How to Fix the Call of Duty Warzone Memory Error (0-1766)

How to Fix the Call of Duty Warzone Memory Error (0-1766)

Call of Duty Warzone can be a great game, provided it runs properly. It’s frustrating when the game crashes in every match, and you are booted out.

These crashes are often caused by the memory error 0-1766, which can be found on both Xbox One and PC. Worst of all, Warzone users are left in the dark about the problem.

This is an easy problem to fix. We have all you need to get around the Warzone memory error 0-1766 and start playing again.

Fix call of duty warzone memory error 0-1766

How is the Memory Error Number 0-176 and Why does it occur?

Online shooters are not without their errors COD Warzone is no exception . . This glitch can sometimes be caused by an internet problem, temporarily stopping the game.

It can sometimes be caused by corrupted files, or an inconsistent visual setting. This makes it more difficult to solve. It’s still a common error to encounter while playing Warzone and does not require hardware modifications.

1. Check your Internet Connection

The internet connection is the most important thing when playing online games. The internet connectivity is a critical factor in online shooters’ behavior. They are known to be finicky and can throw tantrums when it fluctuates.

Restart the router, and it will establish an Internet connection. Then you can start your game again. Consider switching to an Ethernet cable if your router isn’t already connected. For gaming, a physical connection can be more reliable than Wi Fi.

Solution 2: Turn off HDR

HDR – High Dynamic Range This is the latest trend in televisions and it’s a good one. It can dramatically improve image quality by providing sharp visuals that are unmatched on standard TVs. However, this technology is relatively new and still leads to many mistakes.

For Xbox gamers, this one may be more important as many have experienced the 0-1766 error in memory due to Auto HDR. If your computer supports HDR, you can also try this solution on PC.

The setting can be found by pressing the Xbox button on your controller, and you will then navigate to it Power and System > Settings > General > TV & display options >> Video Modes. . To apply these changes, uncheck Allow HDR and restart the game.

You will see the option in on your PC Settings > System > Display >> HDR.

Fix 2: disable hdr

Restart Devices

It doesn’t matter if you play the game on a PC, or a Microsoft Xbox Console console. Restarting the device could fix Warzone. This type of memory error is often temporary. A system restart will usually suffice to clear the memory.

You should ensure that the right product is chosen Restart Instead of selecting, choose option Shutdown Then, turn off the computer and restart it. Modern computers do not completely purge their memories at shut down.

It’s best to disconnect the power cord from an Xbox and let it cool down for at least a few minutes before re-plugging it. You can then allow any remaining power to drain, which will ensure a new start every time you turn it on.

Four: Keep Closed Unnecessary Application

You may experience the Memory Error 0-1766 when you run multiple programs simultaneously while playing Call of Duty Warzone. You can run the game on both Xbox 360 and PC by closing any other open applications.

Windows has the ability to utilize The Task Manager View all active processes. You can close high memory processes that you aren’t using while you play (like Google Chrome). This will free more memory to support Warzone and ensure smooth gameplay.

  1. The keyboard shortcut is used to launch the Task Manager Ctrl + Shift + Esc. More details You can view all processes running in a single list.
Fix 4: close unnecessary applications
  1. Just click here Memory To sort through the process by how much RAM they use, This allows you to quickly find the processes that use too much memory. Click right on the process you don’t use and choose End task.
Fix 4: close unnecessary applications

Fix 5: Lower the display resolution

Call of Duty Warzone by Activision is intended to be played in 1080p HD resolution. It is possible that you are running the game at higher resolutions than recommended, depending on how your computer works.

The screen resolution can be adjusted from the display settings. However, this affects all aspects of the system. Better is to change the resolution directly from within the game.

You can find the setting under Options >> Graphics >> Advanced Settings. . To get the most performance, increase the render resolution to 1080.

Fix 6: Review the Game Files

These errors are often caused by corrupted, missing or damaged game files. It is possible to get unexpected and difficult-to-diagnose errors if there are no DLLs or other internal files. If you experience major errors, it is a good idea to check the game files.

  1. You can verify Warzone’s games by opening the BattleNet launcher, and switching to Warzone tab.
Fix 6: verify the game files
  1. You can click on the gear icon beside the Play button for a smaller menu featuring a variety of options. You can choose Scan and Repair.
Fix 6: verify the game files
  1. Select the Begin Scan Click on the button in the dialogue box.
Fix 6: verify the game files
  1. BattleNet now scans game files and verifies their integrity.
Fix 6: verify the game files
  1. Clients will be notified if any files are missing or corrupted and they can then proceed to install the game.
Fix 6: verify the game files

Reinstall the game

Technically speaking, Scan and Repair automatically updates missing and broken files. This makes reinstallation unnecessary. However, if there are still issues you need to resolve, the old trick of reinstalling your game is worth it.

  1. Click the gear icon near the Play button to uninstall Call of Duty Warzone. Then, choose the “Uninstall” option Uninstall option.
Fix 7: reinstall the game
  1. Then, you’ll need to confirm that your selection is correct – choose Yes, Uninstall To remove the game.
Fix 7: reinstall the game
  1. This will allow you to install the game directly from scratch.
Fix 7: reinstall the game

Even if this doesn’t fix the error code 0-1766, it is your computer and not the game.

Fix 8: Reset Xbox

Xbox owners can’t scan and fix Warzone-related Warzone files, so it might be necessary to reset the device.

Perform a factory reset of Xbox All data is deleted and reinstalled. This will erase all data on Xbox 360, including any other games. Please do not perform this unless you are willing to reinstall everything.

Is there a way to fix COD Warzone’s Memory Error #0-1766?

The memory error code 0-1766 is a sign of corrupted data. The error may be temporary fixed by restarting your game, or the entire device. However, if the problem persists you will need to identify the source.

Poor internet connections are a common reason for memory problems. Check your internet connection and restart the router. If possible, switch to wired connections.

Next, disable Auto HDR visual settings and reduce the resolution to 1080p. This will prevent conflicts from creating the error. If nothing else seems to work, you can try fixing the game files, or completely reinstalling it.

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