These are the Top Software Downloads to Your Windows 11 Computer

These are the Top Software Downloads to Your Windows 11 Computer

You are the shiny new Windows 11 Installation has everything that you will need to get your daily computing done. There are still a few exceptional applications that you should download immediately after your Windows install.

Microsoft’s latest operating system includes some of the most powerful bundled apps (MS Paint forever!) In the past history of Windows, there have been a few third-party applications that you will still require to help fill in any gaps on your Windows PC. These applications are so amazing that you won’t want to remove them.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

VLC Media Player (Free)

We are long past the days when we could download huge code packs in order to view obscure formats. You’ll still encounter video files Windows Media Players can’t handle.

VLC Media Player is capable of playing almost every type of media, as well as some that are not commonly known. You can even play! ISO If you are able to find full-quality images from DVDs on an external drive, please save them.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

VLC can support hardware decoding. This means that it will not tax your CPU when you are doing other tasks. VLC is completely free of spyware and ads. The open-source application survives solely on donations. We think that you will feel compelled to give a little money once you see how vital VLC is for any PC.

Google Chrome (Free)

Microsoft Edge Edge has a significant improvement on the Internet Explorer browser. Edge also now supports Chromium. It’s fine to use the Windows 11 browser. It’s difficult to disagree with Google Chrome’s extensive plugin support and integrations with Google services. Integrated password management and download managers reduce the amount of apps that you require.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

Google Chrome is a must-have download if you are using Google services on different platforms, such as iOS and Android or Linux. Chrome is becoming a bit more bloated, so be careful with how many tabs are open.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free)

Even though we have moved away from printing documents, the PDF format continues to be widely used. You will often receive printed forms, like company forms or contracts that were designed to print, especially in the modern era.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

There are many to choose from Excellent PDF readers There are many free versions of Adobe Acrobat that you can download. Adobe offers a wide range of functions in the free app. Although you can’t modify PDFs with the subscription, the majority of common tasks can be performed, including filling out forms and signing them.

Annotating PDFs is also possible. This allows students to make notes in PDF format on textbooks or research papers, without having to pay a penny.

Malwarebytes (Free)

Windows Defender’s performance is exceptional these days, and we don’t think it makes sense for users to install third-party anti-virus software. Defender has a problem with things other than viruses like Potentially Unwanted Programmes (PUPs), Browser hijackers, malware, and adware .

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

MalwareBytes bridges this gap and protects you from being infected by malware or other programs that could slow down your computer. However, the only drawback to the free version is the manual scanning. You don’t get automatic, real-time protection.

LibreOffice (Free)

Microsoft no longer sells an annual subscription to its Microsoft Office Suite. An annual subscription will be required. You can find the full article at The Microsoft 365 Subscription is a great deal. The Family Plan is a great deal, as it includes all of the Office apps and a Terabyte cloud storage for each family member.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

LibreOffice, an alternative that allows you to pay monthly for the office suite of your choice is great. The LibreOffice office suite is free and open source, so any MS Office veteran will feel right at home.

This is a simple offline productivity program that can be used by students and home users. It also works well for businesses who don’t rely heavily on Microsoft 365’s cloud services. LibreOffice, a free and great alternative to Word/Excel without the online hassles, is our top recommendation.

ExpressVPN (Subscription)

VPN services can hide internet activity from you ISP as well as other users who are on the same network, like those at coffee shops that offer free WiFi. This allows you to conceal your IP address, and even hide whereabouts from web services.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

People pay a lot for an acupuncture VPN Subscribe to get around geographical content restrictions ExpressVPN, one of our top VPN services, is extremely easy to setup and use. After the Windows application is downloaded, you can secure all of your internet connections with just one click. Although this service is paid, all new users receive a functional 30-day trial. This allows you to test it out and see if you like it.

Steam (Free)

Steam is the online market leader for PC games. It also has the best Windows client out of all gaming services. Steam has more than 50,000 titles, and many are free!

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc



Many passwords are too numerous for most people to keep track of them all. You can also remember the passwords you are most comfortable with.

You can find many wonderful opportunities to get involved in the community password managers, The commercial versions are available for purchase, although they can be expensive or have a limited number of features if you choose to use the free one. Google Chrome comes with a good password manager, but not everybody is happy to store their data online or at Google.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

BitWarden, a password manager and generator free of charge and open source, gives you complete control over your data and protects it. Open-source software allows for independent auditing of the software to find vulnerabilities and hidden spyware.

WhatsApp & amp; Telegram Desktop Applications (Free)

Because you might be using either one or both of these applications, we’ll lump them together. You can use one or both of these apps as your main messaging app on your smartphone.

While the WhatsApp desktop application had a rough start, now it’s a fully functional and stable desktop version.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

Telegram desktop application is also compatible with this method. Both cases make it much easier to communicate using the computer’s keyboard. It’s easy to drag and drop files into chat. Telegram lets you share images and videos with no compression.

7-Zip (Free)

You may not believe file compression is used these days with large hard drives and high-speed internet. However, almost all the files you download via the internet will come in compressed formats. Windows 11 supports native file compression. Zip files can be downloaded from the Windows 11 website, however it is not able to handle other formats.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

7-Zip, a free compression file manager and an open-source project that supports almost any type of archive format can be used. The 7-Zip format is a proprietary one that offers speed and larger files than other formats.

Windows File Explorer is seamlessly integrated with 7Zip, so that archives can be compressed or opened from any right-click menu.

Zoom (Free)

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

Many of the businesses have now moved to Microsoft Teams, Skype and IM are still very popular, however, both these apps can be preloaded into Windows 11. You’re protected if you use them. You won’t find Zoom in your Windows install, but it is one of the most popular video conferencing applications worldwide.

Notepad++ (Free)

Although Notepad is intended for coders, it’s also great for anyone who wants to work with source code. This free enhanced text editor will allow you to interact with the software source code.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

You can use many languages of programming and it will color-code and format your code automatically so that you can edit and understand what is happening. Although it is not an environment for full-blown development, the tool can be used on all computers that are capable of running Windows 11.

This download is essential, regardless of whether you are a professional coder or a beginner.

Slack (Free)

Your Windows 11 install comes with Microsoft Teams. However, your clients or company will likely use Slack. Slack, for managing a group of people working on a project is our preference.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

Although it doesn’t offer the same video integration as Teams, Slack has a reputation for being a great text-based communication backbone. All of the important features and functions are available for free to all users. You can also upgrade your company as you grow if you’re head honcho. You will need Slack no matter what your work environment is.

Discord (Free)

[15 Discord.jpg]

Discord was originally a text and voice chat system that lets gamers chat privately with each other without worrying about being harassed in public chats built into their games.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

Discord has become a huge social media phenomenon. Discord can be started by almost anyone. You could be a Twitch streamer or a news voice communicator for an online team. Or you just need a place to connect with friends while locked down. You have many options.

Our guide to Discord is available for those who are curious How to Create a Discord Server, It’s so easy to forget about it, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

PowerToys (Free)

Microsoft PowerToys, which is available in every Windows operating system that supports it. Microsoft PowerToys is a collection of modifications and tools for Windows that gives power users greater control and makes them more productive.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

PowerToys is a Windows feature that should be considered a standard part. It’s easy to use the Windows Store app and install PowerToys from your PC. After PowerToys is installed, you will have easy access to other utilities you’ll find indispensable.

You can pin windows to every window with “Always on Top”, for example. Awake allows you to easily keep your computer awake while it is running certain tasks, such as compiling code or rendering video, without having to alter your sleep and power settings. PowerRename allows you to rename large files. Shortcut Guide is our favorite because it displays all of the keyboard shortcuts available for your desktop view!

Start11 (30-day trial, $6)

Windows Settings can be used to adjust the Taskbar or Start Menu to the side, but you won’t find the traditional Start Menu experience. Start11 can help you get back the simple, classic Start Menu experience.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

The software can’t be downloaded for free. However, you will get a 30 day free trial so you can see if the Start Menu is something you really miss. A 5-device license is available for less than the cost of one license if you own multiple Windows 10 or 11 computers.

This app does more than just restore the traditional Start Menu. The app offers many customization options, including color and layout settings.

Google Drive Desktop (Free)

It’s likely that you are already a Google Drive customer. However, you might not realize that Google has a desktop app that allows you to access the cloud storage service from your computer. You can easily sync folders you have watched from your computer to your cloud storage. Also, your Google documents can be accessed offline if the internet is unavailable.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

You get very little storage for your free time. You can increase your storage by purchasing a Google One subscription to quickly store backups on multiple computers.


DropBox, which is a cloud storage app that we highly recommend for syncing data from Windows 11 computers to cloud storage, is an alternative to Google Drive. DropBox’s free service offers enough space to store important documents in the cloud. However, larger storage allocations can be purchased at very affordable prices.

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

DropBox also offers some productivity tools that can be used in conjunction with Google Drive. However, it is not nearly as extensive. DropBox can be a great download for cloud storage, even if you aren’t connected to the Google Drive ecosystem.

DaVinci Resolve (Free)

Windows 11 comes with a simple rudimentary video editing App, but you can make professional-looking videos with the same software that professionals use. DaVinci Resolve, a professional-grade video editor has gained some popularity in Hollywood. This is right up there Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Except, it’s freeware!

The best software downloads for your windows 11 pc

Resolve, aside from some very specific features, is totally free and fully functional. Although the learning curve is steep, there are tons of online tutorials for Resolve. You can also use it on Microsoft Windows, Mac or Linux. This allows you to seamlessly transition between systems and collaborate without worrying about compatibility.

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