Outlook: How do you share a calendar?

Outlook: How do you share a calendar?

Looking for an easy method to share your calendar online? Microsoft Outlook ? ? This guide can help you coordinate your team’s work, whether you are working in a group or individually. You’ll learn how to share your Outlook calendar using both the web and desktop versions. As an added bonus, we’ll give you tips for managing your calendar permissions.

Share a calendar in outlook

Use a Windows Application to share your Outlook Calendar

It’s very simple to share your calendar if you use Microsoft Outlook for Windows . . These steps are to be followed:

1. Open Outlook from your Windows PC.

2. The following are the recommendations Calendar The icon is located in the lower right corner.

Share the outlook calendar using a windows application

3. You can find the Home tab select Share Calendar On the upper right hand side of the toolba.

Share the outlook calendar using a windows application

4. Outlook will provide you with a list sharing-friendly calendars. Not all calendars that you create in Outlook are shareable.

5. Select the calendar you would like to share and click “Add to Cart”.

6. The calendar properties will be displayed in a new dialog box. Please select Add to add users.

Share the outlook calendar using a windows application

7. Choose from a list (typically, your address book), who will you be sharing the calendar. Outlook will automatically fill in the email address by entering the name of each person.

Share the outlook calendar using a windows application

How can you share the Outlook Calendar from the website?

Even if your device doesn’t come with a Microsoft Outlook application, it is possible to still share your calendar via the Outlook website. Here’s how:

1. Open Choose your favorite web browser In the address bar, type Outlook.live.com. Register with your credentials.

2. Choose the Calendar icon from the left-side menu.

Share the outlook calendar on the website

3. Click on the calendar you would like to share, then right-click it.

4. You can share this calendar if you wish Sharing and permissions. . It is easy to do.

Share the outlook calendar on the website

5. The dialog box that appears will be replaced by the following: Enter the email address for the recipient you wish to share your calendar with. Outlook will provide a list of recipients from which to choose emails if they are in your contact lists.

6. After you have added users you can change their permissions. You can choose between Can view all details and Can edit Select from the drop-down menu.

Share the outlook calendar on the website

7. Please select Share.

Share the outlook calendar on the website

Understanding Permission Levels

If you share your Outlook calendar, make sure to specify the permission level. The default setting can either be left as it is or set it to the option you choose. Five options are available if the Outlook app is used on your desktop, and two options if the calendar is shared via the web. Understanding the permission levels is essential to determine which one you should choose.

You will need to use the Outlook desktop application to give more specific permissions. You have limited options in the web version Can view all details or Can edit. . This means that your coworkers will have the ability to view all calendar items and their details, or to edit them.

Can View When I’m Busy

If you do not change this permission, the recipient will be given it. The calendar can be opened by coworkers who shared it. They will only be able see when you are available or busy.

Understanding permission levels

Can View Titles and Locations

The “Can view titles or locations” option will allow you to give more information to your calendar recipients. While this option gives you limited access, it allows your colleagues to see details such as the title and location of your meetings. Private appointments can be used to label certain meetings. However, they will not reveal the title and location. They will, however, be designated as private regardless of whether they are granted this permission.

Understanding permission levels

Can View All Details

The permission level will allow recipients to see all details as well as the calendar items. They will be able to see all details and calendar items, including meetings and appointments.

Understanding permission levels

Can Edit

This level of permission will enable your colleagues to edit your Outlook Calendar. You can add and remove appointments from their calendar. However, they won’t be able receive your meeting requests and they won’t be able respond to your meeting invitations.

Understanding permission levels


It is likely that you will want to give this level of permission to someone who you can trust. They will be able to manage the invitations and meetings fully. If you give permission to someone to delegate, you have the option to allow them to take care of your private appointments. You’ll need to adjust these Outlook Calendar options by going to Account Settings.

These steps will help you do it:

1. Click here File In the upper right corner of Outlook App.

2. You can find the Info tab select Account Settings.

3. The following are the recommendations Delegate Access option

Understanding permission levels

4. You can configure the delegate options. The first option allows you to specify that your requests for meeting materials will be only sent to your delegate. However, they’ll also receive your copies. You and your delegates will only receive the meeting request. This third option sends meeting requests to you as well as your delegate.

Understanding permission levels

Important to understand that you cannot set up an entire company or other users as delegate. This permission level can only be granted to specific groups or users. This permission level is reserved for delegates who will have complete access to calendar items. Make sure you choose wisely to whom to grant this permission.

Outlook allows you to share your calendar with others. This is an excellent way for everyone to stay on the same page. These steps will make it easy to share your calendar with others and give you peace of mind that they are on the same page. Are there any tips or tricks for Outlook calendar sharing? Please share your tips with us in the comment!

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