Microsoft Teams Will Not Open on Your Computer Here's 9 Things to Do

Microsoft Teams Will Not Open on Your Computer Here’s 9 Things to Do

Since Microsoft discontinued Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams has been the preferred communication platform. The many features of Teams made it a great replacement for Skype for Business Slack is an alternative . . However, Team is not a perfect software and there will be some bugs that can interrupt your meetings. Most of these bugs and glitches are easily fixed in a matter of minutes.

Microsoft Teams users often experience the problem of their app not opening on either Windows or macOS. This error can be easily fixed with these nine steps.

Microsoft teams won’t open on your computer? 9 fixes to try

1. Server downtime

Microsoft Teams is used by millions of people to collaborate and communicate. Some times, MS Teams’ servers crash because they are overwhelmed with the volume of users. Sometimes, servers will be shut down to perform maintenance. You might not be able to open Teams on your computer because of this.

Server downtime

However, how can you tell if that is the case? Google is a good place to start your search. To check on the status of Microsoft Teams servers, you can go directly to Downdetector. You can also visit this amazing website Facebook status is tracked, Netflix, and many more popular services and apps.

2. Make sure you have an internet connection

Your internet connection can sometimes cause problems with Microsoft Teams opening or loading. You might be able to open any other online websites and apps. Reset your router If necessary, you can reconnect to the Internet.

You can also try another browser if the problem persists. You can also try different browsers, such as Microsoft Edge or Chrome.

3. Reboot your PC

Before you try other solutions, reboot your computer. Rebooting your computer will clear up any issues or bugs in the background. It is important to save any files that you may have opened, as you can lose work progress. The Teams app should be closed. You can force-close the Teams app from your task manager if the app becomes unresponsive.

Reboot your pc

Use the keyboard shortcut if you are using Windows 10/11 Ctrl + + Alt + + Delete. End task You will find it in the lower right corner.

To access macOS, click the Apple icon located in the upper-left corner. You can choose Force Shutdown Select the Active Tasks drop-down menu to open a new window. Click on Microsoft Teams to open the drop-down menu Force Quit In the lower left corner of your windo.

Reboot your pc

You can now safely restart your computer. After the OS has restarted, open MS Teams to see if the problem is solved.

4. Troubleshoot your App

Troubleshooting an app issue can be done if the cause is suspected. Windows PCs make it easy to accomplish this. Simply press the Windows key + l To open settings. Type in the search bar Troubleshoot app Choose and make your choice Find and fix problems with Windows Store Apps.

Troubleshoot the app

Check the window that pops up when a new tab opens Apply repairs automatically Before pressing the button, please ensure that you have checked this box Next button.

Troubleshoot the app

It will then be simple to repair the Microsoft Teams app using the steps you see on the screen.

5. Teams Cancelled

Microsoft Teams might not be opening properly on your Windows PC if it is possible that one or more of the temp files are corrupted. This can be fixed easily. It’s easy to remove temporary and cache files. You will need to follow different steps depending on your OS.

For Windows Users: :

You must ensure that the MS Teams app does not run in your system tray. You can force close the MS Teams app if it isn’t responding to your commands. You should also uninstall the Teams desktop application while you are at it.

The first step is to uninstall it from your device Control Panel. Programs and Features, Uninstall.

Press the button Windows Key + R To open the Run dialog box, Paste this location in the search bar: %appdata%\Microsoft\teams.

Delete teams cache

You will see a new window and you can find files that you want to delete.

You can now reinstall Microsoft Teams. Simply enter your login details and wait for the app to open.

For macOS Users: :

Open Finder Hit the following link to open your Mac Go Select the option in the menu. Please select Go to Folder,, and paste this path into the search bar: ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft.

Delete teams cache

Select the Team folder by right-clicking and selecting Move to Trash.

Delete teams cache

By pressing the “Open Spotlight Search” button, you can open it Command + Space, Keychain Access. Return.

Use the search bar at the top right of your window to find Microsoft Teams. Next, select the Microsoft Teams Identity Cache. Click on the icon and choose “Save Target As” Delete Microsoft Teams Identities Cache option.

Delete teams cache

Start your computer and then open Microsoft Teams again. Check to see if it fixes your problem.

6. The default location is used to install the App again

Microsoft recommends that you install your apps at the default location in order to make sure they function properly. Reinstall Microsoft Teams if you have recently installed Microsoft Teams.

7. Reconnect your VPN

VPNs that charge a monthly fee usually offer faster servers around the globe. This is not always the case for freemium VPNs. The freemium ones are rarely offered at no cost VPN services They are notorious for causing problems with apps that you use frequently on your computer, regardless of whether it’s a Windows PC or Mac. Microsoft Teams may also prevent you accessing certain apps due to the VPN’s unknown IP address. It is best to turn off VPN services and then see if it helps.

8. Microsoft Teams is available on the Web

You can use the web browser to view Microsoft Teams, if you have trouble opening your Microsoft Teams app. It’s not always possible to put off work, so troubleshooting it can be time-consuming. You can join Teams via your web browser, and then continue with work. Type “” into your browser and log into your account. Do the rest of the work on fixing your desktop app.

9. You can check out these Error codes

These are the most commonly occurring error codes that can cause your Microsoft Teams app to not open on your Windows PC. You will be able to quickly and effectively fix the problem without having to ask anyone.

0xCAA20004 – Request not approved

An owner, authorization server or administrator must approve your request to join. You’re likely to have problems with Teams if you don’t get this approval.

0xCAA20003 – Authorization problem

Microsoft Teams operates on a secured network so if the date and/or time displayed by your computer are incorrect, you could have an authorization issue. You can change the date/time to match the right ones, and then log back in.

0xCAA82EE7 – Server name not resolved

When your computer’s internet connection is down, you will see this error message. This error code can be fixed by ensuring that your internet connection is working.

0xCAA82EE2- Request timed out

Check that your firewall and antivirus settings are not blocking you from accessing Microsoft Teams.

0xCAA90018 – Wrong login credentials

An incorrect username and password have been provided. Verify that you are trying to log into with correct password and email address.

Although it is not difficult to set up a virtual meeting, there are many things that can go wrong. Follow the steps and refer to our instructions Guide for Microsoft Teams Video Conference You can avoid all problems, and enjoy a seamless experience.

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