Microsoft Word Edits: How to Accept, Show or Hide Edits

Microsoft Word Edits: How to Accept, Show or Hide Edits

When you Collaboration on a Document Microsoft Word will allow you to view changes made by other coauthors. It is possible to reject some edits and keep others. You should always try to keep some edits but reject others Use Track Changes So you can quickly review and make a decision about how to deal with them.

This article will show you how to display edits in Word, accept rejections, hide edits, and then reject them. These steps will be helpful throughout the entire change tracking process.

S, accept, or hide edits in microsoft word

You can turn on track changes

Keep track of any edits to documents by using this tool Turn on the Track Changes feature You can do this for anyone, but also for you. It’s a great way to be sure that every change is noticed.

  1. Go to the address in the Word document Review tab.
  2. Select the Track Changes In the Tracking section, click the button.
  3. Choose For Everyone To keep track of the changes you make and those made by others, Just Mine To track just your edit.
Turn on track changes

After the feature has been enabled, you can lock your device to stop anyone from turning it off. You can select Lock Tracking In the Track Changes Drop-down menu, and then follow the prompts.

What to do with Word Edits

There are a few options to help you proofread your document and make any necessary changes.  

  1. Click here Review tab, and the Tracking section on the ribbon.
  2. Select one from the two options available in the dropdown box All Markup or Simple Markup. . All Markup shows an indicator that a revision has been made and a link to the original document. Simple Markup does not display the indicator.
S edits in word
  1. Select the next option Show Markup drop-down arrow. This is where you can modify what you see, and how it appears.
  • Insertions and Deletions: To mark this option, you can show the additions and deletions of an item.
  • Formatting: show formatting changes.
  • Balloons: Show Revisions in Balloons To display them, place them on the pop-out at righ, Show All Revisions Inline You can show edits within the document or Show Only Formatting in Balloons You can do just that.
  • Specific People: All Reviewers You can view the names of everyone or just yours to see their changes.
  • Click here Review tab section and Tracking section on the ribbon.  
  • Choose either from the drop-down menu at the top No Markup or Original. . You can see the document with no Markup. Original is exactly what it says: the original document, as it existed before any edits.
  • You can also close the Reviewing Panele if you have turned it on as described previously X You can either click the button in the upper-right corner of the screen or select the option to deselect it Reviewing Pane Add the button to the ribbo.

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