How to take partial screen shots on Windows

How to take partial screen shots on Windows

Are you a regular user of screenshots? You may be a frequent screenshot taker. Sometimes you need to capture your entire screen. Other times, you might only want to see a portion of it.  

There are several ways you can take partial screenshots, regardless of whether your computer is running Windows or Mac, Mac, Chromebook, Steam . . This is how you can take partial screenshots of Windows computers. 

Take partial screenshots on windows

1. Snipping tool

Since Windows Vista, the Snipping Tool was installed on Windows computers. The Snipping Tool is so popular and useful that it’s been a part of Windows Vista since then. To take both full- and part screenshots, you can use the Snipping Tool.  

Snipping tool

You can launch the Snipping Tool either by entering its name into the search box on your Windows taskbar, or by looking for it in Start Menu >> Programs > Windows Accessories. You can use either the rectangular or free-form scissors to capture a small portion of your screen. These are both available in the Mode menu. If you require a little more time to prepare your shot, the Snipping tool offers an option for a delay.  

After you have captured your screenshot, you will be able to access various tools.

Snipping tool

Select the Save To save an image to a PNG file, click the icon Click the Copy To place the image on the clipboard. You can now use the clipboard to place your image Send The icon allows you to add the screencap into an existing email body or attach it as an attachment. The icon can be used to insert the screencap in an email body or as an attachment Pen,, Highlighter, and Eraser Tools to help Paint 3D Editing can be done using the app for your compute.  

2. Snip & Sketch Tool or Windows + Shift + S

Ultimately, Microsoft wants people who use Windows 10 to abandon the Snipping Tool and use Snip & Sketch instead. Most recent versions of Windows come with Snip & Sketch installed. Select the Start button and begin typing “Snip & Sketch.

Snip & sketch tool or

Launching the Snip & Sketch app will give you access to the delayed snip feature, which you can find in the New The dropdown menu for the button. Select the option you want New, your screen will look grayed out, and you’ll see a small Snip & Sketch toolbar at the top of the screen. Select rectangular snip, free-form snip, window snip, or full-screen snip.

Snip & sketch tool or

Once you use Snip & Sketch’s convenient keyboard shortcut, you might never use another method again. Simply press Windows + + Shift + + S. . Windows keys are those with the Windows logo printed on them. 

Choose the type of snip that you would like to use. Selecting the rectangular snipping tool will cause your cursor to change into a crosshair. This allows you to make precise selections.

The image will be copied to your clipboard regardless of the type of snip that you use. You will need to copy the image into another program in order to view, save or modify it Edit > Paste Or press Ctrl + V

3. PrintScreen Key

The PrintScreen key, although it is the best way to capture a screen shot, can only be used to create a partial one. You can only use the PrintScreen Use the “Copy” button to transfer the whole screen to the clipboard. Then, crop the image in an image editing program such as Paint Photoshop

If you press Alt + PrintScreen, It will only capture the current window, not the entire screen. It won’t show any evidence that something has occurred. To view the or edit the image, you will need to copy it into another program.

Printscreen key

You can also use an image editor app to view your snapshot and save it. Another option is to copy the file into Microsoft Word, and then use Word’s image editing tools to crop and edit it. Next, right-click on the image to select Save as picture.

Printscreen key

You can label the PrintScreen keyboard in a variety of ways depending on your keyboard. Prt sc or Prtsc are some examples.  

Perhaps the best thing about it is that most useful way you can use your PrintScreen button is to set it to open the Snip & Sketch tool. 

Printscreen key

Visit this website to learn more Settings >> Ease of Access > Keyboard. Print Screen shortcut, Use the PrtScn button to open screen snipping To the On position.

Notice: Apps like OneDrive, Dropbox and other image-capturing software, such as the ones listed below, may take over PrintScreen keys. It is sometimes difficult to determine which app is currently using the key PrintScreen hotkey. . These are the most commonly used, so make sure to check these first if they’re not working.

4. Download the EaseUS App for RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts can be used as a screen recording app. This app offers many features including the ability to record directly from your webcam. You can take only a portion of the screen by selecting the Region Screenshot tool. The screen will dim and you can drag your crosshair cursor across the area to be copied. Select the Next button Screenshot Use the icon/press F11 Use the keyboard key to capture the image.

Screenshots taken with EaseUS RecExperts can be saved to a folder called “Screenshots” Videos >> EaseUS RecExperts

5. LightShot App

LightShot, another free third-party app, allows you to quickly take screenshots of selected areas. After you have installed the app, click on the PrintScreen icon in your keyboard.

To select an area of interest, click and drag. LightShot gives you several annotation tools as well as ways to quickly save and share the screenshot.

6. WinSnap App

Ntwind Software offers WinSnap, which allows you to create screenshots with rounded corners, shadows or reflections.  

WinSnap offers additional services, such as a pixelate This tool will help you to remove sensitive information in your screenshots. The app has many features, and even the interface can be customized in different styles. For $29.95, you can purchase a lifetime license that allows one user. You can install WinSnap onto all your computers with a license.  

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