Logitech Mouse Not Working? 11 Solutions to Fix Logitech Mouse Not Working

Logitech Mouse Not Working? 11 Solutions to Fix Logitech Mouse Not Working

Logitech is the most well-respected computer peripheral maker in the world. Many millions of Logitech mice have been connected to every type of computer. Logitech mice are often faulty, which is why it comes as no surprise that Logitech users have frequent problems with them.

These glitches can be easily fixed and are usually rare. Follow the below troubleshooting steps and your computer will be up and running in no time.

Logitech mouse not working? 11 fixes to try

Windows or macOS Without the Use of a Mouse

You may experience difficulty navigating your computer if you have only one broken mouse or no touchpad.

You can access the Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 versions of Windows using the Start To open the Start menu, press and hold down the button. You can search almost every program or setting by pressing this key. You can also use the Dialog Boxes to access these settings Tab To move the cursor from one section to another, use the arrow You can use the keys to navigate between the buttons Enter To select options, press the key or push button.

Take a look to our guide if you have any questions about right-clicking How to right-click using the keyboard in Windows or macOS .

Here are some keyboard shortcuts for macOS users to make it easier to navigate without using a mouse:

  • Press the “Menu” button to switch to the Menu Bar Ctrl + F2 OR Ctrl + Fn + F2 You can then either press (depending upon your function key mode), or you may just need to hold the button Enter To open the Apple Menu.
  • Use the arrow When a menu item is highlighted, use the keys below to navigate between menus.
  • Press the Dock button to switch to the Dock Ctrl + F3 OR Ctrl + Fn + F3 (depending on your function key mode).

You should now be able to use Windows and macOS computers without the need for a mouse. You may have trouble with the mouse but you can also learn how to activate your on-screen keyboard Windows and Mac, For your convenience.

1. Make sure to check the Batteries

You should check the level of your wireless mouse’s battery. You can replace disposable batteries with fresh batteries if you have a wireless mouse. You can charge your rechargeable mouse by plugging it in to a charger.

Check the batteries

Logitech wireless mice may be connected to your computer using an USB cable. Some will also continue working wirelessly even while being charged. You can quickly rule out power failures if you own one of these mice.

2. Are you connected to the correct device?

Logitech mice can save presets to connect multiple devices. By pressing the toggle button, you can switch between your iPad, Mac, Android phone, or PC. You should check if you have such a switch on your mouse. Inadvertently pressing it will cause it to switch to another profile.

3. You can use different USB ports

Most computer users will eventually come across the strange problem where a particular USB device works on one USB port but not the other. To see if this mysterious mystery is still there, try plugging your mouse or wireless receiver into another USB port.

4. You can also try the mouse on another computer

If the problem persists, you can try your mouse again on another device or computer with mouse support. If your mouse does not work on your computer but works with another device, it is likely that the issue lies in the USB receiver or the mouse itself.

5. You can switch between the Bluetooth and Unifying Receiver

Logitech’s Unifying Receiver tech is found in many Logitech peripherals. Every device capable of supporting a unifying reception can be connected to the unifying receiver. Additionally, multiple unifying receivers can be connected simultaneously. For example, if you have a mouse or keyboard with their unifying receivers each, only one receiver is required.

Switch between the unifying receiver and bluetooth

Logitech mice can be used with both Bluetooth and unifying receivers. Switching between the two types of connection is possible if you own such a mouse. Switch to Bluetooth if you are using Bluetooth and vice versa if Bluetooth is not your preferred method. The Unifying Receiver is more reliable than the other.

To determine if your receiver is defective, you may try to connect the mouse with the second Unifying Receiver. Logitech products are required to do this Unifying Software Install the app to link your mouse with any other receiver than that it came with. Follow the steps in the app for a bind to your mouse.

Switch between the unifying receiver and bluetooth

Simply plug in the receiver and switch off your mouse. Then, select the “Next” button on the app to turn the mouse on when asked.

6. Updating the Mouse Firmware

We’ll be back on topic with the Unifying Receiver. If your mouse is in Bluetooth mode it cannot update its firmware. In case there is a firmware upgrade, make sure to change your mouse over to the unifying receiver.

You must make sure that Logitech software is properly installed if you own a wireless mouse equipped with both a USB receiver and Bluetooth. This will allow you to update the firmware. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the Logitech Firmware Upgrade Tool.

7. Logitech Software Software Upgrade

Logitech’s software is a good choice if you notice your mouse acting weirdly following a Windows upgrade. You can find new driver or software downloads on the website of your manufacturer.

8. You can manually reinstall your mouse driver (Windows)

You may manually reinstall Windows’ default Mouse Driver if installing Logitech’s latest software fails to resolve the problem:

  1. Press Windows + R Then, type devmgmt.msc Use the press Enter To open Device Manager.
Manually reinstall your mouse driver (windows)
  1. Expand the Device Manager once you have logged in to it Mice and Other Pointing Devices section.
  2. If you have multiple mouses, look for the one that is closest to your keyboard and then press the right-click You can use the menu button to access your keyboard or click with another mouse.
  3. Select Uninstall Device.
Manually reinstall your mouse driver (windows)
  1. Reboot your computer.

Windows automatically updates the default mouse driver drivers after you restart the computer.

Try manually updating the drivers, if reinstalling drivers fails. This should happen automatically, provided your Windows installation has been installed correctly. However, it is a good idea check to ensure you are using the most current drivers for your mouse.

  1. Press Windows + R, devmgmt.msc Use the press Enter.
Manually reinstall your mouse driver (windows)
  1. Expand the Device Manager once you have logged in to it Mice and Other Pointing Devices section.
  2. If you have multiple mouses, look for the one that is closest to your keyboard and then press the right-click You can use the menu button to access your keyboard or click with another mouse.
  3. Select Update Driver.
Manually reinstall your mouse driver (windows)
  1. Select Search automatically for drivers.
Manually reinstall your mouse driver (windows)
  1. Reboot your computer.

You can also go to this page if the automatic updating process does not work manufacturer’s website You can download and install the driver package by yourself. Then, run the installer to finish the installation.

9. Reset your mouse

You may find a reset button at the bottom of your mouse, or hidden somewhere. For details on your model, refer to the manual. You can reset your device if it does not have a reset button or has removable batteries. If so, take the batteries out of the device and wait a while before you put them back.

Bluetooth users may need to remove the Bluetooth pairing and re-pair it. Bluetooth may present many problems. If you use a Bluetooth Logitech Mouse, our guides will help How to reset Bluetooth on a Mac, Windows 11: Bluetooth problem, General Bluetooth Troubleshooting.

10. Verify that there is no Signal Problem

The connection problems of modern wireless keyboards or mice are rare. There is a possibility that the signal to the mouse could be blocked if it’s working in an area with a lot of interference (e.g. Wi-Fi) within the 2.4Ghz frequency band. Other problems include if your receiver has been connected to the back or is otherwise surrounded by metal objects. An extension cable for USB is an option if there are no front-panel USB ports.

Ensure there’s no signal issue

An external Bluetooth antenna may require you to adjust, move or relocate it. Most motherboards that have built-in Wi Fi and Bluetooth usually only one antenna.

11. A Master Mousepointer Doesn’t Want to Move

Logitech offers many mice but it is best known for its Logitech mouse Master Mouse It is its most prestigious product. These otherwise amazing mice are plagued by an annoying problem.

Your Master Mouse won’t respond to your commands and suddenly stops moving the pointer, this could be due to a stuck mouse button. As a temporary fix, you can gently lift the Master Mouse out. However, if it is still covered by warranty, it should be returned.

1 when a master mouse pointer won’t move

The mouse can be opened up if the warranty has expired and the screws that hold the plate in place can be removed by turning a few turns. This will relieve pressure from the design flaw, and bring back the mouse.

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