How to Repair a Discord Updating Failed Loop

How to Repair a Discord Updating Failed Loop

Discord, the most popular communication method for gaming, is constantly updated to fix bugs and add new features. The Discord app doesn’t need to be downloaded Release of alpha Discord Canary You can get a few of these by using the Discord client, which will automatically update.

These new features and fixes will not be available if Discord’s update is stalled. Discord might also get stuck in an “update failed” loop. Discord won’t let you access the client and will not allow you to update it. This tutorial will show you how to troubleshoot Discord updates in Windows 10/11, and macOS.

Fix a discord update failed loop

Verify Discord Service Status

Discord’s update loop failure is not always caused by a problem with your Mac or computer. Discord could fail to download updates when Discord servers are down. You can check Discord’s status via the Discord site to confirm if this is the case.

Discord continues to exist Status website for Discord Users To check current status, visit the website. You can find everything from Discord API details to information about local server issues on this website. You can use the tool to pinpoint whether your computer is having problems or Discord’s servers causing an update failure.

Check discord service status

Discord Status Website (discordstatus.comYou’ll find a history of each Discord service element for 90 days. Each segment is a single day. Particularly, you can see a 90-day history for each Discord service element. Each segment represents a single day API Section shows the most recent operational problems (e.g., today’s section is orange or red). You may have to wait until you attempt to update your client.

You can hover over any segment to view additional information about the reason for outages. You will see service-wide messages at the top of this page. Discord may be down. There isn’t anything you can do. You can wait it out, then try again when Discord comes back up.

As an administrator, you can run Discord

Discord can be updated by running the Discord desktop client in Windows as administrator. If Discord is running on an older version of Windows, you will need to perform this Account for local and guest users You cannot install or modify any programs without authorisation.

Discord should be closed and stopped running in the background. After this, grant administrative rights to Discord and reopen it.

  1. The Open Task Manager (right-click the Start menu > Task ManagerSearch for “” Discord (or discord.exe) process. Right-click Discord and choose the appropriate option End Task.
Run discord as an administrator
  1. You can open Discord by creating an administrator account. Open the Start menu, and locate the Discord entry in the Discord section Discord Inc folder. Click the right-click icon to open the app More >> Run as Administrator.
Run discord as an administrator

You can check your internet connection and disable VPNs, Firewalls, Proxies

Discord should be a positive thing A virtual private network However, this isn’t always possible. Discord can block VPN IP addresses that Discord believes are disruptive. VPN services might be blocked accidentally, which could cause updates to stop working.

Check your internet connection (and disable vpns, firewalls, or proxies)

If you aren’t using VPN, firewall, or proxy connections, problems with your internet connection can prevent Discord from downloading/installing updates. There are several ways to get Discord updates intermittent internet connection Or a DNS outage Discord could be stopped from functioning, as an example.

Visit the Discord website Check out and see if Discord is accessible. Discord will work through your internet connection if Discord works. Reboot your router, or call your internet service provider (ISP), if you don’t have internet access.

Temporarily disable your Antivirus or Uninstall It

Discord updates can be disrupted if third-party antivirus is installed. Discord Users You can solve the problem using Deactivate their antivirus software, Try restarting your computer, then attempting the update again. If you still have problems, remove your antivirus program and retry the update.

Our research revealed that “Kaspersky”, an antivirus program, was most commonly responsible for this problem. Discord may also be affected by antivirus programs that get stuck in “Update Failed”.

Disable Windows/Microsoft Defender

Disable windows/microsoft defender

Discord’s current update may be stopped by Windows’s native antivirus. Temporarily disable Windows Defender open Discord on your PC and verify that you are able to update it.

  1. Open the Start Menu, Type windows security Click on the Search Bar and then open Windows Security App.
Disable windows/microsoft defender
  1. Select Virus & threat protection You can find the sidebar here Virus & threat protection settings.
Disable windows/microsoft defender
  1. Toggle off Real-time protection.
Disable windows/microsoft defender

Clear Discord’s Cache Files

Discord clients saves files in hidden folders to make it easier for you later. Discord can only function correctly if these cache files exist. However, corrupted cache files can prevent essential services like Discord updates from running.

You can resolve this problem by clearing the cache file of the App and deleting Discord AppData On Windows, folder. Discord can be removed from a Mac if it isn’t being used Application Support folder. Make sure Discord isn’t running in the background or visible before you attempt these steps.

Windows Discord Cache: How can you empty it?

  1. Open File Explorer, and click the navigation bar in the upper right corner. Type %appdata%\Discord Press the button in the navigation bar Enter on your keyboard.
Clear discord’s cache files
  1. To find Discord, use the Discord Folder to search for the appropriate list Cache,, GPUCache, and Code Cache folders. Use the following to select the appropriate folders Ctrl Select the appropriate key. Right-click on your selection and click “Save” Delete You can place them in your Recycle Bin.
Clear discord’s cache files
  1. Click the right-click icon on your desktop Recycle Bin and select Empty Recycle Bin To delete Discord cache files, you must first uninstall them from your computer.
Clear discord’s cache files
  1. Allow any files that are essential to be restored by opening Discord again. Sign back in may be required at this stage.

How to Empty Discord Cache Files from Mac

  1. You can empty Discord’s cache from Mac by opening Finder Choose and Go >> Go to Folder.
Clear discord’s cache files
  1. Type ~/Library/Application Support/discord in the Finder menu box and select Go.
Clear discord’s cache files
  1. Select the Cache,, GPUCache, and Code Cache Folders in the Finder menu. Select and hold Command To do this, press the “Ctrl” key Click the right mouse button to select all files Move to Trash (or Move to Bin).
Clear discord’s cache files
  1. After you have deleted the file, click right-click to reinstate it Trash icons on the Dock and select Empty Trash (or Empty Bin).
Clear discord’s cache files
  1. If necessary, re-open Discord Client to allow files to be regenerated. Sign in using your Discord username details (if applicable).

Change the Discord Update Executable file name

The Discord executable file (update.exeThe sole responsibility for maintaining the Discord client up-to-date on Windows PCs lies with ), To get Discord up and running again if Discord updates fail, you may rename the file.

However, this is not a good long-term option. Your Discord client won’t have the most recent features or bug fixes without updates. Your service could become less reliable over time. Clients may also stop functioning as the older versions of Discord are not available to them.

You can rename Discord’s file update on your computer by following the instructions below.

  1. Press Windows key + R, %localappdata% Press the “OK” button in the dialog box Enter.
Rename the discord update executable file

You can also open File Explorer, and click the navigation bar in the upper right corner of the window. Type C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Discord (replacing username Press the following button (with your Windows user directory) Enter on your keyboard.

Rename the discord update executable file
  1. In the Discord Click the right-click icon to open folder Update.exe Select and file Rename. . Change the name of the file (e.g, UpdateX.exe or Update-Old.exe() Select the Enter Confirmation ke.
Rename the discord update executable file

Remove and Reinstall Discord

Reinstalling the client onto your Mac or Windows computer may be an option if none of the previous steps work. Discord’s latest stable version will be available to you when you reinstall it. You can download beta or Canary releases as well.

How to remove and reinstall discord in Windows

  1. Discord can be reinstalled on Windows by right-clicking the Start menu, and selecting Reinstall Discord Settings.
Rename the discord update executable file
  1. In the Settings Choose from the following menus Apps >> Apps & features. Uninstall, Uninstall You can also visit the pop-up.
Rename the discord update executable file

If you need additional information, follow the on-screen directions. After uninstalling, Download the Discord latest installation files, Run the installer to finish the installation.

Discord on Mac: How do you remove and reinstall it?

  1. Discord on Mac can be removed by opening the Finder app. Select the Discord option Applications, Move to Trash (or Move to Bin).
Rename the discord update executable file
  1. The Trash folder must be cleared by clicking the right-click icon Trash icons on the Dock, and choosing Empty Trash or Empty Bin.
Rename the discord update executable file

Once removed, Download the Discord Mac latest installer Start the file. Follow the on-screen directions to finish the task.

Make Discord more up-to date and get it working again

A Discord update failure can be one of several possible Discord errors which could cause a traumatic experience. Problems with discord connection You can also trigger an fatal Javascript error The app crashes as a result. You can try the following troubleshooting steps if Discord has stopped updating. You can switch to the Web interface for Discord or Get in touch with Discord Support If you have persistent problems, contact your local authorities.

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