There are 10 cool things you can do with your Chromebook

There are 10 cool things you can do with your Chromebook

While the hardware may be on Chromebooks ChromeOS although it’s not as powerful as Windows, macOS and MacOS computers is an extremely feature-rich operating platform. ChromeOS offers many hidden and fun features that are both exciting and useful.  

10 cool things to do with a chromebook

1. You can use your Chromebook as a second monitor

Duet Display, an app that converts Chromebooks into external monitors for Windows or Mac computers can be used to do this. You just need to install Duet Display on all your devices, and then connect to the Wi-Fi network. See our Tutorial on how to use Chromebooks as Secondary Monitors Follow these steps to learn more.

2. ChromeOS – Install and Run Linux Applications

ChromeOS, a Linux-based operating platform that defaults to Android apps, is called ChromeOS. You can however expand the capabilities of ChromeOS by using Linux’s development environment to install and run Linux applications.

Go to Settings > Advanced > Developers > Linux development environment Select the Turn on button.

Install and run linux applications on chromeos

Check out our tutorial Chromebook Chromebook – Installing and running Linux applications Follow these steps to learn more.

Note: Chrome OS 69 or later version includes the Linux development environment. If the Linux development environment has been missing from the Chromebook’s developer settings menu, you can update it.  

3. Chromebook: Chromebook Video Games

Play video games on chromebook

Chromebooks do not have the necessary hardware for high-end gaming but you can play Android or Linux games on ChromeOS. Chromebooks can also be used to access cloud gaming services like Microsoft Project Cloud and Google Play Nvidia GeForce Available NOW .

Native Android Games can be downloaded from the Google Play Store sideload They are available from Websites that offer APK downloading. over 40 million games It allows you to make connections with other gamers around the world. This compilation contains the Play the best games on Chromebook.

4. ChromeOS Nightlight on ChromeOS protects your eyes

Protect your eyes with night light on chromeos

Exposure to constant blue light can be harmful for the eyes. You can experience insomnia and disruptions in your sleep cycle. ChromeOS Night Light You can change the color of your Chromebook’s display It helps you to fall asleep quicker at night.

Go to Settings > Device > Displays Click on the toggle button Night Light. . You have the ability to customize “Color temperature” as well as set a Night Light timer.

Protect your eyes with night light on chromeos

5. ChromeOS allows you to create virtual desktops

  1. Press the Key to show windows You can also swipe up with your finger on the touchpad to access the overview menu.
Create virtual desktops in chromeos
  1. Select the plus icon (+To create a virtual desktop, click () on the top right corner of your scree.
Create virtual desktops in chromeos

Pro Tip: The following can be used: Shift + Search + Equal sign (=Use the keyboard shortcut ‘) to create virtual desktops for your Chromeboo.

Create virtual desktops in chromeos

On your Chromebook, you can make up to eight virtual desktops. ChromeOS lets you rename, rearrange and move applications between your desktops. Read our tutorial on managing virtual desktops (desks) in ChromeOS Click here for additional information.

6. You can convert your Chromebook to a tablet

Chromebooks that have touchscreens can be converted to tablets or traditional laptops. ChromeOS activates tablet mode automatically when your Chromebook is flipped over its hinge to become a tablet.

In tablet mode, You can use your Chromebook’s power and volume buttons to take photos or screen shots. When you touch a text field, the on-screen keyboard appears.

Convert your chromebook to a tablet

Before you flip the screen, verify that it is equipped with a 360-degree gear hinge. To find out more about the technical specs of your Chromebook, refer to its instruction manual.

Note: When you connect a mouse with your Chromebook, it automatically switches back to laptop mode.

7. Google ChromeOS can be unlocked using smartphone unlock

ChromeOS Smart Lock feature allows you to unlock your Chromebook using your Android phone . . Smart Lock is only possible if you have a Google account linked to both your Chromebook and smartphone.

  1. Go to Settings > Connected devices Select the Set up Click the button beside “Android phone” to connect your smartphone and Chromebook.
Use smartphone unlock for chromeos
  1. After that, tap on the phone icon Select the option in the bottom-right corner gear icon.
Use smartphone unlock for chromeos
  1. Select Smart Lock.
Use smartphone unlock for chromeos
  1. Turn on Smart Lock Choose your screen lock preference.
Use smartphone unlock for chromeos

The “Unlock Device Only” option unlocks Chromebook using your smartphone, while the “Unlock Device and Sign in to Google Account” remote unlocks Chromebook and allows you to sign in to Google Account.

Smart Lock allows you to unlock Chromebook Chromebooks with Smart Lock. Simply bring your smartphone close to Chromebook and click the profile icon.

Chromebooks that run ChromeOS M89 (or newer) can use Smart Lock. Get the latest Chromebook updateSettings > About ChromeOS > Check for updatesIf you are having trouble setting up an Android device, please contact us at .

Use smartphone unlock for chromeos

Android v5.1 and newer must be compatible with your Android companion phone. To learn more, visit Settings > System > System update or Software update Update your smartphone to version latest Android version .

Note: Smart Unlock might not be available if you have a Smart Unlock account Your school manages Chromebooks, Business, work or a combination thereof.

8. Chromebook allows you to stream or download movies

Chromebooks are compatible with the Android apps for top video-ondemand streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, streaming apps Use your Chromebook to stream and download your favourite TV programs or movies.

9. ChromeOS Keyboard Shortcuts Make it easier to complete tasks faster

ChromeOS allows you to use keyboard shortcuts Edit text, navigate web pages and modify system settings. All keyboard shortcuts are available in the Shortcuts application.

Execute tasks faster with chromeos keyboard shortcuts

Press Ctrl + Alt + ? Or (question mark) Ctrl + Alt + / Use (forwardslash) to access the Shortcuts App.

Execute tasks faster with chromeos keyboard shortcuts

10. Google Assistant is now available in ChromeOS

Google Assistant will make your life more simple If used correctly. Voice commands can be used to summon the virtual assistant. You can create shopping lists and set reminders. Control brightness of display, launch apps, adjust brightness, or control other settings. ).

Go to Settings > Search and Assistant Toggle on Google Assistant Next, activate the Google Assistant voice prompt by saying “Hey Google” Always on or On (Recommended) To set up a voice-match, follow the prompts on your screen.

Get acquainted with google assistant in chromeos

Note: Battery drainage can be reduced by making sure your Chromebook listens for “Hey Google.” Voice prompts. For Google Assistant to work efficiently, turn the “Hey Google?” prompt on (Recommended) Chromebook battery consumption.

Check out our Google Assistant for Chromebook Tutorial for additional information about setting up the assistant and how to use it.

Chromebooks Cool and Fabulous

These are some tips to help get the most out of Chromebook. You can do even more cool stuff: Install drawing applications, , connect Bluetooth headphones,, Install a VPN,, etc. Your Chromebook will offer you more options the more you use it.

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