Smartsheet vs. Excel - Is Smartsheet better than Excel?

Smartsheet vs. Excel – Is Smartsheet better than Excel?

Smartsheet is a spreadsheet program worth exploring. Both platforms are very different, in that they have different pricing options and offer different user interfaces.

Decide which one is right for you. Let’s discover.  

Smartsheet vs. excel: is smartsheet better than excel?

Smartsheet or Excel? Which one is better?

Microsoft Excel can be used to create spreadsheets, analyze and visualize data, as well as manage projects. Smartsheet on the other side is designed to be used primarily for managing projects SaaS Project Management Software It allows you to monitor timelines and optimize workflows, all in real time.

Smartsheet vs. excel: which is better?

Excel can be used to create powerful statistics and project management tools. Smartsheet is focused on Excel collaborative task management . 

However, they share many common features so let’s see what the differences are.  


Excel and Smartsheet may share many of the same features but both excel programs can be used in different ways. You may prefer one depending on what you need, your workflow, or how structured your organization is.

  • Available views. . Excel can only display a grid view. Smartsheet offers many different views including Kanban boards (Gantt charts), grid views and calendar views. 

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