How to use the Microsoft Word Screenshot tool

How to use the Microsoft Word Screenshot tool

Microsoft Word comes with a built-in screen camera tool that can be used to quickly capture a screenshot. Microsoft Word’s Screenshot feature allows you to easily take the photo you want without having to use any software A third-party application.

Screenshots are not only available on your desktop. You can also use it within the Word mobile application on iOS and Android. There are many ways to capture the perfect image for your document.

Use the microsoft word screenshot tool

View a screen shot of an active application

Microsoft Word Screenshot is one of its best features. You can click on any active program to take a screenshot. This feature is available on macOS as well as Windows.

  1. You must ensure that you have the app that you are trying to capture open in an active tab. You won’t see the application if it is minimized to Taskbar or Dock.
  2. In the Word document, place your cursor where you would like to add the screenshot.
  3. On the Insert Select the tab and click on Screenshot Drop-down Arrow in the Illustrations Section of the Ribbo.
  4. You’ll find thumbnails of all the active windows at the top left hand sidebar. Select one and the thumbnail will pop up in your document right at the insertion point.
Take a screenshot of an active application

To edit the image or align it with text, you can click on the picture and then use either the Picture Format tab (Windows) or the Layout Options option (Windows). The screenshot can be resized just like other images in Word.

Take a screenshot of an active application

Make a screen shot of your desktop

Perhaps the screenshot that you require is not an active app but another file on your desktop. Screenshots can be taken using the Screenshot Tool Screen clipping is an option, You can easily capture any area of the screen or even your entire screen.

  1. Your cursor should be placed in the document you would like to capture the image.
  2. Click here Insert tab.
  3. Select the Screenshot Select the drop-down menu and select Screen Clipping.
Take a screenshot of your desktop
  1. Your pointer will transform into the crosshair symbol. You can now move to the exact location where you wish to take the picture.
  2. Move your cursor around to Take a photo of the particular area, Select the area, section or location that you are looking for. You can drag the part of the screenshot you want to highlight and dimm the background.
Take a screenshot of your desktop
  1. After you make the selection that you want, click on your trackpad/mouse button. It automatically takes the photo and saves it to your Word document.

To take a screenshot from an active app, use the Picture Format editing tools. You can also view Layout Options for Windows.

Take a screenshot of your desktop

View a screen shot in the Word Mobile App

If you use the Word Android app or iPhone mobile app, you will be able to use similar tools with your smartphone camera.

  1. Open Word from your smartphone and then open it if necessary. Tap the “Edit” button to confirm that you are in Edit mode pencil Click the icon to the to.
  2. Your cursor should be placed in the document exactly where you would like to find the image.
  3. Tap the button on the right-hand side of the toolbar above the keyboard arrow (Android) or three dots (iPhone).
  4. The drop-down menu box to the left will display the Home Tab and Pick Insert.
  5. On Android, choose Pictures > Camera, Select from the following options on your iPhone Camera. Photos or Pictures Locate the image.
Take a screenshot in the word mobile app
  1. Use the capture button on your smartphone to take a picture.
  2. Select Done Android and Use Photo To insert an image captured on your iPhone, use the “Insert” option. You can redo your shot by selecting Delete or Retake.

After that, the image will appear in your Word file. The image will then appear in your Word document. You can drag corners or edges to adjust its size or the editing tools Click on the Picture tab for more information.

Take a screenshot in the word mobile app

Screenshots can be easily added to Word documents using the built-in Screenshot Tool. You can even use the tool with other Microsoft Office programs like Excel and PowerPoint.

You now know how to create a Word screenshot. Here are some related tutorials. Find out how to Extract images from your document What to do? Word allows you to convert your image.

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