The Best Windows 11 Video Capture Software

The Best Windows 11 Video Capture Software

Professionally recording your screen doesn’t need to be complicated or costly. However, it can be hard to choose the right tools for the job. We’ve collected the top video recorders for Windows users.

This list has everything you could need, whether you are looking for a simple recorder or an advanced video-capturing app to live-stream your videos. Check out our article about the The best Linux screen recorders Both systems should be used to their full potential.    

Best video capture software for windows 11

1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio can be used to record screen images, and it also has many great features that are compatible with Windows 11. OBS Studio has become a favourite among gamers because of its many features, and that it can be used for live streaming. OBS Studio is shorthand for Open Broadcast Software Studio. This free and open-source recording tool excels in recording screen.

Obs studio

The OBS Studio is the most powerful because it allows unlimited and continuous HD screen recording. It has many more features. Personal hotkeys can be set up to make recording faster and more efficient. The recorder has a strong API, and comes with a variety of plugin integrations. You can enhance your recording experience with them. They will provide new tools, overlays and transitions as well as effects such chats, filters and effects.

OBS Studio certainly is one of the most popular free screen recorders. OBS Studio isn’t just for gamers. It can also be used by influencers, bloggers, and companies who need screen recordings to capture their tutorials or webinars.  

2. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Free

Apowersoft is another screen recorder that Windows 11 users love. Apowersoft is another popular screen recorder for Windows 11. It’s available as an online freebie and as a downloadable app you can use on your own computer. Screen Recorder Pro from Apowersoft offers a more professional version. This app comes with various subscription plans and different discounts.  

Apowersoft free screen recorder

Apowersoft Screen Recorder is free and has a simple interface. However, it comes with tons of extra features that make it stand out from all other screen recorders. These include background and watermark erasing as well video conversions and PDF compression. You don’t need to spend a lot of time recording and you can easily customize the recording window.

Apowersoft Free Screen Recorder has many different output formats, which is easily its best asset. Videos can be exported as WMV, MP4, MP4, AVI or MPEG. It also allows you to choose a portion of your screen to record or to capture the whole screen. Apowersoft allows you to record your webcam from the app, even though it’s primarily a screen-recorder. This great feature will be of benefit to all tutorial-makers and gamers.

3. Screencast-O-Matic

Screen recording software is available in both a free and a paid edition. The paid version however, can still be used at incredibly affordable prices. Only $1.65 per Month for the Deluxe Package, and only $4 per Month for the Premier Package. Screencast-O-Matic not only records but can also be used to edit Windows 11 videos.  


This software will not allow you to capture HD videos. Standard definitions, such as 800×600 and 640×480 are your only choices. The recording limit for this app is only 15 minutes. Screen-O-Matic allows you to quickly and easily record your screen. The audio files can be recorded and edited for sync with the video. You can use the trim tool to do immediate editing. However, most editing tools require a paid subscription.

Screen-O-Matic allows you to share video quickly and easily. The software allows you to share from your computer directly to Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. You can also use it for Twitter, Youtube Youtube Canvas, Google Drive and Microsoft Teams. Premier and Deluxe packages offer advanced features like drawing over your recordings, script tools, automatic captions and music libraries. This screen recording tool is very reliable and affordable.

4. Bandicam

Bandicam, a Windows-based recorder with many features, is available. The recorder can be set to capture a specific area of the screen, or all. In accordance with your requirements, the video files you create will either be screencasts (or images) depending on what they are. You can also use the 4k UHD option to capture high-quality video at up to 480 frames per second, making it ideal for gamers.


Bandicam allows you to easily draw over the videos or outline portions of the screen, making it possible for perfect video tutorials. You can also overlay your smartphone or webcam onto the screen. This allows you to personalize your instructional videos or gameplay by adding your own face.

Other advanced capabilities include the ability to schedule recording, video and audio recording simultaneously, mouse click animations and various visual effects. You will need a separate capture card to be able to record from your IPTV, PlayStation 4, Xbox and Apple TV. Bandicam can be used as a screen recorder, but there is always a watermark. You will not see any watermark if you choose to purchase the paid version.  

5. Xbox Game Bar

Windows 10 and 11 have a built-in screen recorder called the Xbox Game Bar. In the past this screen recorder was most often ignored by gamers. However, Microsoft released an update in 2020 to make the Xbox Game Bar even more appealing. Xbox Game Bar supports third-party widgets. This makes it an even more versatile screen recorder.  

Xbox game bar

To open the Xbox Game Bar, press the Qin G key combination. It has an extremely unique interface that offers many functions, yet it is easy to use. It is configurable so that you can make it your own. However, the recorder is limited to recording one window per panel and cannot cover the whole screen. You can avoid accidentally recording an application that is not yours. Keep the other windows minimized.

Xbox Game Bar supports external audio recording, so you can record a voiceover and comment on your videos. The app also has some cool gaming features, such as keeping track your computer’s performance, chatting with Xbox friends and finding new team members through the LFG feature. You should check out Xbox Game Bar if you are a gamer and want to keep track of your progress.

6. ShareX

ShareX, another open-source screen recorder, screen capture and video camera app, can be used with Windows 11. You can use it for free and the video recordings you make will not be watermarked. ShareX was named this way because it allows you to upload your screen recordings to social media like Facebook, Youtube or Reddit.  


ShareX is not without its flaws. It is confusing and cluttered, which can make it difficult for novice users. However, it offers many different options that might be of interest to you. ShareX will not be able capture games in full screen mode when it comes to screen-recording.  

7. Camstudio

Camstudio, an open-source screen recording program that is free and easy to use, can be used in place of ShareX. It can record more than just your screen. Camstudio has many options that will surprise you once you get into its settings. The Camstudio software allows you to capture audio as well as video from either your computer or microphone. The screen can be recorded in a variety of ways. You can choose to either record the entire screen, select a part manually, or only a specific window at the time.


Camstudio has no time limits and can save your videos in many formats. Camstudio also features an annotation tool. This allows you to add text, drawings, images and watermarks to screen captures. Camstudio allows you to schedule when and where to record. Camstudio is one of the most powerful screen recorders available.

8. FlashBack Express and Pro

FlashBack Express, a screen recorder that is free and has many great features, can be downloaded here. There is no limit to the time you can record your webcam or screen. You also have the option of adding comments to your video. High-quality videos can be stored in AVI and WMV formats. People often have difficulty choosing between FlashBack Express or OBS Studio due to their similar screen recording capabilities.  

Flashback express and pro

FlashBack Pro’s paid edition comes with an unlimited lifetime license at $34 per computer. Licenses are available online for 6 or more PCs. Any additional computers will need to be bought in person. Pro edition includes a built in video editor. This editor can add fun effects to recordings, as well as text, images, and sound.

9. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is a simple tool that allows recording of screen events in one click. The Movavi Screen Recorder is a powerful tool that can be used to record professional settings such as meetings, webinars and events. However, it is also able to help you create video tutorials or instructions and stream gaming videos. Movavi, a screen recorder that works well on Windows computers and Macs as well on Android and iOS phones, is reliable.

Movavi screen recorder

Movavi allows you to export videos in any format that suits your needs, including MP3, MP4, MOV and JPEG. Your recordings can be exported directly to YouTube, Google Drive or shared through WhatsApp and Telegram.  

10. TinyTake

TinyTake offers a free basic screen recording program, however it has a premium version with more advanced features. You should keep in mind, however that the free and paid versions both have a limit on how long you can record. Annotations can be added to your screen or recorded from a webcam. These recordings are available for saving on your hard disk or to an online gallery. Tiny Take also allows you to send the videos from your computer directly via e mail or online.


TinyTake’s free plan is for personal use only. All paid plans can be considered commercial. You can choose from three payment options: Standard ($29.95/year), Plus (59.95/year), or Jumbo (99.95/year). Although each plan has its own recording and storage limits, they do not have ads. Both the Plus and Jumbo plans include an integrated YouTube feature.

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