Microsoft Word: How to Make A Brochure

Microsoft Word: How to Make A Brochure

You can find out more about Create a brochure You don’t need to create a new business or organization for it. You can quickly create and personalize a brochure using a Microsoft Word template.

Choose a Brochure Template

There are many options for brochure design that can be used to promote services, education or business. You can choose a simple brochure if you do not want to use a theme template. You can personalize the template from top to bottom.

Note: Word booklet Instead, use template.

On Windows

  1. Start Microsoft Word, and then select New You can find it on the left. If you’re in document view, select File Choose your preferred option New.
  2. Type “Brochure” in the search box and click the link Search Click the button below to see all option.
Pick a brochure template
  1. Select the item you are interested in, review the information, then make your selection Create To get started.
Pick a brochure template

On Mac

  1. Choose from Open Word or select File > New from Template Use the menu bar.
  2. Type “Brochure” in the search box at the top to see the available options.
  3. Pick the template that you like and click “Add to Cart” Create It can be opened and used.
Pick a brochure template

The website is also available Microsoft Office Templates site You can also view the available options online. You can either download a brochure template for Word to use on the internet or save it as a desktop file.

Modify the template

After you have selected and opened the brochure template, you will see placeholders for text and images.

You can add your own text by selecting the example text and replacing it with yours. The formatting will be preserved in each box.

Edit the template

You can add your image by selecting one and right-clicking to select it Change Picture. . Select the location where you want to obtain it and then navigate there.

Edit the template

Click on the photo and click the “Use this Image” button Insert Click the button to insert it.

You can customize the template

Perhaps you would like to change the font style, color scheme or formatting of your brochure. It’s possible to modify it according to your specifications using the tools available Design tab.

Select a theme

You can change the design of your brochure by using a Word theme. The following can be found on the left-hand side of your ribbon Theme To see all your options, use the drop-down list.  

Customize the template

Then, place your cursor across each option to view a preview right inside your brochure. You can then choose a theme and see your updated brochure.

Pick a Formatting Style

You can also adjust the look of your brochure by selecting an option from the Document Formatting You can also box the ribbon in the exact same place.

Click the arrow to the right of the box and you will see the different styles. These are for titles, headings, and text in the body.

Customize the template

You can choose from any of these options and your brochure will reflect the changes.

Change the Color Scheme

You may just wish to change the color scheme of your brochure. You can choose the Colors You can access the drop-down menu from within the ribbon. Similar to the Theme you can hover over any scheme to view a preview of your brochure.

Customize the template

You can choose which colors you prefer to use Customize Colors The bottom of Colors drop-down menu.

Next, you can choose colors to be used as backgrounds, accents or hyperlinks. The right sidebar will show you previews of the colors that have been selected. Save and save your chosen color scheme by entering a name at bottom Save.

Customize the template

Select the Font

Another way to personalize your Word brochure is to choose the font. It’s possible to choose a traditional font such as Times New Roman or something more modern like Arial.

Use the Fonts Drop-down boxes in the ribbon will allow you to view the options for your brochure. Select the desired option new font Use only what you need.

Customize the template

Additional Customizations

The website also has the Design Tab, or you can use Paragraph Spacing,, Page Color, Page Border These elements can be changed by creating menus.

Customize the template

You can change the alignment by going to Paragraph Section of ribbon at the Home tab or Alignment section about the Layout tab.

Customize the template

You can add images to the brochure by selecting a specific location. Go to Insert Tab, select a spot in the Pictures Select the desired image from drop-down menu and then click “Pick” Insert.

Customize the template

There are so many options to choose from that creating your brochure in Microsoft Word is easy.

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