Microsoft To Do vs. Todoist: Which one is right for you?

Microsoft To Do vs. Todoist: Which one is right for you?

As everyone adjusts to remote working environments, it’s becoming more common for people to use task-list apps. Because it is easy to forget when you’re managing multiple projects for multiple clients, task apps have become very popular.

Missing a task can be costly, and it will cost you both time and money. These apps are essential for daily personal tasks. Task management apps are useful for reminding you to renew your license, or complete assignments.

There are too many apps for to-do lists on the market, which is a problem. We will help you distinguish between the two most well-known ones: Todoist vs Microsoft To Do .

Todoist vs. microsoft to do: which one is right for you

Features and functionalities

Each app comes with its own capabilities.

Microsoft To Do is focused on simplicity. Microsoft To Do was created in 2015 after Microsoft acquired Wunderlist. Microsoft To Do was supposed to be a robust app that offered more functionality, but it instead created an app that is simple and has limited capabilities.

Todoist on the other side offers many more options that can be used for business purposes.

Microsoft To Do, and Todoist share similar interfaces. There’s a sidebar that allows you to switch between sections of the app and a pane on the right with a list with tasks.

Task Lists

Microsoft To Do has four filters that you can use to filter your tasks:

  • My Day: It is possible to manually add tasks to the smart list. The task you haven’t completed in the Smart List will be added to your General Task list. You will see the uncompleted tasks in your My Day tasks section as suggestions.
  • Important: Here are some important tasks. Click the star to show the title.
  • Planned: This section lists any task that has a reminder or due date.
  • Assigned to me: When Collaboration with other teammates in a project If you have multiple tasks you will see the tasks you were assigned in this section.
  • Tasks: This is what you should do all All your tasks are visible.

Clicking on the icon in the lower-right corner of the sidebar will allow you to add task lists or group task lists. The interface is very simple to use once you take a look:

Features and functionality

Let’s now compare it to Todoist.

Todoist allows you to do much more.

  • Inbox: This page contains all the tasks you’ve created, but not those for a particular project.
  • Today: Here are the tasks that are due today as well as those which have not been completed yet.
  • Upcoming: Here you will see a date-wise listing of tasks. And overdue items appear at the top.
  • Filters and Labels: It is possible to filter tasks by priority, labels or other parameters. Todoist’s filtering section is much more user-friendly than Microsoft To Do. It condenses many functions into one place, rather than the entire Microsoft To Do section.
  • Projects: You will find tasks under the respective projects. Archived projects can be accessed as well. Microsoft does not allow you to archive projects or task lists, however. When you remove task lists, they are permanently deleted from To Do.
  • Subtasks: Both apps allow you to add subtasks. To Do is a subtask that can be called “steps”. However, Todoist does not allow subtasks to be added within subtasks.

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