How to locate your Bitlocker Recovery key in Windows

How to locate your Bitlocker Recovery key in Windows

Windows could request BitLocker keys if there is an unauthorized or malicious access to your computer’s operating systems drive. If you enter an incorrect pin too frequently, or changing your BIOS boot device BitLocker may also be activated into recovery mode.

You can’t locate your item BitLocker Drive encryption Our recovery key will show you the way.

Find your bitlocker recovery key in windows

Microsoft Account Overview

When encrypting BitLocker, did you select the “Save To Your Microsoft Account” option? Go to Use a web browser to sign in and create a Microsoft account. It is possible to use any browser from any platform, Windows, Mac or iOS.

Check your microsoft account

You can sign in to any of your Microsoft accounts that are linked to the computer to which you would like to unlock. Below your model number or PC name, you’ll see the recovery key.

Check your microsoft account

Not the recovery key, but the BitLocker Recovery Key identifier, the “Key ID” refers to the BitLocker key ID. You will need the 48 hyphenated characters in the “Recovery Key” column to unlock BitLocker’s encrypted drive.

To unlock your hard disk, choose the latest entry if your device contains multiple recovery keys. If the latest one isn’t working, you can try other recovery keys.

Note: Your recovery key might not have been found in your Microsoft account personal if it was activated using an account at work or school. For assistance in finding your BitLocker recovery keys, please contact the system administrator of your company.

Search for a USB Drive Recovery

Find a recovery usb drive

The BitLocker recovery code could also be stored on external storage devices. Your USB flash drive(s), if any, should be inserted into another computer. Then check the PDF and TXT files for your recovery keys.

You will need to locate the recovery key by inserting the USB stick into your computer. Then follow the screen instructions. On the BitLocker Recovery screen, you can also enter the recovery code.

Find a recovery usb drive

Check Your Cloud Storage Account

The BitLocker recovery keys could be found in your cloud storage. OneDrive is not available? Google Drive is linked to your Windows PC, If you are looking for words like “bitlocker,” “recovery keys,” and “recovery,” we suggest running a Google search.

Check your cloud storage account

Pay attention to TXT files and PDF files with identical titles/names. It is a good idea to open documents with different titles or names. This could help you find the recovery key.

Check your cloud storage account

If you are unable to find the documents that match your criteria, extend your search into the “Trash”, or “Bin”, folders of your cloud storage.

You can find a printout of a paper document

Your recovery key might have been printed on paper at the time you activated BitLocker. For any printed document with long strings of hyphenated numbers, make sure you check where your important documents are stored.

Look for a printout or paper document

How to get your recovery keys back if you can’t find them

Microsoft Support cannot help you retrieve or recreate your BitLocker Recovery Key if it is lost or stolen. Initiate the Windows Recovery Environment If you are unable to locate your BitLocker recovery code, reset your computer.

Noting that your entire computer’s files, settings and apps will be deleted when you reset it, is a good idea. You should have backups in case you forget your key.

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