Microsoft Sway vs. PowerPoint - What's the Similarity and Difference?

Microsoft Sway vs. PowerPoint – What’s the Similarity and Difference?

You are familiar with creating presentations Microsoft PowerPoint, create presentations. . You may find one better suited for your specific needs than the other. You’ll learn which tool is best for you in the Sway or PowerPoint debate. 

Microsoft sway vs. powerpoint: what’s similar and what’s different?

What are the similarities between PowerPoint and Swa?

Microsoft Sway is a PowerPoint and PowerPoint both are Tools for creating presentations. . You can use them for personal, business, and school purposes. You can easily create professional presentations and reports, then share them with your coworkers without ever leaving PowerPoint or Sway.

The apps allow you to customize fonts, create photos, set timers, make animations, and other forms of multimedia. You will also have the ability to see the presentation during its creation. This is the end of their similarities. You will be able understand the difference between these tools by looking at their differences Sway PowerPoint will not be replaced by it. These two apps are completely different.

The Workflow 

Sway is a presentation tool that doesn’t support slides. PowerPoint can work with them, but Sway does. PowerPoint allows you to create individual slides and then put them together in a presentation.  

The workflow

Sway on the other side has one page. The cards can be used as building blocks for the presentation. However, all cards appear on the same page. You can create a natural flowing presentation with them. Sway also allows you to choose from templates, which can significantly cut down on the amount of work required.

The workflow


Microsoft PowerPoint developed in the late 1980s and was intended as a desktop program. There is also a desktop application for PowerPoint, as well as mobile apps available for Android and iOS. However, there are many more options. PowerPoint’s capabilities are severely limited by its use as a smartphone app, or via a website.

Sway was originally developed as a web app. Although there are desktop versions of Windows 10 and 11 available, Sway is not compatible with Macs, iPhones, iPads, or Android devices. The iOS version was discontinued in 2018, although it did exist.

The Interface

Sway and Microsoft PowerPoint are completely different. Although you can see your most recent files in each app, that’s where the similarities end in terms of interface. You will notice a completely new look in the workspaces.  

PowerPoint is part the Microsoft Office pack. As such, it has a similar look to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Outlook. There are tabs, ribbons and a working area. Your PowerPoint app can have new options and appearances by customizing the ribbons.

The interface

Sway, on the other hand has an intuitive interface that is very simple. There are only two tabs in Sway: Design and Storyline. You’ll find everything you need for creating a presentation in them.  

The interface

There are key differences in the Key Features

PowerPoint and Sway offer very different features. This is not surprising, as their workspaces and interfaces are completely different. The fact that PowerPoint can be used with slides and Sway only one page means that the design process is different.

PowerPoint provides many choices for slide design, slide transition and animation. There are two options for slide transition: dramatic or subtle. Sway is a presentation that keeps everything in the same place, so this would not make sense.  

Differences in key features

PowerPoint allows you to add images, videos and charts into your presentations. PowerPoint allows you to add narration and screen recording. You also have the option of a live feed from your camera. MS PowerPoint is more powerful than Sway, it’s clear.  

Differences in key features

Microsoft Sway is simpler than PowerPoint but has more features. It is easier to create interactive presentations in Microsoft Sway than with PowerPoint. The design process can be accelerated by choosing a layout that is suitable for a resume, portfolio, presentation, or newsletter.

There are differences in collaboration tools

PowerPoint offers tools to share, collaborate, and set permissions for editing and viewing. But so does Sway. What’s the difference between Sway and these presentation apps in terms of collaboration tools?  

PowerPoint won this round due to the ability to comment on sections of the PowerPoint presentation. It is essential if you work on the same PowerPoint presentation with others. You will have to upload the presentation to OneDrive in order to make use of this feature.

Differences in collaboration tools

The range of sway available is restricted. There is no communication option. PowerPoint and Sway both allow the sharing of a presentation file. The recipient can also edit the file. Use a hyperlink to share your PowerPoint presentation or Sway file and create a password.  

Differences in collaboration tools

Multiple Channels of Presentation

PowerPoint presentations can be created directly in the program. PowerPoint gives you complete control of how the slides are progressed. You can also do this at a pace that is easy for your colleagues or clients to understand. PowerPoint offers tools that allow slide play to be automatically activated.

Your presentation will be available in conference rooms, schools monitors, and in waiting areas of your company without your active management. Your presentation can be saved as either a video or GIF, and sent via email. You also have the option to upload it to different social media sites. Your PowerPoint presentation can be shared online from any desktop application. This is how you get the picture.

Different channels for presentation

Sway makes it impossible to control your presentation. It is presented as an interactive webpage. Your audience can go at their own pace through the presentation. You can show it in video format, so they can move around the page and click the links. You can also set Autoplay to make your presentation loop for people to see. Even if Autoplay is enabled, the audience will still be able to interact with your presentation.

Different channels for presentation

Sway lets you also share a link from your presentation. You can then post it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media. The presentation can be embedded to any site you choose. Sway allows your audience to access the presentation from anywhere. Only a browser is required.

There is a price difference

Sway and PowerPoint are very different in terms of the cost. PowerPoint is an expensive application. This application is included in Microsoft 365, however you may also buy it separately. It is available in the Microsoft 365 package, but you can purchase it individually Microsoft Office 365 A monthly subscription will cost you. A one-time fee is required if you only want the PowerPoint app.

The price difference

Sway can be used for absolutely free. A Microsoft account is all you need. You will need to register on the site and then you can create your presentation. Sway has no hidden costs, which makes it a more appealing option than PowerPoint. Microsoft Sway can be used with an internet connection.

How do you choose the right presentation app?

Microsoft PowerPoint can be summarized as a strong application that offers many tools, options and features. It allows you to create slideshow presentations. PowerPoint’s user interface can be difficult to use because it has so many options. PowerPoint isn’t an intuitive application for beginners. This is a tool for professionals that will require a lot of knowledge to make high-quality project.

Sway, a web-based presentation tool for beginners, is free. Sway can make interactive presentations that are eye-catching and engaging, but it has less options than PowerPoint. Sway will still suffice if you need to build a business portfolio, portfolio or teaching material.  

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