How to zip and unzip files on your Chromebook

How to zip and unzip files on your Chromebook

You can reduce storage space by compressing files. You can also zip files to quickly share files with no data loss. The Chrome OS (Chrome OS), can be used in the same way as Windows and macOS Zip and unzip files.

This tutorial will show you how to combine files and folders in ZIP files for your Chromebook. There are many ways that ChromeOS can extract ZIP files’ contents.

Zip and unzip files on your chromebook

Chromebooks: How do you zip files?

Using ChromeOS’ file manager, you can bundle different file types (pictures, audio files, videos, etc.) into a ZIP file.

  1. Open the Files app (press Shift + Alt + MClick () to navigate to the folder that contains the files you wish to zip.
  2. Select the Zip File option by right clicking on it Zip selection.
Zip files on chromebooks

ChromeOS creates a ZIP file that has the exact same name and extension as the original.

Zip files on chromebooks
  1. It is possible to combine multiple files in one ZIP file. Keep the following in mind: Ctrl To select files, press the key on your Chromebook and then use the trackpad/mouse of your Chromebook.
  2. Select the files you wish to delete by right-clicking them Zip selection.
Zip files on chromebooks

Chrome OS will save the selection in a ZIP archive titled “” You can change the default title by right-clicking the ZIP file and selecting Rename, Ctrl + Enter to change its title quickly.

Zip files on chromebooks

Zip a folder and the ZIP file generated will be the same title/name as that folder. This means that “”, the result of zipping “Screenshots.” folder, will be “”.

Chromebooks: How do you Password Protect ZIP Files

ChromeOS does not support this feature Cryptography of ZIP files. RAR (from RARLAB) and ZArchiver They will complete the task.

The apps can be used for free, although RAR from RARLAB has an easier interface. You can use this app to create ZIP files that are password protected on Chromebook.

  1. The Google Playstore has the RAR application. Download it and install it. When prompted, open the app and give it access to your files.
Password-protect zip files on chromebooks
  1. Make sure you check the boxes beside the folders or files that you wish to zip. Choose the Add files to archive Click the button at the top of your screen to continue.
  2. Select the ZIP File format, and then enter the preferred title of the ZIP file into the dialogue box. Choose the Browse To change your destination folder, click the button.
  3. Select the next option Set Password Click the button below to encrypt your ZIP file.
  4. In the dialogue box, enter your password and click on “Select” OK.
  5. Finally, select OK To save the password protected ZIP file to the destination file, go to the “Archiving options” page.
Password-protect zip files on chromebooks

Verify that RAR created an encrypted ZIP file by checking the destination folder within the Files App. Without the encryption password, you cannot extract or open the contents of the ZIP files on Chromebooks and other devices.

Chromebook: How do I unzip files

You can extract ZIP files from Chromebooks in two ways. ChromeOS has a ZIP extraction tool that can be used to extract ZIP files. Or you can manually copy the contents of ZIP files.

ChromeOS’ Extension Feature allows you to unzip files

Chromebooks with ChromeOS 101 and newer are able to extract content directly from Chromebooks Archived/compressed ISO files, TAR and RAR files. Extract all You can also access the pop up menu.

Unzip files on chromebook

ChromeOS will extract content from a ZIP file to a folder having a similar name to the original ZIP. The content of a “” file will be extracted by ChromeOS to a folder called “Pictures..

You can update your Chromebook to make sure you find “Extract ALL” on the context menu after you right-click an zipped file.

Your Chromebook can be connected to Wi-Fi networks, Settings, About ChromeOS Click the sidebar and choose Check for updates. Restart You can install a previously-downloaded Chromebook upgrade.

Unzip files on chromebook

Extract Files Manually

You can copy and paste the contents of zipped files to another folder on your Chromebook.

  1. Double-click on the zipped folder to open its contents. Alternativly, you can select the ZIP file and click “Accept” Open Click the menu icon at the top.
Unzip files on chromebook

You can enter your password to protect the ZIP file Unlock.

Unzip files on chromebook
  1. Click on and then right-click on any file you would like to extract Copy Click the context menu.
Unzip files on chromebook
  1. Go to the folder/location where you wish to extract files. Right-click any part of the folder and choose Extract Paste.
Unzip files on chromebook

Tip: The following can be used: Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly copy and paste files from your Chromebook.

  1. ChromeOS displays and mounts the ZIP file on the sidebar as an external drive. Choose the Eject icon After extracting the contents of the ZIP file, you will find it next.
Unzip files on chromebook

You can enjoy lossless compression and extraction

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