Microsoft Store download keeps stopping? There are 12 ways to fix it

Microsoft Store download keeps stopping? There are 12 ways to fix it

Like Apple’s macOS, Windows 10 has a new store that allows you to buy games and apps. Microsoft Store offers a single-stop shopping experience where you can purchase apps, games, subscriptions, and many other services. While the store is generally functional, some users experience issues with their apps downloading. They stop or do not finish even when they restart them.

You can have many causes for this, but it is best to take a few simple steps to fix the problem temporarily.

Microsoft store download keeps stopping? 12 ways to fix

1. Make sure you have an internet connection

It may seem that an internet problem would only impact your Microsoft Store downloads. There are many instances where an internet connection problem could cause downloads to be blocked from certain servers and websites, without impacting other services.

Check your internet connection

You can try turning off the router and turning it back on for a couple of minutes. If this doesn’t work, you might switch to an alternate internet connection.

2. Reboot Your Computer

It is a good idea to reboot your computer when there are problems. However, it can be especially helpful when trying to resolve problems with Windows Microsoft Store. Sometimes, an update requires that you reboot your computer to complete, but it’s not uncommon for data to flow again after a fast reboot.

3. Run a Malware Scan

While it is rare, malware may cause issues with Windows Store downloading. The following command will be executed: Software to scan for malware You can choose any of the options and then check to see if you have anything suspicious.

Run a malware scan

This is unlikely to be the problem, but it can still cause problems. It’s important that you check it early so you don’t miss any potential issues.

4. Windows Updates

Microsoft Store is an integral piece of Windows. Make sure you have updated Windows to the most recent version. This will ensure that your Store functions as it should.

5. Microsoft Store Updates available

The Microsoft Store is a constantly updated app. You may have to do this if your version of the app has not been updated in the past before you can download the latest versions.

Check the Windows 11 Updates page to see if an update is available Microsoft Store And then Library > Get Updates.

Check for microsoft store updates

All pending updates will automatically be installed. You may need to restart your computer or app after an update has been completed.

Windows 10 has a new interface See more… > Downloads and Updates > Get Updates You will get the exact same results as in step 1.

6. Log out and log back in again

Windows Store Apps can be linked to Microsoft Account. To refresh your credentials if something goes wrong, log out from the app, then login in again.

Select your username to log out from the Microsoft Store profile icon Select the option you prefer Sign out.

Log out and log back in again

Sign out and sign in again to confirm that your downloaded files are functioning properly.

7. Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

Windows has many dedicated troubleshooter applications that can help you not only identify the issue but even solve it.

Windows 11 allows you to access the Windows Store Troubleshooter through Settings App > System > Troubleshoot > Other Troubleshooters.

Run windows store apps troubleshooter

Look for the following: Windows Store Apps Select the Run Click the button below to begin troubleshooting.

Run windows store apps troubleshooter

Follow the instructions on screen.

8. Firewall Programs and Antivirus Programs Third-Party Firewall Programs Should Be Disabled

The Windows Store is compatible with other applications Windows Firewall, As you would expect, Microsoft Store traffic might be blocked if your network has a third party firewall.

Disable third-party antivirus and firewall programs

This will allow you to test if the firewall is being temporarily disabled and recheck if your downloaded files are functioning correctly. If downloads begin working again, turn off the firewall and add an exception for Microsoft Store App.

9. Microsoft Store – Repair or Reset

The Microsoft Store app, or the settings it uses, may have been damaged or corrupted. To eliminate the possibility, you can use Windows Settings to repair or reset your app.

  1. By pressing the Enter key, you can open the Settings App in the Start menu Windows Key + I. Apps > Installed Apps.
Repair or reset the microsoft store
  1. Scroll down, until you find the Microsoft Store app Select the one you want from the following list. Please select the three dots Choose and make your choice Advanced Options.
Repair or reset the microsoft store
  1. Under Advanced Options, Reset Select the appropriate section, and then select one Repair or Reset.
Repair or reset the microsoft store
  1. Windows 10 allows you to open the Settings App Next, you can go to Apps > Apps and features. Microsoft Store, Advanced options And the Reset button.

10. Clear your Microsoft Store Cache

The Microsoft Store app, like many other apps, has a cache that stores commonly accessed data. The app does not have to be downloaded as often, saving it the time and effort of downloading online resources such descriptions or images for apps from the store.

Download problems can be caused by a broken cache, which is likely due to the fact that apps use caches in order to download them.

Clearing the cache will require you to use this Command Prompt. Run From the context menu, select administrato.

Clear the microsoft store cache

You can type with the Command Prompt open wsreset.exe Use the press Enter.

Clear the microsoft store cache

You can also search the internet for wsreset.exe from your computer Start Menu. Right-click It is easy to do Run as Administrator.

11. Is your drive running out of space, or is the drive disconnected?

If you have run out of space on your computer, or if the external drive has crashed or been disconnected and is unable to be used for installation.

Free up space to install your apps again in the original situation. Destroy apps and games that you do not use anymore, or delete large media files from your hard drive.

Assuming the drive has not failed, disconnect the cable and plug it back in. USB drives may disconnect when there is a lot of data being transferred, including fast downloads.

12. Start the System File Checker

Windows includes the Windows Store app as part of its system files. You can also use the System File Checker to fix the app in case it goes wrong. The repair option is not available.

It is very easy to run the SFC. The SFC is easy to run Start Menu Find the right search engine Command Prompt. sfc /scannow, Enter.

1 run the system file checker

After the installation is complete, you can then run the Windows Store App once again.

What the Microsoft Store Does to the Xbox App

Microsoft offers a subscription that allows you to subscribe PC Game Pass You can install or manage games with Game Pass Ultimate using the Xbox App. The Xbox app can only be used as a portal to the Microsoft Store. If you are trying to download games but they don’t seem to work, these tips may help.

The Microsoft Store app is often the reason why Xbox app downloads fail or stall. Any of these possible fixes could solve the Game Pass download problem.

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