How YouTube can be slow on your device (and how you can fix it).

How YouTube can be slow on your device (and how you can fix it).

YouTube has a lot of great content, including ours YouTube channel However, there are worse things than slow-loading or constant buffering!

YouTube buffering can be caused by many things. These tips can help you fix YouTube slowdown if your viewing is limited to a spinning circle.

Why youtube is slow on your device (and  fix)

Run An Internet Speed Test

Are you having problems with YouTube or your whole internet? You can run an internet speed check to determine whether you have a sufficient connection to YouTube.

Updating your App and Browser

Update your browser and YouTube app before you start any other tasks. Although it is unlikely that this will be the issue, it’s best not to ignore software issues or obsolete software.

Update your app or browser

Update Chrome or Firefox or any other browser. Or check the app store on your phone to find out if there is a YouTube app upgrade.

Use a proxy or VPN to access the Internet

When you use a VPN, proxy server or similar service to access YouTube videos from abroad, the data passes through it before reaching you. There is a greater chance of data loss.

Turn your VPN off temporarily and see if YouTube issues go away. You can try switching your VPN server to see if it solves the problem. If you aren’t concerned about concealing your YouTube activity you can use split-tunnelling You can exempt YouTube traffic using the VP.

Your ISP is slowing YouTube

Your Internet Service Provider is unable to see which data you are sending to sites that use them HTTPS, torrent technology.

The ISP has the option to throttle traffic speeds to suit its needs. Although this is commonly referred to by users as “throttling”, the actual term is “shaping”. This is when the whole connection slows down. However, shaping occurs when some traffic types are limited.

Of course, your agreement will include shaping policies. But it is possible that this may occur without your knowledge. It is possible to determine if YouTube traffic is being shaped by using VPN. If your ISP does not shape all VPN traffic (which can be rare), then you will see an improvement in performance. To get the most out of VPN, ensure that you select a server near your location.

The CDN is having issues

YouTube’s streaming content doesn’t come all from one central YouTube server. A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is instead a collection of servers distributed around the world. You may experience loading problems if your connection to the CDN has issues.

There’s an issue with the cdn

To get around the issue, you can switch to a VPN server that is not in your region. It is a great way to fix a problem with your CDN. If the issue is more serious (or you have an ISP that throttles certain CDNs), then you will need to add the rule from the Command Prompt.

  1. Open Command Prompt As administrator.
  2. The following command is required:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”YTCDN” dir=in action=block remoteip=, enable=yes

This prevents YouTube from using IP addresses that are not used for its CDNs. The Command Prompt can reverse this:

netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”YTCDN”

Press Enter The rule must be deleted. It is possible to change the name of the rule to whatever you want.

You are setting too high a video quality

YouTube will automatically set the video stream quality at the highest level that your internet connection can support. You can see that a 1440p monitor will be converted to 1440p, as long as your bandwidth is available. YouTube’s desktop browser on MacOS, Windows and Linux behaves in this manner.

YouTube sometimes makes mistakes, or you may have manually adjusted the stream’s quality to be higher than what your internet connection allows. To change the quality of your stream, simply tap on the three dots within the Android and iOS apps.

Video quality is set too high

To access Quality Settings, use a desktop browser.

Video quality is set too high

Clear your Browser cache

The temporary data caches in web browsers are where you can store the frequently requested information. This can speed up browsing and reduce the time it takes to load information. However, caches may become corrupted or cause other problems.

To ensure that YouTube doesn’t buffer due to cache issues, you should clear your browser’s cache manually. You can do it in different ways depending on what browser you have How to Clear the Cache of Any Web Browser For more information, click here Clearing your cache will help you to eliminate this issue as the source of your problems. Clearing browser cache doesn’t clear browsing data so there is no need to worry about wiping browsing history.

Wireless Signal Issues

Wi-Fi can lead to poor YouTube performance if you have signal issues. Wi-Fi signal bar can be misleading as well. You may experience high signal strength, but also receive interference.

Wi-fi signal problems

You can try moving closer to the router to see if it helps. You might be able to get YouTube to load faster if you are close to your router A weak Wi-Fi signal can be increased.

You can change your DNS server

DNS, or Domain Name System, is the telephonebook for the internet. You can type an address like, The address is then sent to a DNS server that translates it into an IP number.

DNS problems or slowness can affect the speed of pages loading or prevent them from loading at all. Google, which owns YouTube, has DNS servers located at Modifying your DNS Servers to be used in addition to the default ISP offering.

Click the button to download this feature

YouTube Premium subscribers have the option to download YouTube videos instead of streaming them. This download option allows you to obtain an offline copy of the YouTube video if you have time and are willing to wait.

Use the download feature

An alternative is also available: online YouTube video downloading site, This is allowed, but it’s against YouTube’s terms of service. Although anonymous services like these are not likely to be banned, they can still be used.

Remove Ads

YouTube is a particularly popular website that has a lot of ads. These advertisements can interfere with YouTube’s main content. Pre-roll ads may not load properly, so you might not be able to view the videos you desire. Additionally, advertisements could cause buffering issues.

Remove ads

By subscribing, you can completely remove YouTube advertising YouTube Premium . . Family Plan includes six YouTube accounts as well access to YouTube Music.

Ad-blocking software, or plugins can be used to block ads from your browser if you do not wish to sign up for the paid service.

The playback speed was accidentally changed

Most people assume YouTube is slow or buffering when they search the term. There’s always a possibility that you are referring to YouTube videos playing slow!

You may have accidentally changed the playback speed from Normal to Low Playback speed, Normal.

You accidentally changed playback speed

You can change playback speed by selecting the three dots from the Android or iOS apps.

You accidentally changed playback speed

A Important Note about YouTube and Adobe Flash

If you are looking for help to speed up YouTube videos loading times, Adobe Flash Player is the best option. Flash Player has been retired for many years. You shouldn’t be concerned about Flash player. YouTube was already using HTML5 players long before Flash player was discontinued.

Flash is still installed on Microsoft Windows computers. You’ll need to upgrade Windows to get rid of it Flash can be disabled manually, Because it is now considered a security concern.

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