Learn how to draw on PowerPoint slides during a presentation

Learn how to draw on PowerPoint slides during a presentation

If you are presenting a slideshow you might highlight some points. This is an excellent idea Engage your audience in a new way. . To call out the information you require, you can make use of Microsoft PowerPoint’s draw tools.

This tutorial will show you how each tool works, what colors they can be adjusted to, and how you can save annotations once you’re done presenting PowerPoint on Windows, Mac and the internet.

Draw on powerpoint slides during a presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint: Draw

PowerPoint allows you to use the drawing tools if your presentation is in Presenter View, regular slide show view or on Windows and Mac. The same tools can be used when you upload a PowerPoint slideshow to the Internet.

  1. Get started with your presentation Start at the beginning of the slide or use the most current slide Slide Show tab.
  2. Select the option to highlight or draw on slides that you have landed on Pen In the lower right corner of the toolbar, you will see the icon.
Draw in microsoft powerpoint
  1. Choose the Pen or Highlighter Select the option you want. You can use the pen tool to draw a line, just as a pen would. The highlighter draws thick lines like a marker.
Draw in microsoft powerpoint
  1. You can change either the tool’s color by selecting the appropriate color in the menu. Presenter View is available for Windows Ink Color pop-out menu.
Draw in microsoft powerpoint

Tip: Pointer Options, Click on the button to open the popup menu and choose the desired tool or color.

  1. You will then be able to use your mouse or trackpad Use a digital pen to draw You can highlight certain words and shapes or do whatever else.
Draw in microsoft powerpoint

After you are done with the highlighter or pen, go back to the drawing tools menu and use the Pen icon. Deselect the tool that you are using. The pointer will be visible again, which can then be used to move your slides.

Draw in microsoft powerpoint

Note: : PowerPoint 365 Mac requires that you turn off the drawing tools as explained above. In PowerPoint 365 for Mac, however, your cursor will be visible immediately after you navigate to another slide.

PowerPoint: Delete a Drawing

You can use an eraser to remove, redraw or modify something in your presentation.

Select the Pen icons in the toolbar, and choose Eraser. Erase All Ink on Slide instead.

Erase a drawing in powerpoint

Drag the eraser onto the drawing that you wish to delete. Once you are done with the eraser drag it to the desired area Eraser option.

You can save your annotations

You have the ability to save your drawings after you’ve finished your PowerPoint presentation, regardless of whether you are using PowerPoint for Mac or Windows. This option is not available for PowerPoint online.

You can end the show in exactly the same way as normal. This can be done by clicking the More Slide Show Options The icon is three dots in the toolbar. You can right-click to get there. Then, pick End Show. Esc End slideshow by pressing the key.

Save your annotations

The pop up message asks you whether or not to save your ink annotations. You can choose Keep You can either hold them on or Discard You can remove them.

Save your annotations

Keep in mind, however that annotations can be saved and become part of your slideshow. If you need to, this is a great option turn your presentation into a video You can also play the game at a kiosk.

You can delete an annotation or several later by opening your slideshow. Choose the desired drawing, and then use your slideshow to edit it Delete It is important to get rid of the ones you don’t want.

Save your annotations

You can direct attention of your audience by drawing freehand shapes, or highlight particular text within a PowerPoint presentation. See more at Here are some tips for improving your PowerPoint presentations Microsoft Office.

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