Seven Best Printers to Print Checks

Seven Best Printers to Print Checks

Printing Making your own checks is a great way to save money and time. Even with all the modern payment methods, check transactions still account for a large percentage of transactions. Checks have one problem: once your checking account is full, you will need to visit the bank in order to obtain a new check. It can take a lot of time. You can save both time and money by choosing one of the top printers For printing check.

Although printing your own checks can be done easily, you will need to use a MICR printer. This is what you should know about ink and toner, as well as which printer to use to achieve the best results.

7 best printers for printing checks

A few words about Ink and Toner

MICR stands to Magnetic Ink Color Recognition. Federal Reserve mandates that all checks have routing numbers, check numbers, and account numbers printed in MICR. Why? These checks can also be read magnetically. These numbers should not be printed using magnetic ink. You are at risk of financial fraud.

A few words on toner and ink

You will need to choose between MICR ink and MICR toner depending on which type of printer is being used for printing your checks. Inkjet printers use ink, Laser printers, on the other hand, use toners. Both inkjet printing is regulated by the American National Standard Institute. Toner and inkjet are both valid to print checks. Regular printers can be used to print checks, as well as regular laser printers that are loaded with MICR inkjet. To meet ANSI requirements, however, it is recommended that you use either a MICR-inkjet printer (or a MICR laser printer loaded with MICR printer toner).

You will also need to have fraud-resistant check paper in order to print quality checks.

Here are the top 7 printers that can print your checks

This is an easy tip to help you choose the right printer: Small businesses who produce several checks per month use inkjet printers for checks. While this option is more affordable, it can be slower. For large-scale printing of high volumes of checks, laser printers can be a better choice. These printers can print more checks in a shorter time and are equipped with additional security features to prevent duplicate printing. They also allow you to print checks without MICR or encryption.

Consider how frequently you will need to print something. An ink printer may not be the best choice if you don’t print often. The ink can dry quickly if it isn’t used.

1. Brother HL-L2530DW

Top 7 printers for printing your checks

The Brother HL-2530DW overall is a good printer, and it’s also able to perform well as a MICR-check printer. The printer can be used to print any type of text. It prints black only. This makes it extremely cost-effective in the long term as you don’t need to spend on expensive ink cartridges. The printer also offers a very high cost-per-print yield.

This small Brother printer, the Brother HL-2530DW, will be easily integrated into any office. This printer has an elegant, professional look. The best thing about it is its speed of printing. Brother printers also accept many compatible toners.

2. VersaCheck HP DeskJet 375 MX MICR

Top 7 printers for printing your checks

This printer is designed to print checks. This printer is compact because it is dedicated to printing checks. It also comes equipped with a scanner. Although you may not be allowed to print additional documents, scanning them will work.

The VersaCheck inkjet printer from HP can be very slow. The VersaCheck prints only black text at a rate of 5 pages per minute (pages per second), which is very slow when compared with laser printers. The printing speed can be slowed down by color printing with graphics, which brings it to just 3 PPM. Despite this disadvantage, the 3755 MICR is great for printing high-quality checks.

3. Canon PIXMA MG3620

Top 7 printers for printing your checks

Canon Pixma MG3620, an all-in one printer that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS, performs well in printing checks. While it’s not the fastest, it prints checks at a faster rate than most other printers. Although the printer comes with an adequate scanner, you’ll need to feed documents manually since it does not have an automated document feeder. You cannot also do double-sided printing with this printer.

The printer is mostly a photo-printer, and that is where its strengths lie. This printer can print rich details and has an excellent dynamic range. Unfortunately, the Canon Pixma MG3620 printer is inkjet and you will have to replace the cartridges frequently.

4. HP OfficeJet 200 MAX

Top 7 printers for printing your checks

It is portable and can be used for printing checks while on-the go. HP OfficeJet 200MX has a rechargeable battery, and is lighter than similar portable inkjet printing devices. The USB port is there, however it doesn’t come with any USB cables that can be used to attach it to other devices. However, it has Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi Direct connectivity that allows you to go wireless.

HP OfficeJet200 MX prints at 9.5 ppm which is quite fast for such a portable printer. You can keep the speed even if you use battery power. This inkjet printer can produce high quality text, graphics and photos. The HP OfficeJet200 MX printer is ideal for printing checks on business trips or reports from the office while you are traveling.

5. Epson ST-1000 MICR MX

Top 7 printers for printing your checks

VersaCheck’s Epson ST1000MX MICR printer, Epson ST-1000MX is not only used for printing checks but can also be used for business documents and barcodes. It is quite expensive at $499 but it will pay off in the end. VersaCheck cartridge-free, eco-friendly printers are equipped with ink tanks that can be filled by you. It is much cheaper to buy ink than separately purchasing cartridges.

Epson ST-1000 MX’s printing speed is remarkable for an inkjet printer. It prints 20 pages per minute. The printer can simultaneously print on both sides. The device can either be wired to your PC or printed wirelessly using your smartphone or tablet.

6. HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP283fdw

Top 7 printers for printing your checks

The HP Color LaserJet Pro MP283fdw printer is ideal for printing large volumes. The printer prints at 22 ppm for color and black, and 21 ppm for white. The automatic feeder makes it easy to scan and copy documents. You can also use duplexing to print on both sides at once.

While laser printers won’t print professionally quality photos, it is a great choice for document and check printing. The MFP283fdw is an all in one printer. It has a scanner that captures fine details from documents and can also handle large amounts of graphics. The HP Smart app can be used to print wirelessly from your smartphone.

7. Canon ImageCLASS LBP6230dw

Top 7 printers for printing your checks

You need a reliable and compact laser printer for your home or office that is fast, efficient, and easy to use. If you are looking to print large amounts of documents or checks, the Canon imageCLASSLBP6230dw printer is an ideal choice. The printer can print at an amazing 26 pages per minute, can automatically print on both sides, and can be used wirelessly from either your iOS or Android device.

The front-loading tray allows you to save space by reducing the size of your desk. This printer works best when using a Canon laserjet cartridge. This cartridge isn’t compatible with MICR and will need to be replaced by a compatible cartridge.

How was your experience printing checks? Please share your experience with printing checks in the comments section below Print your favourite printer For printing check.

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