How to restore factory settings to your FireTV device

How to restore factory settings to your FireTV device

You can reset your Amazon Fire TV Other issues, such as performance problems and glitches, Even if all other possible solutions have been exhausted, you should still try this method. Also, factory resetting your Fire TV is a great idea before you throw it away.

Factory reset is easy and does not require internet access. This guide will show you exactly how to do it Amazon Fire TV Stick & Fire TV Cube Models to be factory default.

Reset your fire tv device to factory settings

What happens when you factory reset your Fire TV

All data on your Fire TV will be lost if you restore it to the factory default. All settings are removed from the streaming device by factory reset third-party applications Deletes all data, including in-app purchase purchases. Permanently delete any downloaded files and content from the internal storage of your device.

A factory reset is a procedure that deregisters the streaming device and removes its Amazon account link. You will need to connect your Amazon account after the factory reset Setting up Fire TV .

Also, the reset function erases Wi Fi networks, audio settings and accessibility customizations Remotes that can be paired .

What happens when you factory reset your fire tv

Resetting your Fire TV won’t change or downgrade the version of FireOS that is running on it. You don’t need an update for your Fire TV after it has been reset to factory default – unless you have an upgrade available.

Fire TV’s software may need to be updated in order to correct bugs or performance problems. Fire TV device malfunctions can be fixed by updating the software.

Fire TV can be connected to Wi-Fi and Ethernet to allow you to go online Settings > My Fire TV > About > Check for System Update.

What happens when you factory reset your fire tv

Note: Amazon recommends that expandable storage be removed from the Fire TV before you perform a factory restore.

You can reset your Fire TV from the Settings Menu

To reset your streaming device back to factory default, turn on the Fire TV and then follow these instructions. You can use the Fire TV app This is available for Android and iOS If you do not have a remote control, use the following to navigate Fire TV.

  1. Press the Home button Select the option from your Fire TV remote gear icon You can access the homepage screen.
  2. Select My Fire TV.
Reset your fire tv from the settings menu
  1. Select Reset to Factory Defaults Choose and Reset To start the factory restart process, click on the popu.
Reset your fire tv from the settings menu

Use Remote to Reset FireTV

A unique combination of buttons on your device can be used to initiate a factory restart Fire TV Remote.

Keep the press button pressed Return/Back button and Right button Turn on the Fire TV remote for between 5-10 seconds. If you see “Reset To Factory Defaults”, a popup appear on the TV screen, then release both buttons.

Reset fire tv using remote

Select OK To reset the factory or Cancel To stop the process. If you do not select anything during the countdown, your Fire TV will automatically start the factory.

Reset fire tv using remote

Amazon Fire TV TVs Factory Fresh

Fire TV can be power-cycled or reset You can reset the streaming device if it is not working You can’t get it to respond..

Keep the press button pressed Select and Pause/Play You can hold the button for 5 seconds on your Fire TV remote.

Factory-fresh amazon fire tv

If you receive a message that your Amazon Fire TV TV is powering off, release the buttons.

Factory-fresh amazon fire tv

Alternativly, you can unplug your Fire TV’s power supply and then plug it again after 5-10 second. When the streaming device is back on, you can factory reset your Fire TV.

If the problem persists even after the factory reset, your Fire TV may have hardware damage. Get in touch Amazon Fire TV Support For assistance.

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