PS5 Wireless Controller Keeps Disconnecting? There are eight fixes to try

PS5 Wireless Controller Keeps Disconnecting? There are eight fixes to try

Your PS5 DualSense wireless controller There are many reasons why your connection to the console or computer can be lost. An out-of-date firmware or signal interference can lead to a loss of connection gaming controllers’ Windows computers provide connections that improve performance and connectivity.

This video will show you how to repair PS5 wireless controllers which keep disengaging from Windows or consoles.

Ps5 wireless controller keeps disconnecting? 8 fixes to try

1. The Controller should be charged

DualSense controllers could disconnect from your computer PlayStation 5 If their batteries have gone flat, you should replace them immediately. You can charge your controllers by plugging them in for a few minutes. Press the button if your PS5 controller has been connected to the console PS button To check the battery condition.

The DualSense controller may not connect if you turn on the PS5 and then plug it into the console. The Type-C-to-Type-A USB cable included in the PS5 packaging is recommended.

The USB-A connector on the cable can be plugged into the USB port located at either the front or rear of the console. Then, plug the USB-C connector into the controller.

Charge the controller

If your console is in rest mode, it may not be able to charge the controller. Make sure your PS5’s power is on, and that it’s not in sleep mode. Alternativly, you can set your console to provide power to USB ports while in rest mode.

Go to Settings > System, Power Saving Select the option from the sidebar Features Available in Rest Mode.

Charge the controller

Select Supply Power to USB Ports It should be set up Always or 3 Hours.

Charge the controller

The controller should be charged for approximately 5-10 minutes. After that, check to see if the controller connects to your console. Charge the controller even after connecting to your PS5.

2. In Steam, Change Controller Shutdown Time

The Steam standard 15-minute timeout applies to connected controllers. Steam disconnects your PS5 controller from Steam if it remains idle for longer than 15 minutes. You can adjust or deactivate Steam’s “Controller Shutdown Time” setting to ensure your controller is connected to Steam.

  1. Choose from Open Steam or Select Steam Use the menu bar to select. Please select Settings Open the Settings menu to access your application’s options.
Change controller shutdown time (in steam)
  1. Visit the Controller Tab and Select General Controller Settings.
Change controller shutdown time (in steam)
  1. Open the Controller shutdown time Drop-down menu to select an extended timeout duration. Please select Never If you do not want Steam to automatically disconnect your PS5 controller.
Change controller shutdown time (in steam)

3. You can restart your PS5/PC

After unplugging your PS5 from its wall socket, leave it plugged in for 2-5 minutes and then plug it back into the outlet. Finally, press the power button. Restarting your Windows PC may fix this issue if it is a Windows PC.

4. Start the Windows Bluetooth Troubleshooter

The Windows Bluetooth Troubleshooter can help you troubleshoot a PS5 controller that isn’t connecting to your computer over Bluetooth. This tool will diagnose, fix and update outdated Bluetooth drivers.

The Bluetooth Troubleshooter can be used to troubleshoot the Bluetooth controller before it stops working.

  1. In Windows 11, go to Settings > System > Troubleshoot.
Run the windows bluetooth troubleshooter

Windows 10 can be installed on your Windows 10 PC Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.

  1. Select Other troubleshooters.
Run the windows bluetooth troubleshooter
  1. Scroll down to “Other”, and click on the link Run Click the button beside Bluetooth.
Run the windows bluetooth troubleshooter

This troubleshooter scans your computer’s Bluetooth capabilities, will disconnect any Bluetooth devices and then fix the issues.

  1. Press the PS button To reconnect your DualSense wireless controller with your computer, click here To learn more, visit Settings > Bluetooth & devices Make sure your controller status is “Connected”
Run the windows bluetooth troubleshooter

5. Install the latest driver for your PS5 controller

An outdated or broken Bluetooth driver or USB cable can lead to a PS5 controller malfunctioning. Test your connection to the Internet and make sure you are able to connect Driver for the PS5 wireless controller It is current.

  1. Press Windows key + X Right-click on the Start Menu Choose and Device Manager You can access the Quick Access menu.
Update the ps5 controller’s driver
  1. You can connect wirelessly to the controller using Bluetooth. Expand the Bluetooth category by right-clicking the Wireless Controller Driver, and Select Update driver.
Update the ps5 controller’s driver

If you are connecting your controller by USB cable, update the USB driver under the “Universal Serial Bus controllers” section.

  1. Select Search automatically for drivers.
Update the ps5 controller’s driver

Wait for the update wizard. This will check whether there is a new version of the driver available.

6. Factory reset of the PS5 DualSense Controller

Connectivity issues can be fixed by setting your controller back to factory default Problems with the PlayStation 5. . Unplug your console from the power supply or use the instructions below:

  1. Your PS5 should be turned off. Hold the console’s button down power button Keep it on for approximately 10 seconds. Two beeps will sound when the button is released.

Note: Your PlayStation 5 will go into rest mode if you release the Power button to quickly (after one sound.

  1. You will find a tiny hole on the DualSense controller’s back (just to the left of the SONY Logo). Inside the hole is a reset button. For 3-5 seconds, use a paperclip (or push pin), or an office pin to press down on the reset button.
Factory reset the ps5 dualsense controller
  1. Connect the USB cable to the controller and turn on the PS5.
  2. Press the PS button Place the controller on the console and wait until it detects the controller.

7. Bring up the controller

The DualSense wireless controller software should be automatically downloaded to your PS5 if you have an internet connection. However, the update is not automatically installed. When you connect your controllers to the console, it should prompt you for an update.

You can manually update the controllers using the PS5 Settings menu if you do not receive a prompt. You can also update your controllers using Windows PCs if they fail to connect.

How do you update DualSense controllers on your PS5?

You can connect your PS5 via Wi-Fi and Ethernet to the Internet. Follow these steps:

  1. Switch on the PS5 console, and then connect your controller with a USB cable.
  2. Select the gear icon You can access the settings menu by clicking the link in the top right corner of your PS5 homescreen.
  3. Select Accessories.
Update the controller
  1. Select Controllers Use the sidebar for more information Wireless Controller Device Software.
Update the controller

You can update the firmware of the controller using a computer if the controller is not responding to your requests.

Use a computer to update PS5 DualSense controllers

Then, first install it Firmware updater for DualSense wireless controller Install the app onto your Windows PC. The software will only work on Windows PCs that meet these requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 1064-bitWindows 11 or ).
  • Storage space: Minimum of 10M.
  • Display resolution: A minimum of 1024×768 pixel.

A minimum of one USB port must be installed on your computer. These requirements are met by your computer. Download and install this program DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Updater . . Follow these steps to connect your computer with the Internet:

  1. Open the Firmware app, and then connect your DualSense wireless control to your computer via a USB cable compatible with it.
Update the controller
  1. The app will detect the controller when you wait.
  2. When the firmware updates are complete, follow the instructions on the screen. If your PS5 controller is running the most recent firmware, you’ll be able to see the “Up-to-date” message.
Update the controller

Apart from fixing connectivity problems, Firmware updates increase the stability and performance of your controllers .

8. Upgrade Your Console and Computer

You can fix system problems that may cause your wireless controller to become disconnected by upgrading the software on your computer or console.

How do I update PS5’s system software?

  1. Click on the PS5 settings menu to select System.
Update your console and pc
  1. Select System Software Use the sidebar for more information System Software Update and Settings.
Update your console and pc
  1. Select Update System Software To download the latest version of system software, visit Once the download has been completed, you will be prompted to activate the update.
Update your console and pc

Update Windows

You can update your operating system to fix problems that cause the PS5 wireless controller not to disconnect.

On Windows 11 computers, go to Settings > Windows Update You can wait for your computer to check and download new updates. You can choose Restart now You can also download previously downloaded updates.

Update your console and pc

You can go here if you are using Windows 10 on your computer Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update.

Professional Assistance

Visit a PlayStation Service Repair Center If you have tried all the possible solutions, your PS5 wireless control panel keeps disengaging. A professional should inspect the controller for any physical damage.

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