There are 6 ways to enable Google Chrome's dark mode in Windows

There are 6 ways to enable Google Chrome’s dark mode in Windows

Google Chrome for Windows includes native Dark Mode support. But, activating it is not easy and it can be difficult for you to understand how it works. This tutorial will demonstrate how you can enable Google Chrome’s Dark Mode for your computer.

Google Chrome’s late night internet surfing can cause sleep disordered or even mind-numbing headaches. Sure–Windows allows you to Night Lights can reduce strain on the eyes. . Dark Mode can be an even more effective way to make your nighttime Chrome session better.

6 ways to enable google chrome’s dark mode in windows

Google Chrome’s Dark Mode on Windows: How it Works

You should be familiar with how Google Chrome’s Dark Mode operates on Windows. To enable the Dark Mode, you will need to change the Windows theme from Light-to Dark. However, there is a way to get around it.

Chrome’s Dark Mode does not affect the user interface of the browser, such as the address bar and toolbar menus. It also has no effect on the settings panel. Dark Mode compatible websites will try to match the browser’s dark colors, but in certain cases you might need to manually do this.

However, what happens to websites that aren’t compatible with Dark Mode? Chrome offers an experimental Chrome option that forcefully renders Dark Mode pages. A third-party Chrome extension, such as Dark Reader, can be used.

1. Allow Windows to use the Dark System Theme

To enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome, you must change Windows 10 to the Dark color scheme. This may affect any Dark Mode-compatible applications on your computer. You can proceed:

  1. Right-click the Start button Choose and Settings > Personalization. Personalize.
Enable windows’ dark system theme
  1. Scroll down, and choose Colors.
Enable windows’ dark system theme
  1. Next to the drop-down menu, open it Choose your mode and select Dark.
Enable windows’ dark system theme

That’s it! Google Chrome should switch automatically to Dark Mode.

Choose the if you wish to restrict the Dark colour scheme to just application windows Custom Choose from option Light and Dark Next to Choose your default Windows mode and Choose your default app mode,, respectively.

2. Allow dark mode for chrome only

The following trick will enable Dark Mode Chrome for those who don’t wish to change the Windows system theme.

  1. Right-click the Google Chrome Use the shortcut feature to open a new window on your desktop Properties. Google Chrome From the Start menu, click on the program list to open the Desktop area.
Enable dark mode for chrome only
  1. To the end of the filepath within the folder, add a single space Target Enter the following information in the field:


Enable dark mode for chrome only
  1. Select Apply and OK.

Double-click the shortcut in order to open Chrome. The browser will be displayed in Dark Mode regardless of your operating system’s colors.

3. Use Dark Mode to Access Websites

This is a trend that has been growing in popularity. Many sites now offer Dark native versions of their web pages, although they are very few. Look for the toggle button on any website that does not match Chrome’s Dark Mode. Help Desk Geek has one Dark Mode Switch to the upper right corner.

Enable dark mode on websites

For some apps, you will need to either open a Menu or dive into the Internal Settings pane in order to activate Dark Mode. YouTube is an example. You can choose to set your profile portrait Appearance to Dark theme.

4. Use Force Chrome to Render Sites In Dark Mod.

Most sites that you find do not support native Dark Mode are still in development. You can make websites render in Dark Mode by using an enabling program experimental Chrome feature Auto Dark Mode is also known as It can be activated by:

  1. The following can be copied and pasted into Chrome’s address bar Enter: :


Force chrome to render sites in dark mode.
  1. Next to the pull-down menu, open it Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents and select Enabled.
Force chrome to render sites in dark mode.
  1. Select Relaunch.

You can switch between other options if you experience significant image and rendering issues when the Auto Dark Mode feature is active, Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements.

5. The Dark Reader Extension is a great tool!

Chrome extensions are an alternative to Chrome’s Auto Dark Mode experiment. Dark Reader is our recommendatio.

Install Dark Reader Select the option from the Chrome Web Shop Dark Reader Click the icon in your browser’s Chrome menu bar to select On Or press Alt + Shift + D). Now, every website that you visit will be in Dark Mode.

Use the dark reader extension

Very rarely, you might come across a website, like Gmail that doesn’t display well in Dark Mode. It can be added to Dark Reader’s exceptions list in order to prevent it from turning off. You can switch to Site list Tab, Select Not invert listed, Add the URL to your browser.

Dark Reader can be used in Chrome as an alternative extension Lunar Reader and Dark Theme Tab . . You are welcome to take a look at them.

6. You can use a Dark Theme, Incognito or Mode.

It’s important to mention that Chrome can be set up with a simple Dark theme without having to enable Dark Mode. Just:

  1. Open the Chrome menu Click the three-dot icon in the top left corner of the window to choose and then click the “Select” button Settings.
Use a dark theme or incognito mode.
  1. Select You and Google > Customize your Chrome profile.
Use a dark theme or incognito mode.
  1. Select Black Please see the Pick a theme color section.
Use a dark theme or incognito mode.

Alternativ, you can open a chrome window Incognito mode (open in the Chrome menu Choose and New Incognito windowClick on the button and your browser will change to dark mode. You will need to save the Incognito Mode Browse history and cookies .

Google Chrome – Go Dark

Google Chrome’s Dark Mode can be great for surfing the web with all the lights off, or even at night if you prefer the look. You should keep in mind that not all websites can be set up to Dark Mode. Chrome’s Auto Dark Mode feature, or third-party browser extensions for sites that are not compatible.

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