Microsoft Word: How do you add bullet points?

Microsoft Word: How do you add bullet points?

Bullet lists are a better alternative to numbered lists. They allow you organize multiple points in any order. It allows you to make a lot of points in a very organized way Way to list your products, You can organize summaries, tasks and other information in a clear format. Microsoft Word allows you to add bullets or customize your options.

Learn how to add bullet points to Word text. Create a new list. Change the bullet style.  

Add bullet points in microsoft word

To existing text, add bullet points

You can easily convert items from your existing document into bullet lists in just a few simple steps.  

  1. Before you start, ensure that every item is in its own category.
  2. You can select each item by moving your cursor over the text.
Add bullet points to existing text
  1. Click here Home Select the tab, and then click on “Tab” Bullets In the Paragraph section, click the “Button”. This creates the default bullet with a black dot.  
Add bullet points to existing text
  1. Alternativly, the down arrow can be used to open it Bullets Choose from the menu to choose another style such as a square or circle.
Add bullet points to existing text

You will now have all your items in one bulleted list.  

Continue adding items. Press the “Add” button at the bottom of your last item Enter or Return. . You will see your cursor drop to the next page with a bulletpoint in place.

Add bullet points to existing text

Create a new bullet list

You can start a brand new list by inserting the first bullet point. Type your item and continue adding to it.

  1. Move your cursor to the place you wish to start the bullet-list.
  2. Click here Home Select the tab and click on Bullets Click the button at the Paragraph section on the ribbon or click the Bullets Select a bullet type from the drop-down men.
Start a new bullet list
  1. Enter your first word next to any bullet. Use the “Press” button Enter or Return Click here to add the next item.  
  2. You can continue this process until the list is completed.  

Press the button at the end of each bullet point Enter or Return You can do this two more times. You can now place your cursor anywhere on the line, including a point without using a bullet point.

Start a new bullet list

A Bulletin List Automatically Created

Microsoft Word Offers AutoCorrect options Format your text exactly as you write it. You can also create bullet lists by using an automatic tool.

After you have turned on this feature, an asterisk will be displayed that changes to the default bullet format. To start a list using dashes for bullet symbols, you can type a dash.

  1. Click here File Tab and Select Options.
  2. Choose Proofing Please click the link and AutoCorrect Options You can find it on the right.
Create an automatic bullet list
  1. Click the button to open the popup window AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  2. Under Apply as you type, Automatic bulleted lists.
Create an automatic bullet list
  1. Select OK In the AutoCorrect window, and then again in Word Options.

If you press the forward button and type an asterisk, or dash, it automatically generates a bulletlist format. Select the arrow to reverse the bullet list format AutoCorrect Options Click here to choose Undo Automatic Bullets.

Create an automatic bullet list

A Bullet List can be expanded with sublevels

Whether you Add bullets to an existing text You can also use multiple levels to create a new list or add them to an existing one. Similar to an outline, you can have several levels and indents.

  1. Your cursor should be at the beginning of the item that you wish to transform into a sub-item.  
Add sublevels to a bullet list
  1. Press your Tab Key or choose the Increase Indent The button is located on the Home tab. You can use this feature on Windows as well Change List Level You can choose this option from the Bullets drop-down list.
  2. You can place the list item below as a sublevel by indenting it with a new bullet style.
Add sublevels to a bullet list

The same procedure can be used to continue indenting and each bullet will have a unique style. With little effort, you can easily create multiple levels of lists.

Add sublevels to a bullet list

You can customize the Bullet Style

If you have a preference for a different bullet style, it is possible to create your own bullet. If you wish to use other symbols, characters or images, this is a great option.

  1. Select the Bullets drop-down selection in the Paragraph section of the Home tab.
  2. Pick Define New Bullet.
Customize the bullet style
  1. Next, you have the option to choose Symbol,, Picture, Font You can choose the type bullet that you would like to use by clicking the button at the top. You can also see an example of the Symbol dialog box.
Customize the bullet style
  1. Next, you can choose to place the cursor left, centre, or right Alignment Drop-down menu to change the position of the bullet relative to the items on the list.
  2. After you have made your adjustments you will see the Preview at the bottom. You can select OK Finish when you’re done.
Customize the bullet style

The new bullet design will appear in the document. It’s also possible to see the change in The Bullets Menu on the Home To use the tab in other locations.

Customize the bullet style

Eliminate Bullets from a Liste

You can easily remove your bullet list from the Bullet List later, but keep your items.

You can select any text from the bullet list. Navigate to Home Select the tab to open it Bullets button. This deactivates the bullet list format, and eliminates bullets from the text.

Remove bullets from a list

You can display your list items neatly and professionally by inserting bullet points into a Microsoft Word document.

You now know how to insert bullet points into Word. Check out our Microsoft Office Tutorials to learn more, such as how to Create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to create a checklist .

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