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There are 3 ways to reset a graphics driver

Your graphics driver may be the cause of your black screen or flickering. Here’s how you can reset your Windows graphics driver manually if your Windows PC fails to detect the issue.

This tutorial will describe what a graphic driver is, and how to set it up on Windows 10/11.

3 ways to reset a graphics driver

What’s a Graphics Driver and Should You Reset it?

A graphics driver This software allows your graphics card and display monitor to talk with each other. This software converts your digital code to work with your display monitor graphics card In the visual display that you see on screen. They are available for every major GPU manufacturer, such as AMD, NVIDIA and Intel.

As with all software, the graphics driver might experience an error and start malfunctioning. You may notice your screen flickering or stuttering. This is where a reset of your graphics driver will often be enough to fix the problem and restore functionality.

1. How to Quickly Restart Graphics Drivers

You can quickly reset your graphics driver by pressing the Windows key+ +Ctrl+ +Shift + + B. . The screen will temporarily go black and then you’ll hear the beep. After that, it will come back to normal.

Restart graphics drivers the quick way

Although the exact effect of this shortcut keyboard key is not known, it has been suggested to be helpful To send Windows telemetry data, queue About the Author black screen error That the user experienced. Side effect: It causes the graphics driver to reset.

2. The Foolproof Method to Reset Graphics Drivers

Although the shortcut works in an emergency, you may need to reset your graphics drivers more often than that. This is the correct way to reset graphics driver:

  1. Select the desired option by right-clicking on the Start menu Device Manager. Win + R keys, Enter.
Reset graphics drivers the foolproof way
  1. Right-click on your graphic card in the left-hand navigation under “Display adapters” and click Disable device.
Reset graphics drivers the foolproof way
  1. Select the items you wish to display in the pop-up window Yes.
Reset graphics drivers the foolproof way
  1. Click it again by right-clicking and clicking Enable device.
Reset graphics drivers the foolproof way

Your driver will reset after a few seconds. All driver problems should have been resolved. If your driver does not reset, you can proceed to the next stage.

3. How to Reinstall your Graphics Drivers

Resetting the graphics driver is not enough. You should try completely reinstalling driver software to resolve it. This process works regardless of the GPU that you are using (e.g. NVIDIA Graphics Cards).

To reinstall your video drivers:

  1. Open Device Manageras above.
  2. Right-click on your graphic card in the left-hand navigation under “Display adapters” and click Uninstall device.
Reinstall your graphics drivers
  1. For the final installation to be completed, shut down your PC and restart it. Microsoft will automatically reinstall the graphics card driver when your computer starts up.
  2. Next, open the browser to ensure that your display driver is updated Device Manager, Display adapters, Update driver.
Reinstall your graphics drivers

What should you do if this problem continues?

We hope this has helped you resolve your display issues. There may be something more serious if Windows 10/11 keeps freezing up even after installing the driver software. Here are some troubleshooting suggestions You can use this tool to identify the problem and then fix it.

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