The Best Windows 11 DVD and CD Burning Software

The Best Windows 11 DVD and CD Burning Software

Microsoft Windows 11 has a basic CD/DVD burning program in the form Windows Media Player. However, this app is only for people who need to occasionally burn CDs or DVDs. It’s best to use one of the top free DVD and CD burner software programs if you frequently need a fresh-burned disc.

It was quickly overtaken by the digital optical disk. Most computers no longer ship with one. There are still many legacy devices available that can work if your digital content is converted into tangible form.

Best free cd and dvd burning software for windows 11

Warning! Be on the lookout for potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)

While this article will focus on CD- and DVD-burning software, almost all “free” comes with a payment type. In-app advertising is acceptable sometimes. A second tactic that is becoming more popular is the inclusion of other software in the installation package.

The developers of apps charge the app developer for a commission or fee to install their software. You’ll see that the instructions are clearly laid out in every window. However, most people just go through the process as fast as they can.

Warning! watch out for pups (potentially unwanted programs)

You may allow those apps to run on your computer without knowing it, as this is an “opt-out”. While the app doesn’t generally rise to the point of malware, it could contain browser hijackers, adsware and other persistent and annoying programs These annoying programs are probably not what you want

PuPs can be found in software like the ones we highlighted below, and they change frequently. It’s important to pay close attention to how the process works. Make sure to deselect all apps that attempt to piggyback onto the installer.

Important CD Burner Features

There should be a few basic features in every disc-burning program. The interface should be simple and clear so you can easily identify the type of disc project that you are creating. You should ensure that the app is able to understand your formats, including MOV, WMV and AVI. To homogenize media, you will need to use a video converter app.

You have the ability to write or read ISO files Also worth noting is the possibility of creating disc images. It allows you to make disc images that can be used as virtual disk drives. You can also quickly create duplicate discs, even with only one drive.

Important cd burner features

Certain features may be more important and less needed by some people. The ability to wipe DVD-RW disks isn’t really necessary anymore. Only certain backup uses will benefit from the ability to sync files over multiple data CDs.

Finaly, pure trial software has been avoided such as Nero BurningROM or DVD Creator. The trial version of these programs allows you to burn discs, and then you will have to purchase the full-featured application. It’s not the case with apps with less functions that are available for free, which is what we included in our list.


CDBurnerXP’s name refers to the original creation of CDBurnerXP in Windows XP. It has been maintained through Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and Windows 11 as a crowd-favorite burning solution.

CDBurnerXP features cover almost everything that you would expect from disc-burning software. You can burn CDs or DVDs, but it also supports Blu-Ray discs.

Important cd burner features

Bootable and MP3 CDs can be made. For audiophiles it is important to know that you can create gapless CD Audio using formats such as MP3, WAV and other formats, OGG, WMA and Apple Lossless files. It is possible to burn ISO image disc discs or create ISO disc images. CDBurnerXP is capable of converting NRG and BIN images into ISO images. 

This app is not all that positive. It retains Windows XP’s look. But that could be a plus for some!

Ashampoo Burning Studio is Free

Ashampoo’s software can be used as a free trial of the premium paid package. Burning Studio Free has only a small number of features. The paid version will have all the rest. The majority of users will love what is on offer.

Important cd burner features

This is a very easy to use burning app. Burning Studio Free is a wonderful tool for anyone who doesn’t feel confident in their ability to burn discs. This program is perfect for novices and lays out all the disc types that people would like to work on.

You will have to submit your email address in order to obtain a license key. This is the only minor inconvenience. Make sure to use the following: burner account If that is a problem, please let us know.

BurnAware Free

BurnAware is free and allows for CD burning. Burn data discs, copy, burn audio and MP3 CDs. It also allows Blu-Ray burning.

Important cd burner features

Advanced functions like multi-disc scanning, ISO extraction and direct disc-to disc copying are not available in the free version. If you do not require any of these functions, data recovery from unreadable disks is also excluded.

You may be tempted to purchase the premium version. Also, keep an eye out for any attempt to install WinX DVD Ripper Platinum in the middle of installation.


Imgburn can be downloaded as a freeware program. This means that it is not an inferior version of paid software, but you still get the full experience. However, freeware is not open-source. The software is still under copyright and the developer chose not to charge for it. It’s possible to give money to the author for the development of the app, but this is completely voluntary.

ImgBurn’s greatest claim to fame lies in its lightweight and small dimensions. You can use the software to verify, read, build, write or create discs. The software also features a discovery mode, which tests whether the discs are of acceptable quality.

Important cd burner features

The support for disc image format formats is amazing, considering that it is an “image burn”. The file types you can use are CCD (CUE), CDI, CUE and DI. ImgBurn allows you to unlock disc archives. ImgBurn can support mostWindows versions include Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 10. Windows 95 is the last OS we’ll be talking about! Better yet, Linux systems can be used through WINE.

WinX DVD Author

Most CD- and DVD-burning applications can do an adequate job of putting data on a disc, or creating direct copies of the original discs. DVD authoring however is more complex. You create a DVD with all the menus that you need to play it in your DVD player, subtitles, These and many other features make DVDs commercially viable.

Important cd burner features

You might want to make a DVD of your family’s home, or create a DVD to train employees using the video you have recorded. This is where authoring software comes in handy. WinX DVD author is one of few options that allows you to create a DVD.

The package’s interface is simple, which can help you avoid getting lost in the complexities of DVD authoring. We think this package is one of our favorite free DVD authoring programs.


WinX DVD Author is not for you? DVDStyler might be a better alternative. You can create interactive DVD menus using this program. Either you create them completely from scratch or choose one of the many templates that can be used as-is, modified or transferred.

Important cd burner features

It is easy to include multiple audio tracks or subtitles. You can also create custom navigation by using DVD scripting. Because the software converts all audio and video at the end, you can mix and match them on one DVD project. The software should be able to work as long as the content you have is compatible with one of these formats. It saves time since you won’t need to recode anything.  

DVDStyler requires a bit more work, time and effort than WinX DVD Author. It’s true. You can however make something even more custom if needed.

Get a free audio CD burner

Important cd burner features

Many audio systems that only support audio CDs are not compatible with music streaming. However, everyone seems to be using them. Either you have an exceptional HiFi system or are one of thousands who use a car that has a CD-player. A free audio CD burner is available for those cars that don’t have an extra audio input.

DeepBurner Free

DeepBurner is another name to be reckoned in disc-burning, with the complimentary version offering just enough for most home users. The software can be used to burn CDs or data DVDs as well, make ISO-formatted files, and create bootable disks.

Important cd burner features

All other features are locked into the $30 DeepBurner Pro edition of the software. If you are only looking for the most advanced features, however, the 30-day trial version of DeepBurner Pro is available.


InfraRecorder has an open source license. The source code can be accessed by anyone who wants to modify it or look at it. It does not include spyware, malicious code or malware.

Important cd burner features

Although the software has been listed only as compatible with Windows 7 at this time, and it was not updated for ten years before the writing of this article, the program installed on Windows 11 and ran without any issues.

You will find all the essential features that you would expect in a disc-burning program, but, unlike what you might expect with an older application, Blu-Ray disc writing is not supported. This software is also open-source. This feature can be added by any coder willing to put in some effort.

iTunes (Windows Store)

Although Apple computers don’t use iTunes anymore, it’s still available on Windows. This is deeply ironic. Although we don’t recommend iTunes for CD burning or audio CD creation, iTunes is great if the goal is to make MP3 or audio CDs. iTunes discs are compatible with most players, according to our experience.

Important cd burner features

If you own a large collection of music from Apple, making your own audio CDs will be the best way to enjoy that music on your CD-player systems. With iTunes, it’s easy to make a playlist. Then click on “Burn playlist to disc”. It’s even easier to print a tracklist of the CD. This will allow you not have to search for specific music on the disc.

Express Burn (Windows Store)

Express Burn is a NCH Software product. This name may be remembranced for wrong reasons. Although the company received some criticism for bundling Google Toolbar (a PuP), the problem was resolved by 2015. Today, the software’s health is in good shape.

Express burn (windows store)

However, the program’s free version is limited to burning CDs. You will need to purchase the full version of Express Burn if you plan to burn DVDs. Express Burn also works on Macintosh computers.

Burn Baby, Burn!

It’s possible that the days of 500-disc sleeves folders full with CD-Rs are long gone. However, knowing if you need to still burn CDs or DVD discs is important. You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  

This means that, aside from disc spindles and a USB burner drive, it seems as though it won’t be long before these items are no longer available at Amazon. Sony made 1.44MB Floppy Disks only in 2009 2010!

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