How to Fix the "pr_connect_reset_error" Error in Mozilla Firefox

How to Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” Error in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox’s “pr_connect_reset_error” makes your sites inaccessible, It can be very frustrating. This error can continue to occur if you don’t want to switch your browser. There are a few ways to solve the issue. Here’s how.

Many times, the problem is caused by a small bug in your internet browser or network. You may also have your firewall blocking site connections, a non-working proxy on your machine and other reasons.

Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox

Clear Your Cache in Firefox

The easiest way to fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” is to clear your browser’s cache. Clearing your browser’s cache will delete any images or other files the Firefox browser may have stored, thereby fixing issues with those files.

When you Clean cached web content, Your saved logins, cookies and other information are not lost.

  1. Open Firefox You can do this by going to your computer.
  2. Choose from the three horizontal lines located in Firefox’s upper-right corner History > Clear recent history.
  3. Select the Time range to clear Select from drop-down menu Everything.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox
  1. You can disable all other options than for Cache.
  2. Select OK At the bottom of the window.
  3. Closing and reopen Firefox.
  4. You can launch your site from the browser.

Use a Different Network to Fix pr_connect_reset_error

Your network may prohibit you from accessing a particular website. Your internet service provider (ISP), may add a website to their block list for a variety of reasons.

This can be done by changing to an alternative internet network, and then checking that the site loads. For example, you can Turn on the Hotspot feature of your phone If you are currently connected to your Wi-Fi network at home, check to see if it opens your site.

Your site should launch on the alternate network without any problems. Talk to your ISP about the issue.

Uninstall Your Third-Party Firewall App

Some third-party firewalls are not compatible with Firefox. The firewall may have identified Firefox and your websites as potentially malicious, thereby restricting your ability to access those sites.

If you don’t have the ability to whitelist Firefox or your websites in your firewall application, Uninstall the app These are the steps to take from your computer.

  1. Open Windows Settings By pressing Windows + I.
  2. Select Apps In Setting.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox
  1. Select your firewall application from the following list.
  2. Select Uninstall To remove the app.
  3. Choose Uninstall Click the button that appears.
  4. Start Firefox, and then try accessing your website.

Disable Windows Firewall to Fix the Secure Connection Failed Error

Even if you don’t Install a firewall from a third party, The default Windows firewall on your Windows PC may be activated in the background. It is possible to disable the firewall and check if sites are then opened.

  1. Access the Start Search for menu Windows Security, Click on the icon to select the application from the search results.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox
  1. Choose Firewall & network protection On the main screen.
  2. Choose the network with the best content (active) It is right next to it.
  3. Toggle off Microsoft Defender Firewall.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox
  1. Select Yes In the User Account Control prompt.
  2. Launch Firefox Start by opening your site.

Turn Off Your Antivirus Software

There are two reasons why you should not Firefox is not able to access your site It is possible that your antivirus program detected your web browser and deemed it suspicious. You can temporarily disable your antivirus protection to check if your website loads.

The method of disabling protection depends on the antivirus program. The following steps can be used to disable the protection of Microsoft Defender Antivirus:

  1. Open Start, Windows Security, Click on the icon to select the application from the search results.
  2. Choose Virus & threat protection The app screen will open.
  3. Select Manage settings Please see the Virus & threat protection settings header.
  4. Turn off Real-time protection.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox
  1. Choose Yes In the User Account Control prompt.
  2. Open Firefox Load your website.

Turn Off Your Proxy

When you experience network errors like “pr_connect_reset_error,” it’s a good idea to disable The main proxy for your computer Also, the proxy server within the application in question. If your issue was due to a poor proxy server, this should fix it.

The following steps will allow you to disable proxy functions on your computer and Firefox:

Disable Proxy on Windows

  1. Press Windows + I to launch Settings.
  2. Select Network & Internet In Setting.
  3. Choose Proxy You can access the right sidebar.
  4. Turn off Use a proxy server You can find it on the right.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox
  1. Close Settings.

Disable Proxy in Firefox

  1. Open Firefox, Settings.
  2. Select General Scroll to the left and then scroll down to the right Settings.
  3. Select No proxy The following are the Connection Settings Window and Choose OK.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox

Once your proxy is disallowed, you can launch Firefox and attempt to visit your site.

Disable Your VPN Service

VPNs have a significant role in network-related activities. This allows you to bypass restrictions set by your ISP and route your internet traffic via middle servers.

But, these features come at a high price. Your “pr_connect_reset_error” may have resulted from a poorly configured VPN. Turn off the VPN temporarily and check if you get your websites to launch. Many VPN clients include a toggle button at the top of their main interface that allows you to disable or enable VPN services.

You may need to contact your VPN provider if your websites do not load when you deactivate the VPN.

Turn Off Firefox’s Add-ons

Firefox add-ons provide additional features., This browser app will allow you to get even more from it. Sometimes one or more installed add-ons can cause problems with core functionality of the browser.

You can try turning off Firefox add-ons in your situation to see if it solves your problem. If the problem persists, then you can delete the add-ons that are causing it and retain the useful ones.

  1. The three horizontal lines are highlighted in FirefoxSelect the desired option in the upper-right corner Add-ons and themes.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox
  1. For all extensions you have installed, turn off the toggl.
Fix the “pr_connect_reset_error” error in mozilla firefox
  1. Restart Firefox.
  2. When the browser closes, launch your website.

Getting Around Connection Reset Errors in Firefox

Firefox’s “pr_connect_reset_error” occurs for various reasons, making your sites inaccessible in this browser. This guide will assist you if this happens and you don’t know what to do.

You can save your changes and tweak the network settings, You should resolve your browser problem, Just click the button and you will be back surfing as usual. Enjoy!

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