning.  

Low Battery Mode 


Software & Home Security Features

Trifo Lucy makes use of a mobile application called Trifo Home. This app allows you to view all the controls and create cleaning plans. You can also adjust other settings.  

Trifo Home App

After installation, you will be asked for permission to allow the app to send messages to your smartphone. It’s a very important permission, so we suggest enabling it. Lucy can notify you if Lucy detects intruders in your home, even if you’re not there.

The app will then ask for you to create an Account and to add Lucy to your Devices List to Get Started.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

By scrolling through the settings you can find many cleaning options, including the ability to set up cleaning times and schedule sessions. There are also maintenance stats which show notifications in case of damage or malfunction and do not disturb mode (DND) to prevent Lucy from turning on during your sleep. You will also see Lucy’s cleaning history, showing you what areas she has cleaned, along with the time it took to clean them.

Once you have run the robotvac the first time you will find the map within the app. You can then name the different areas of your home and add no-go zones to Lucy’s avoidance.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

Trifo Lucy’s most impressive feature is the manual control. You can upload a video and then use the app remotely to move the robot vacuum. This footage can be recorded. Select the appropriate option to switch from automatic control to manual Start Video You will find it at the bottom. You can view Lucy’s perspective from the camera by clicking this button.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

Apart from the fact that you are able to record this footage, there is also an option for changing between Day and Night Time vision, switch on or off the microphon.  

Trifo Lucy: the Security Camera

Trifo Lucy can be used as a security camera thanks to its motion detection function. You will receive a text message on your smartphone with the picture of who or what the robot vacuum was caught doing in front of it. You can use this to keep an eye on the house or to inspect your pet’s health when you are away.  

Trifo lucy: the ai robot vacuum and mop

Pets aside, the microphone can be used to communicate with your pet or calm down them if they are making mess through the camera.  

Should You Buy the Trifo Lucy Robot Vacuum?

TrifoLucy is not the ideal cleaning tool for all situations. Trifo Lucia might not be your best choice if you are looking for the perfect vacuum/mop combination. Trifo Lucy has many reasons to be bought.  

If robot vacuums have been used before, you might like Roborock Roomba or Lucy, you will be amazed at the unique design, features and abilities that Lucy offers. Lucy would be an ideal choice for pet owners who want to monitor their furry companions while they are away. Overall, this robot vacuum is powerful and reliable This makes a wonderful gift You can gift it to your friends and family, or for yourself.  

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