How to record an Microsoft Teams Meeting

How to record an Microsoft Teams Meeting

Virtual meetings platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and others allow for recording calls and meetings. These recordings can be audio or video, screen sharing activities, as well as sometimes written transcripts.  

We’ll show you in this tutorial how to record an audio file Microsoft Teams meeting, You can access the recording by clicking here, and then share it with other people.

Record a microsoft teams meeting

Microsoft Teams Meetings Can Be Recorded by Who?

You must first have the following licenses in order to record meetings of Teams: Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, and E5, F3, or A1, A3, A5, A3, M365 Business, Premium, Business Essentials, or Enterprise E1.

The second step is to ensure that your IT administrators have enabled recording. If they do, then it is very easy to make a Teams recording. It’s surprising that you don’t even have to be the meeting planner to record a Meeting in Teams. If a user is part of the same organisation as the meeting organizer they can initiate and stop the recording.  

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How to start and stop a team meeting recording

You can record across all Teams platforms. Recordings can be started and stopped using any of the following tools: the Windows or iOS Teams desktop app, Teams in browser, the Microsoft Teams app on Android or iPhone. Follow these steps to begin recordin:

  1. First, select More (three dots icon)From the meeting controls.
Start and stop a teams meeting recording
  1. Then select Start Recording (record button iconSelect? (from the dropdown menu.
Start and stop a teams meeting recording

Notifications will be sent to all participants informing them that the meeting has been recorded. The notification will also include information if meeting transcriptions have been enabled.

Start and stop a teams meeting recording
  1. You can stop the recording by clicking More And then Stop recording. Stop transcription While you continue the recording.  
Start and stop a teams meeting recording
  1. Confirm your selectio.
Start and stop a teams meeting recording

A notification will be displayed once again.

Start and stop a teams meeting recording

Once the recording has been stopped, it is processed.

How to Set a Meeting to Record Automatically

It is also possible to set an automatic recording of a meeting. No matter if you are using Teams channels, you will see the link to a scheduled meeting Meeting options You can make an appointment in our calendar.

Start and stop a teams meeting recording

Select the Meeting options Click link to go to a page that has many settings you can make in advance. To set your meeting to automatically record, simply click on the toggle button.  

Start and stop a teams meeting recording

How to locate recordings from teams meetings and how to manage expiration dates

After Microsoft processes the recording of the meeting, you will have access to it once it is saved.

Note: Microsoft Teams recordings had been saved until August 2021 Microsoft Stream. . This is not true anymore.

Where to Find Channel Meetings

Microsoft Teams allows you to create meetings from within a group or include a channel in scheduling meetings. This is called a “Agent” channel meeting. . All channel meetings will show up in the channel where they are scheduled. Each member of the team is welcome to join this meeting. 

Find recordings of teams meetings and manage expiration dates

After a recording ends for a channel, it is automatically saved to the Sharepoint website. In the channel conversation, a link will be provided to the recording.

Where to Find Recordings of Other Meetings

All other types of meetings can be recorded and saved to OneDrive. As soon as the recording is available, a link will be displayed in the chat.

Find recordings of teams meetings and manage expiration dates

Clicking on the recording of the meeting will open it in another browser tab.

Expiration of Meeting Recordings 

You’ll receive a message from your IT administrator if you have set an expiration policy to meet recordings. This will include a link that allows you to change or view the date.  

  1. You can click the “View or modify the expiration date” link.
  2. This recording will be opened in a new browser tab.
  3. Select the Info Click icon to access the details panel for the recording.
  4. In the Expiration date You can choose to prolong the expiration by selecting a date or removing it altogether.
Find recordings of teams meetings and manage expiration dates

Go to for access to recordings and to manage expiration dates My Files You can find the meeting recording in OneDrive and Sharepoint sites. Select the meeting recording you want to save and then locate it Show actions The three-dot icon is located to the right side of the file. Then select Details. . This will bring up the details panel where you can modify the expiration date.

How to make a Microsoft Teams meeting recording available for sharing

Steps to share Microsoft Teams Meeting recordings depend on the person you are sharing it with.

Sharing a Channel Recording with Team Members

Share a microsoft teams meeting recording

Members of the team can visit this URL to access recordings from channel meetings Recordings The folder is located in Files Tab of the channe.

Sharing Recordings of Other Teams Meetings

The recording of all meetings in Teams is available to meeting organizers Recordings Folder in their OneDrive directory. The recording link will be available in chat to anyone invited to the meeting.  

Share a microsoft teams meeting recording

You can also share recordings with participants if you are the organizer of the meeting. Find the file from your Recordings folder on OneDrive and click to copy the link or share it. You can then paste the link into an email message or chat.

Even if the meeting organizer was not present, participants can share the audio or the link with others. However, the meeting organizer must approve any share actions.

Use Teams as a Screen Recorder – A Good Ide?

It’s possible to record screen using the Teams meeting recording tool, but Microsoft offers a much better option. Check out our Guide on how to use Microsoft Stream for screen recording.

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