How to install Android apps on Windows 11

How to install Android apps on Windows 11

Microsoft, Amazon and Intel have joined forces to enable Windows 11 to run Android mobile applications without any additional software third-party emulators . . You must have a few other prerequisites to be able to use Android apps natively on your computer.

This tutorial will teach you everything about how to install and run Android apps on Windows 11.

Install android apps on windows 11

What’s the Windows Subsystem Android for Android?

Windows 11 introduces the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), a component that is new to Windows 11. It is based upon the Linux kernel, and the Android Open Source Project. These components enable Windows 11 users the ability to install Android apps from Amazon Appstore.

As an Android Subsystem, think of it as the Windows Subsystem an Android emulator It allows you to create a virtual Android phone from your computer. This provides all the necessary features for Android apps running smoothly on Windows 11.

Android Apps to be Installed in Windows 11

Install android apps on windows 11

For the Windows Subsystem to Android and Amazon Appstore to work, your computer needs to meet certain hardware and software requirements.

Requirements for Windows 11

The first requirement is that your computer can run Windows 11. You must have all the Windows 11 requirements for storage, memory and CPU. See our How to check if Windows 11 can be run on your personal computer Learn more about these requirements.

Microsoft Store Requirements

Microsoft offers the Windows Subsystem Android via the Microsoft Store or Amazon Appstore. To install Amazon Appstore on Windows 11, your Windows 11 computer must run Microsoft Store Version 22110.1402.6.0 or higher.

How to verify the Microsoft Store version of your computer’s Windows Store:

  1. Click on Microsoft Store and select the option you want profile icon Click the “top-right” corner and choose App settings.
Install android apps on windows 11
  1. For the Microsoft Store version, scroll down to Section “About This App”.

Install android apps on windows 11

If your Microsoft Store version is older than required for Android app installation, you can continue to the next step.

  1. Click here Library Click on tab to locate Microsoft Store from the list of updates available. Click on Update Install the Microsoft Store app latest version on your computer.
Install android apps on windows 11

To update Microsoft Store to the most recent version, reboot your computer.

Location Requirements

Amazon Appstore is only available to US customers at the moment. Therefore, your computer’s region should be set in the United States. You will also need to have an Amazon account in the United States for accessing the app store.

You can also change the location of your Amazon and PC if you are outside the United States. We’ll help you.

Go to Settings > Time & language > Language & region, United States as your region.

Install android apps on windows 11

Visit the Section on Content and Device Management Go to the settings page for your Amazon account Preferences tab. Click here to expand Country/Region Settings, Change Select the appropriate button United States as your country.
Install android apps on windows 11

UEFI Virtualization or BIOS Virtualization

Virtualization in Windows is a feature that lets you run another operating system within Windows. Virtualization is enabled automatically on pre-installed Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers.

This article will help you if your computer doesn’t have Windows 10 or 11 tutorial on enabling virtualization in Windows . Enabling hardware virtualization for computers that use Intel or AMD processors.

Amazon Appstore – Install Android Apps

Amazon Appstore offers Android apps that run natively on Windows using the virtualization engine. This article will show you how to install and configure the Amazon Appstore via the Microsoft Store.

  1. Start Microsoft Store from your computer and enter amazon appstore Use the search box to select Amazon AppStore In the final result.
Install android apps on windows 11

Alternativ, you can also open this Amazon Appstore Link Use your internet browser to select Get in Store app. This will redirect you to Amazon Appstore in Microsoft Store.
Install android apps on windows 11

  1. Select the Install Click the button below to install the app on your phone.

Install android apps on windows 11

Amazon Appstore will automatically install Windows Subsystem on Android. If it does not, you will see an alert or pop-up asking to install the Windows Subsystem.

  1. After installing Amazon Appstore and Windows Subsystem For Android, restart your computer.
Install android apps on windows 11
  1. When your computer is restarted, go to the Amazon Appstore. Sign in with your Amazon account. Register for an Amazon Account if you don’t already have one. Be sure to specify the United States as the country/location.

Install android apps on windows 11

  1. Go to the All Apps tab, and click Get to Install an Android App.

Install android apps on windows 11

  1. Select Download.

Install android apps on windows 11

  1. Select Open To launch the app.

Install android apps on windows 11

The app can be opened from either the Start Menu, or Windows Settings. Select the app by pressing Windows Key on your keyboard All apps, Select the app from the list.
Install android apps on windows 11

Windows displays Android apps that have been downloaded from the App Store in portrait orientation. It is very similar to a smartphone display. Android apps do not have the traditional 3-button navigation that Android uses (home, back/return or app switcher), so you won’t find it there. The minimize, maximize, close and return buttons will be found in an app’s titlebar, as with every Windows app.
Install android apps on windows 11

Windows also handles Android apps the same way as other Windows-based applications. They can also be pinted to the Taskbar and Start menu. Android apps also receive input via your stylus pen, touchpad and touchscreen.

Notifications sent by Android apps can be accessed in the Windows Notification Center Windows key + N). The Windows Task Switcher allows you to switch between different appsAlt + Tab). Android apps also have the ability to access content from your clipboard.

Android OS: Windows Subsystem Management

Windows gives you the ability to control how Windows Subsystem Android operates and what system resources are used on your computer.

Type windows for android Open the Windows Search Bar and type “Windows Search” Windows Subsystem for Android Settings app.

Install android apps on windows 11

Select Files To open the file manager portal for Android apps, This will open the Android File Management Interface, where you can access multimedia files as well as documents that have been downloaded from Android apps.

You can select from the section “Subsystem Resources” As needed You can disable the Windows Subsystem from running when you use Android apps. While this will help to save your battery life, it may cause apps to start slowly.

Install android apps on windows 11

You can leave the Subsystem to run continuously but you should turn it off when you’re not using any Android apps. Scroll down to the bottom and choose “Windows Subsystem for Android Settings” Turn off Windows Subsystem for Android.
Install android apps on windows 11

How to uninstall Android apps in Windows

Android apps can be removed from the Control Panel, Settings app and Start menu. You can also remove Android apps using third-party uninstaller software. Check out our extensive Tutorial on how to uninstall Windows 11 applications See the following instructions for more details.

Troubleshooting Android/Amazon Appstore

Installing Android apps from Amazon Appstore is not possible. Update your operating system to fix the problem.

Go to Settings > Windows Update Choose and Check for Updates Install the most recent Windows Update for your computer. Please select Restart now You can download Windows Updates that you have already downloaded.

Install android apps on windows 11

Microsoft offers a similar recommendation Any adblocker should be disabled, You should, particularly if it is not possible to log in to Amazon Appstore.

Windows-Android Harmony is available

Amazon Appstore has only a few Android apps. Although sideloading Android applications from third-party sources is possible, it’s quite complex. Microsoft states that it has been working with Amazon on improving the Android experience for Windows 11. In the future, you can expect to find more Android applications in Amazon Appstore.

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