Microsoft Word Dark Mode: How can you enable and turn off?

Microsoft Word Dark Mode: How can you enable and turn off?

Dark mode can be used in apps to make it easier for your eyes. This will reduce eye strain and help you see better. How to toggle Microsoft Word’s dark mode off on Windows or Mac.

Microsoft Word Dark Mode for Windows

Your Office Applications can have a theme set by you to one of the following Windows offers dark alternatives It takes only a few simple step.

  1. Select the Open Word option and choose File tab.
  2. Choose Account, You’ll be amazed at the results Office Theme Drop-down menu box on the righ.
Microsoft word dark mode on windows
  1. Alternatively, select Options > General Click here to go to Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office section to the right. Alternativly, check the box not to alter the color of the Word document pages.
Microsoft word dark mode on windows
  1. Choose the Office Theme from this list Dark Gray You can choose the option from the drop-down list. Microsoft 365 subscribers can click the button to choose this option Black You can also choose to use the theme option. Dark Gray will keep the page’s color white while Black will change it to black with text.

It is important to note that Word’s dark theme can cause a change in the other themes you are using Microsoft Office applications like Outlook Excel is also available.

  1. You can change the settings in Word Options, OK It is easy to use. You can change the Account You’ll immediately see the difference in this section.
Microsoft word dark mode on windows

Return to the homepage to turn dark mode off later Office Theme Setting and choosing Colorful or White per your preference.

Microsoft Word Dark Mode for Mac

Microsoft Office behaves slightly differently under macOS. If you have a macOS device, Microsoft Office works differently enable dark mode on your Mac, Microsoft Word will follow your lead and switch to dark mode. The only problem is that dark mode can not be used in Word on macOS.

  1. To turn on dark mode on Mac, open System Preferences You can use the Apple icon or the Dock icon from the menu bar.
  2. Select an option on macOS Ventura, or later Appearance Click the link. For macOS earlier versions, you can select General.
  3. The top is where you can pick Dark to enable dark mode. You can also choose to enable dark mode Auto To have the Mac only turn on dark mode in the evenings.
Microsoft word dark mode on mac
  1. After you have entered dark mode on your Mac’s computer, you can adjust Word by opening Word and choosing the appropriate option Word > Preferences Select the menu option.
  2. Go to General On the left side.
  3. In the Personalize You have 3 options in this section:
  4. Turn off Dark Mode: : This can be used to disable dark mode for Word even if it’s enabled on your Mac.
  5. Dark Mode has a dark page color: This is how to show the Word menus, Word windows, and page colors in dark mode.
  6. Dark mode has a white page color: You can use this option to show the Word window or menus in dark mode. However, the page color will remain white.
Microsoft word dark mode on mac
  1. You can choose an option and close Word Preferences. Your changes will be visible immediately.
Microsoft word dark mode on mac

If you work in low light conditions, Dark Mode can be a significant help. Take a look at the productivity apps by Google enable dark mode in Google Docs too.

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