Nintendo Switch Dock Doesn't Work Here are 11 ways to fix it

Nintendo Switch Dock Doesn’t Work Here are 11 ways to fix it

It is the most distinctive feature of this product Nintendo Switch Is that possible, switch. . The Switch is a portable console that can be plugged into a dock and turned into a home console. This hybrid design will make it the most popular console in the world if it surpasses the sales records set by the Sony PlayStation 2. This is a completely different product than the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, which were its generations.

Sometimes, docking the Switch doesn’t work. Although you can still play handheld games, the docking part of your Switch experience doesn’t work. The green light may not turn on, so it is worth putting your Switch in its dock. These are some of the most useful troubleshooting suggestions for your Switch Dock.

Nintendo switch dock not working? 11 ways to fix

1. Make sure to update your switch

It is a great first step. Make sure to update your Switch as soon as possible. Only the docking station equipped with Ethernet Port can update its firmware. However, it must be in working order in the very first place.

2. Are You Using a Nintendo Dock?

Amazon sells many third party docks you can purchase for your Switch. These are much more affordable than the Nintendo Original, which can make them very appealing. Unfortunately, third-party docks can cause damage to Switch consoles and brick them.

Although this is the worst case scenario, there are good chances that your third-party dock will stop working following a Switch system update. This could be an indication that Nintendo has made changes that dock makers did not expect.

Are you using a nintendo dock?

If you have any problems with your third-party docks, contact the manufacturer of that dock or buy an original Nintendo dock.

3. You can power cycle your switch

Power cycling the Switch and dock is a great first step in diagnosing dock problems.

Hold the Switch power button down until the power options menu appears. Then, select the Power Options Menu and click on it Power Off To power off the console.

Power cycle your switch

Then, take the power adapter off the wall. Leave it unplugged for several minutes so that any electricity can discharge. Plug it in again, then turn on the Switch to verify that everything works.

4. Make sure you order cables in the correct order

Although we don’t know for sure, there could be an incorrect order in which you connect your dock to your television. This can cause problems with the TV and make it not work properly. Unplug all devices and reconnect them in the following order:

  1. Connect the power To the dock.
  2. Connect the power adapter To the power outlet.
  3. Connect the HDMI cable To the TV HDMI Input.
  4. Connect to the opposite end HDMI cable Get to the dock.
  5. Change the channel on the TV HDMI port.
  6. Insert the Switch.

The output of the Switch should never be displayed on your television, if all goes according to plan. While you’re at it, make sure to inspect power cable connectors for damage and cable.

5. The HDMI Cable is available for purchase

Check the hdmi cable

Usually, HDMI cables You can choose to have the cable work permanently or not. However, a damaged one may occasionally work. Check your HDMI cable carefully for any physical damage. You can test it by connecting to a different device.

6. Make sure to use the official HDMI Cable

HDMI cables adhere to a common standard. In most cases it doesn’t really matter what HDMI cable you connect with your Switch. But, cables of different brands can cause problems with HDCP (Highbandwidth Digital Content Protection), or any other aspects that HDMI requires.

Use the official hdmi cable

If you have an original Nintendo HDMI cable, test the dock to make sure there are no problems with the cable.

7. You can try a friend’s dock or switch

If you have multiple Switches It’s a great time to swap out docks and consoles in order to determine what part is the problem. A dock that doesn’t work with another dock might be defective, so it may need to be replaced.

8. The Switch Dock Power Supply is available for inspection

Your dock may not be functioning properly because your computer isn’t receiving enough or getting power. The first thing you need to verify is the USB-C The AC adapter has been plugged in properly and the wall outlet works.

It’s easy to accomplish this by disconnecting the power cord from your dock, and then connecting the cable directly to your Switch. If your Switch shows that it is charging, this means the adapter has power.

Check the switch dock power supply

This is a great first step. However, just because your adapter has power doesn’t necessarily mean that there are enough power to charge the dock. The Switch needs more power to run or charge in docked mode than it does for charging and running handheld modes. The power adapter that you are using may not be producing enough power.

Nintendo’s adapter power isn’t standard. It differs in the way it uses power to negotiate power, and how much power it gives. You shouldn’t connect it to other USB-C devices, like a Samsung phone or any Android smartphone. These are also reasons why non-Nintendo power adapters can not supply the dock with as much power. You should use an approved adapter, either official or from a third party that has been specifically made for the Switch.

9. Modify the TV output resolution configuration


Older 720p monitors or TVs might not be able to handle 1080p signals. It is highly unlikely. This would be impossible for a TV with a narrow screen to experience issues with the standard resolutions. However, it’s worth trying other outputs to determine if this makes any difference.

  1. Open System Settings The following are the HOME Menu.
Change the tv output resolution configuration
  1. Choose TV Output From the left-hand side.
Change the tv output resolution configuration
  1. Go to TV Resolution.
Change the tv output resolution configuration
  1. You can change the selection from Automatic You can choose from one of these three choices.
Change the tv output resolution configuration

To test if your Switch works, place it in the dock immediately after every change.

10. Turn off Power State Matching

You may wish to disallow Match TV Power State while you are setting up the TV as described previously. This will turn on your TV when the Switch is turned on or the Switch is inserted into the dock. When you switch off the TV, it puts the Switch in sleep mode.

Disable power state matching

You may be confused if this happens when trying to repair dock issues, or if the Switch suddenly turns on off. It is a smart idea to temporarily disable the feature while you repair your Nintendo Switch Dock.

11. Get rid of all the junk in your dock and switch to port

USB-C offers a major upgrade on the previous USB standards. It can be reversible, portable, carry lots of power, data, and is becoming almost universal. It has one major flaw. Dirt buildup.

It’s a problem that USB-C smartphone users often have with their devices. Tiny amounts of dirt, lint and debris can get stuck in the USB ports and plugs every time they are inserted. This buildup eventually causes a buffer to prevent the cable from making contact with the port.

To check for gunk, you can gently touch the Switch’s USB C port as well as the plug inside the dock. You shouldn’t use any metallic objects such as pins. A wooden, or plastic toothpick is what we usually use.

Do Not Use a Broken Dock

After trying every possible troubleshooting method to fix your dock, you may have to admit that the device is defective and need to be repaired or replaced. You may be eligible for a replacement or repair if your dock (or Switch) is still covered by warranty. Get in touch with the nearest Nintendo Service Center.

Switch docks may be expensive. However, you don’t have much to do to repair them. You have no choice but to spend the full cost of replacing the unit if any of its electronic parts are defective or beyond the warranty.

If you have a faulty dock

As we said above, third-party docks that are not approved by Nintendo should be avoided as they can cause a Nintendo Switch to become bricked. You should still look at used and refurbished Switch docks prior to purchasing a brand new one.

A surprising amount of docks can be sold off by people who have lost their consoles or replaced them. You don’t need to pay a lot of money to get a dock that is still in good condition. They are very reliable and can be repaired easily.

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