Six Best Methods to Repair Minecraft Launcher's Black Screen Problem

Six Best Methods to Repair Minecraft Launcher’s Black Screen Problem

Minecraft Java Edition can sometimes be a mess on Windows 10 despite its many features and broad compatibility. While the bugs with Minecraft’s Java Edition are rarely serious, they can be minor easily fixed, Launcher mistakes are even more troublesome.

Minecraft’s Launcher errors can prevent the game from properly starting up. Users have reported seeing a black screen appear when the application is being run. Users also reported seeing a black screen when they tried to run the app Minecraft should have more RAM It does not solve the problem.

6 best ways to fix minecraft launcher black screen issue

Although the problem is frustrating there are several possible solutions. We have compiled a list of the most effective ways to resolve the Minecraft blackscreen issue.

Repair 1: Updating your graphics drivers

Your display drivers are the most likely culprit for the problem of a black screen. Many people forget to install the video card drivers following a new installation of Windows. This can cause poor performance with default Microsoft drivers. Just a second to get your driver’s information up-to date Many times, these problems can be resolved.

Many forums will recommend that you simply use the Device Manager for uninstalling the device driver. However, this solution is the same as the one recommended by many online forums. Instead of waiting for Microsoft to download drivers for you video card’s hardware, visit the website of the manufacturer to get them yourself.

  1. Go to the manufacturer’s site for the latest driver information. The websites of all the major PC and laptop manufacturers provide links to current firmware and driver information.
Fix 1: update your graphics drivers
  1. To find the relevant driver download page, you will typically need to input the model number.
Fix 1: update your graphics drivers
  1. Scroll down the list to locate VGA and graphics card drivers, then download the package.
Fix 1: update your graphics drivers
  1. An installer is an employee of the GPU manufacturer such as Nvidia, AMD.
Fix 1: update your graphics drivers
  1. The setup checks for compatibility on your computer and gives you the opportunity to upgrade the drivers.
Fix 1: update your graphics drivers
  1. Once the installation is completed, reboot your computer in order for the new changes that have been made to your system to take effect.
Fix 1: update your graphics drivers

2. Run in Compatibility Mode

You may be using an older version of Minecraft. In this case, the launcher might not work properly. Windows 10 has made many modifications to the operating system structure that can create strange problems for older programs.

Windows offers a variety of features Compatibility Mode These older programs can be run in compatibility mode. Compatibility mode simulates an older Windows version to allow outdated programs to function properly.

  1. You can launch Minecraft compatible mode by right-clicking on its.exe file. Select Properties from the drop down menu.
Fix 2: run in compatibility mode
  1. The window will open. Click the tab for compatibility.
Fix 2: run in compatibility mode
  1. To enable compatibility mode you will need to toggle the checkbox, and then choose a Windows version that simulates it. Windows 8 is the best choice to run Minecraft smooth, although you might be able to use an older version.
Fix 2: run in compatibility mode
  1. Select OK To close the window, click Apply to save the changes.

When you open Minecraft again, the compatibility settings are applied.

Three: Make sure you are checking your anti-virus settings

It is possible, although it is rare, that third-party antivirus software may be interfering in the Minecraft game launcher. The most common way that antivirus software blocks the launch of Minecraft is to classify video games as malware.

This issue can often be corrected by either temporarily disabling or including Minecraft in the exceptions to the antivirus. You will need to adjust the steps depending on what brand of antivirus your are using. However, every app has an option for you to Add certain files to the exceptions list.

Windows Defender, among other security apps, allows you to disable real-time protection. This lets all applications run without restriction for a brief time. This method can be used to test if Minecraft is able to function without the intervention of antivirus. If it does, you should only make it a permanent exception.

Fix 4: Reinstall Minecraft

Most errors can be fixed by reinstalling the app. This is an old and reliable method. These issues are usually caused by missing or corrupted game files and can easily be fixed if the app is installed again.

Minecraft Java is not like many other programs. It is possible to remove Minecraft Java’s Java version Add or Remove Programs The launcher is only removed, the rest of the files remain intact. You will need to find the Minecraft folder on your computer and then delete it.

If you want to preserve your progress, it is a good idea to back up your saved files. Once you have done that, install Minecraft again. Next, copy the saved files to your game directory. You can then fix any issues caused by corrupted files.

  1. The Minecraft folder can be found in AppData in the user directory if you are able to see hidden files or folders in Windows. The path is “C:\Users\lloyd\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft”
Fix 4: reinstall minecraft
  1. Alternativly, the Run utility can be used to open the folder. Search for Run Click on the Start menu and enter %appdata%.minecraft Click here to access the directory.
Fix 4: reinstall minecraft
  1. To backup your saved data, copy the Minecraft folder to another folder on your computer. The game will be deleted from your computer.
Fix 4: reinstall minecraft

Fix 5: Deactivate Advanced Display Features

The game Minecraft was created in the 1980s. The game can still run smoothly on even basic machines without the need for powerful graphics. However, it will have problems with computers that are equipped with these powerful graphics cards.

Stereoscopic 3D or SLI mode, which are advanced display options that can interfere with Minecraft’s simpler rendering process, may prevent it from launching. These features can be disabled to allow Minecraft and older games to function properly.

The process will depend on which GPU you are using, but this is the way to go for Nvidia Graphic Cards.

  1. To begin, you need to open the Nvidia Control Panel. The Catalyst Control Center is used for AMD video cards. Intel’s integrated graphics have the Intel Graphics Control Panel. Search for these apps in the Start Menu. Or, right-click on their icon in the taskbar’s system tray.
Fix 5: disable advanced display features
Fix 5: disable advanced display features

It will clear your computer of any error caused by its 3D settings and allow Minecraft to launch as normal.

Fix 6: Make use of TLauncher

It is known for frequent crashes and bugs in the official Minecraft launcher. Many computers today have difficulty running Minecraft despite all the tips and tricks. Many users instead rely on third party launchers,

The third-party launchers offer far greater stability and are able to run Minecraft flawlessly on all PCs that support it. This, given the fact that the game has been around for so long, makes them almost all.

TLauncher This third-party launcher is one of the most well-known and popular. It works flawlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Due to the possibility of using TLauncher with pirated copies, it is somewhat controversial. For the best experience, we recommend that you only use the launcher in conjunction with premium Minecraft accounts.

  1. You can play Minecraft using the TLaunche, Download the App Visit the official website to download it and install.
Fix 6: use tlauncher
  1. After running the program for the first, it will prompt you to select a Minecraft version to download. You don’t have to install Minecraft on your computer. TLauncher will automatically download and extract the files.
Fix 6: use tlauncher
  1. When you’ve made your decision, click on the Install button. TLauncher will then download and install Minecraft onto your computer.
Fix 6: use tlauncher
  1. Once the installation has been completed, you are able to add your Minecraft account.
Fix 6: use tlauncher
  1. TLauncher should now be gone, and Minecraft should start without problems.
Fix 6: use tlauncher

Which is the best way to fix Minecraft Launcher’s black screen issue

Two possible causes for Minecraft not starting on your computer are: There are two possible causes for Minecraft not launching on your computer: either the problem is with your PC or with the game itself.

You can resolve the problem by updating your graphics drivers and using compatibility mode. Temporarily disabling antivirus will also help. If the Minecraft blackscreen problem is not solved by disabling advanced graphics on your GPU, you should look into the cause.

This can be done by either reinstalling Minecraft completely or using an alternate launcher. The TLauncher, which is an excellent option for playing Minecraft on modern computers with an updated interface that’s bug-free, can be used. TLauncher allows you to bypass any problems with Minecraft and its launcher You can play the latest version It runs smoothly across all platforms.

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