These are the 12 most popular games you can play on your Chromebook

These are the 12 most popular games you can play on your Chromebook

Chromebooks They are not meant to be used for gaming. But where there is a will there is a way. There are many games for gamers who have no other choice than a Chromebook.

Although there aren’t many Chromebook-specific games available, games that were created for Android and Linux operating systems can be very useful. This is a complicated topic, so let us review the games that a Chromebook can run.

12 best games to play on your chromebook

Google Play for Chromebooks, Steam, Cloud Gaming and Steam

Chromebooks come in two varieties: Chromebooks that are compatible with Google Play Android apps, and Chromebooks that don’t. If your Chromebook doesn’t support the above, it will not work Android app support list, This means that you will not have access to Google Play Store. You won’t be able to play many of the listed games.

Similar to above, Chromebooks issued by schools or employers may block access to Google Play Store. This applies even though you are using a compatible device. It is possible that they will not allow you access. However, it depends on the policies of their organization. Accessing Android games is crucial to get the most out of Chromebook, and it’s a must-do first.

No matter which Chromebook model you use, cloud gaming offers a fantastic alternative. Cloud games are played on an internet-connected remote computer, using your Chromebook as the interface. Services such as Microsoft Xcloud, Nvidia’s and others can be used as long as there is an internet connection GeForce Now . . Google Stadia is unfortunately no longer available.

As of the writing of this article, there’s a beta version of Steam available for ChromeOS. Your Chromebook may be on the very short version supported list, Steam can be installed on your Android device to allow you to play some of its PC games. As more Chromebooks are added to this ecosystem, we expect Steam to grow in popularity.

1. Asphalt 9: Legends Google Play Store

Asphalt 9 is a series of arcade racing games that has always challenged what was possible on the smartphone’s screen. This means Asphalt 9 will look stunning on Chromebooks, provided you have the right specs. It runs well on Nintendo Switch so requirements may not be too great.

Asphalt 9 offers a great free game experience, but it is also heavy on in-app purchases and timers. This game is great for filling in the time between class or lunch breaks. This means that you shouldn’t neglect your homework!

2. Fallout Shelter Google Play Store

The original Fallout RPG mobile game was a fun, free-to-play spinoff. It has since evolved into an amazing management sim. Your vault of survivors of nuclear radiation is yours to control, as shown in the 50s-style main series.

While this game is free to download and play, you may choose to monetize the site to earn money. You can play it in short spurts while waiting for your decision. This is a hilarious, rewarding, and highly satisfying management survival game that’s unlike anything else.

3. Fortnite Battle Royale (Sideloaded Android Application)

Fortnite is an online multiplayer battle royale that doesn’t require any explanation, but we do it anyway. With a few other players in the arena, you can drop your character and play. The last player standing is victorious.

Fortnite is now an established game metaverse You can create your own characters, and there are many crossover characters. There is also an array of events like in-game music concerts. Fortnite lets you personalize your character. You can also play the game on an Android-compatible Chromebook sideloading The app will be installed on your computer.

4. Roblox Google Play Store

Roblox, if there was one game that you could use on your Chromebook it would be Roblox. Roblox is a complete platform that allows you to play multiple games at once Many games are available in the Roblox World . . You can explore a virtual universe that offers millions of different experiences.

5. Stardew Valley Google Play Store

One talented developer worked for many years to create this charming farming RPG. Stardew Valley is heavily inspired by Harvest Moon. This RPG puts you in the position of a city-slicker inheriting a farm. Explore the mysterious events and relationships, along with the wonders and mysteries that surround the area and the natural world. You can expect to spend hundreds of hours on this game. You should not miss this game. It is one the greatest games on any platform.

6. Among Us Google Play Store

Among Us had been under the radar for a long time before it became a viral sensation. The concept of Among Us is innovative and enjoyable, so it deserves some praises. As crew members on a spaceship, you and your friends can play together. But, there is an imposter among you, so it’s up the real crew to find out. Meanwhile, the imposter causes chaos and tries get innocent crew members to blame him.

7. PUBG Mobile / PUBG Mobile Lite (Google Play Store)09

PUBG was also known as AKA Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. It is the battle royale game that first put the Battle Royale Shooters on the map, before Fortnite took its thunder. PUBG’s popularity doesn’t necessarily mean it is gone. PUBG’s (relatively) more grounded look and feel might make it popular with a different audience, which may be less keen to see Darth Vader battle it out against characters from Scooby Doo.

8. Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced edition Google Play Store

Baldur’s Gate is a computer RPG that has been regarded as one of the most significant in history. This Enhanced Edition brings out the best in this timeless classic while preserving its Dungeons and Dragons-powered plot and gameplay. This is the ideal game for playing with a mouse. It has replayability and depth that are unmatched by modern video games.

Baldur’s Gate is a favorite of ours, but it’s well worth looking into Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition andPlanescape Torment Two other Play Store RPG Remasters of famous games.

9. Minecraft (Via Linux Support, or Play Store)

Minecraft is the most played game in the world. Millions of gamers spend their time exploring its beautiful blocky world. There are two modes to play Minecraft: a creativity mode that allows you to build and then survival mode, where you must gather resources, improve your gear and survive any creatures. The game has also been a great interactive tool for modern education.

You used to be able to play Android Minecraft on Chromebooks. But now, it is difficult to do so. Only educational users can access special Minecraft versions. Install the game on your school’s Chromebook that has Google Play enabled. Then log in to the Play Store with your credentials.

You will need to have a Chromebook that supports Linux apps if you wish to use the educational version. You can find many tutorials to help you get Minecraft Linux running on Chromebooks. It’s a fantastic game that deserves all the work.

10. DOOM I + II Google Play Store

DOOM is the first game to offer first-person shooting in the 1990s. The classic tale about a space Marine fighting off the hell-bombers on Mars is hilarious and has been port to every platform everything.

Google Play Doom I & Doom II versions are almost identical to the PC version (just smoother & crisper) as well as containing tons of extra content like community-made levels. The games come with keyboard, mouse, controller and controller support.

11. Alto’s Odyssey Google Play Store


The stunning pixel art game will take you on a sandboarding trip as Alto, or any of the six characters. Each level has varying biomes and obstacles. You will also experience stunning scenery and great music. It is one of those games everyone should try. You will need headphones in order to fully enjoy the game.

12. Pac-man Google Play Store


Pac-man was one of the first arcade hits to be a big hit. Most people know this arcade classic from a long time ago. Pac-man must eat every pill in the mazes without coming across any ghosts. The ghosts will become more vulnerable if Pac-man eats large pills.

Although it’s simple to understand, Pac-man can be controlled in any direction. However, very few games have managed to match its addictive gameplay and challenging nature over the many years that they’ve been around.

You can control your games

Without a touchscreen Chromebook many Android games will be difficult to access, as they only support a limited number of keyboards and gamepads. ChromeOS105 has added a “” feature to Android games games overlay, The “” feature allows touch-only games to be controlled with a keyboard. The initial release of this feature works with only a handful of games. However, as time goes by, more amazing mobile games will become compatible.

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