How to insert a picture in PowerPoint

How to insert a picture in PowerPoint

One of them is There are many ways you can make your presentations more visually attractive You can add images to your slides. Microsoft PowerPoint has built-in options that allow you to insert images from different sources to your slides. An image can be used as the background of your slides. Let us show you.

Images can be uploaded from Windows, Mac, Microsoft stock images repository, the internet, and Windows. The images will then be adjusted to fit the slides by repositioning and resizing them.

Insert a picture in powerpoint

Add a Picture From Your Local Storage to PowerPoint

It’s simple to access an image you have already saved to your Mac or Windows machine’s local storage This image can be loaded into your presentation. . PowerPoint can open almost all file formats. Your photo will be able to fit in any of these popular formats.

  1. Get your presentation open with PowerPoint You can access it from your computer.
  2. Select the slide to which you wish to attach an image.
  3. Access the Insert Click the tab button in PowerPoint’s Ribbon at the Top.
  4. Select Pictures > This Device In the Images section.
Insert a picture in powerpoint
  1. To load your PowerPoint presentation, navigate to the folder containing the image you want. Hold down the CTRL key to select more images Ctrl key.
Insert a picture in powerpoint
  1. Now, your image has been added to the slide.

To reposition your image on the slide, drag it. Drag the handlers to the right of the image, and you can change the size.

Insert a Stock Image in PowerPoint

Microsoft Office 365 subscribers have the option to choose from thousands Images that can be used royalty-free To add to their PowerPoint slides. This guide will show you how to add your image to the PowerPoint slide if this is a plan that you have.

  1. Start your presentation with PowerPoint.
  2. Select the Insert Tab and Choose Pictures > Stock Images.
  3. Choose the image type that you would like to be added to the slide using the tab menu at the bottom.
  4. Access the Search In the box, type the name for the image that you are looking for.
Insert a picture in powerpoint
  1. Choose your desired image from the drop-down menu and click “Add to Cart” Insert At the botto.
Insert a picture in powerpoint
  1. Multiple images can be added by choosing them from the drop-down list Insert At the bottom of your window.

PowerPoint will automatically download a stock image from the Internet when you add it. This process can take between a few seconds and minutes depending on how many images are selected, as well as the speed of your internet connection.

Add a Photo From the Internet or OneDrive to PowerPoint

PowerPoint also includes Search for images on Bing, This allows you to quickly search for images and to add them to your presentation. If you’d like, you can load images directly from OneDrive.

  1. Get your presentation open with PowerPoint.
  2. Click here Insert Click the tab at top to choose Pictures > Online Pictures.
  3. Select the Search Bing In the box above, type the name for the image you are looking for.
  4. Click on your chosen image to be displayed in search results Insert You can find the bottom. If you wish, multiple images can be selected.
Insert a picture in powerpoint
  1. You can add images to OneDrive by clicking the button below OneDrive The bottom-left corner is the location of the window.
  2. Go to your OneDrive folder. Select the desired image and click “Add” Insert At the botto.
Insert a picture in powerpoint

Capture and Add a Screenshot to PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a screen-capture tool, which allows you to capture your PowerPoint presentations Click here to take a photo You can then add the image to your slides. So, there’s no need for a A third-party app can capture screen shots These can then be loaded into the app.

  1. You can take screenshots by opening the right window.
  2. Get your presentation online PowerPoint Click on the slide that you would like to include your picture.
  3. PowerPoint is available here Insert Click the tab at top to choose Screenshot In the Images section.
  4. Choose the window that you wish to take a picture of. You can add this screenshot to the slide you are currently on.
Insert a picture in powerpoint

Use an Image as a Slide’s Background in PowerPoint

A picture you find on the Internet, in a stock image repository, or from your computer can be used as the background of your slide. You can place your slide content and your photo as the background.

It is possible to achieve this goal by Change the background of your slide These are the formatting guidelines:

  1. Select the picture you would like to be the background by right clicking the slide Format Background Select from the menu.
  2. Enable the Picture or texture fill You can also choose the option to your right.
  3. Select Insert In the Picture source section.
Insert a picture in powerpoint
  1. Please choose the original source for your image. We will go to the source From a File.
Insert a picture in powerpoint
  1. To make your slide background, double-click on the image in your folder.

PowerPoint offers several options that can be used to modify the background color of your slides.

Add an Image to PowerPoint on Mac

PowerPoint Mac also allows you to easily add images to your PowerPoint presentations. Images can be found and added from your computer’s local storage or the Internet.

  1. Start your presentation PowerPoint For Ma.
  2. Pick the slide that you would like to add your picture.
  3. Choose Insert > Picture > Picture From File.
  4. Choose the image you want to include on your slide, and then choose Insert.
  5. By holding down, you can choose multiple photos Shift Click here to upload your photo.

Insert Pictures in PowerPoint’s Web Version

PowerPoint’s Web version has almost as many features and options as its desktop application. On the web client, you can upload images from multiple sources to your PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Open your web browser of choice and get online PowerPoint . . Register for an account now if you don’t have one.
  2. Next, choose your presentation slide and the slide to which you would like to add a photograph.
  3. Select Insert > Pictures Start at the top with the ribbon. Next, choose your source image followed by the image itself to be added to your slide.
Insert a picture in powerpoint

By selecting your slides and pressing the Backspace button, you can delete unwanted images.

Add Photos to Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Aesthetically Pleasing

PowerPoint doesn’t need to be dull. PowerPoint has many options that can help you make your presentations interesting Your slides can be transformed into something that your audience will love to watch. . You have the option to include photos on your slides. And you can select your images from many sources.

You can edit your images once you’ve uploaded them. This will allow you to make your presentations blend seamlessly with the existing content. Have fun presenting!

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