How to Save and Download Images from Your Chromebook

How to Save and Download Images from Your Chromebook

How to download files from your computer Chromebook storage options: local and external Easy. The tutorial below will demonstrate how you can download and save images, documents, and cloud storage apps from the Internet Chromebook.

Download and save images on your chromebook

You can download and save images from web pages

Follow the below steps to open the website or webpage you wish to download images.

  1. Click the right-click on an image that you wish to save and choose Save image as Click the context menu.

Use the touchscreen on your Chromebook to tap and hold an image and then select Save image as.

Download and save images from webpages
  1. ChromeOS defaults to saving images in the “Downloads” folder. You can change the destination folder and file name of your image in the “Save as” window.

The image can be saved to Google Drive, or other storage devices such as USB drives and SD cards. ).

  1. Select the Save button Or press Enter Click on the keyboard to open the download option and to save the image in the destination folder.
Download and save images from webpages

The “Download Complete” message should appear in Chromebook’s Status area, located at the bottom-right corner. Please select Show in folder You can view the image using the Files App.

Download and save images from webpages

Copy or Save Images to Chromebook clipboard

You can also download images directly from websites by copying them to the keyboard of your Chromebook. Then, you can paste the image and use it in your photo editor, notepad, or word processor apps.

Click or touch the image that you wish to download/save and then click on it Copy image.

Copy or save images to chromebook clipboard

Next, go to the application or document that you would like to use or save the image. Select the desired position and right-click to insert it Paste.

Copy or save images to chromebook clipboard

It is also possible to insert the copied image into your ChromeOS document(s). Press the Enter key to place your cursor wherever you wish to insert an image Search + V To open the clipboard on your Chromebook, tap or select it. Tap or select the copied image Copy it to the clipboard and insert it into the document.

Copy or save images to chromebook clipboard

Google Photos Photos Photos Photos

You can download the images you need from your device by following these steps Google Photos backup Connect to your Chromeboo.

  1. Open the Photos app Click on the desired image to be downloaded.
  2. Select Info Oder the three-dot menu icon In the upper-right corner.
Save pictures from google photos
  1. Select Download.
Save pictures from google photos

Photos app will save your photo/picture to the “Downloads” folder of the Files App.

Saving Images with Capturing Screenshots

Screenshots can be used to show you how it looks Extract and Save Images from Documents (PDF, Word documents, etc.) and webpages. ChromeOS Screen capture tool and third-party tools are available snipping tools To take screenshots with your Chromeboo.

Navigate to the page or document that contains the image and then follow the instructions below.

  1. Press the Ctrl + Shift + Show Window To open the screen capture tool, press these key.

Alternativ, you can also choose the date/time Select the option in the lower corner of your screen Screen capture You can find it on the system tray.

Save images by capturing screenshots
  1. Click or tap on the Take partial screenshot Click the icon to use it crosshair icon You can map your image.
Save images by capturing screenshots
  1. Select or tap the button Capture You can take a picture of the image and save it on your Chromebook to its downloads folder.

If you wish, the image/snapshot can be saved to another folder. Choose the gear icon Select the desired snipping tool Select folder, Click on the button to choose the folder you prefer.

Save images by capturing screenshots

This tool is also available for you to Record the screen of your Chromebook . Chromebooks – Capturing screenshots For more information about the ChromeOS snipping tools, click her.

ChromeOS can save screenshots as PNG images. Some sites also offer images in WEBP formats. Use this link to download the images saved/downloaded in another format Online tools and Chrome browser extensions You can convert them into your desired format (JPEG or TIFF).

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