How to fix Spotify's local files not showing on Windows

How to fix Spotify’s local files not showing on Windows

We don’t have the right image Local music files that you have added to Spotify Are you unable to see these files on Windows? You may have disabled the option to display these files. This article will show you how to disable that option and other solutions to the problem.

You may also notice that Spotify doesn’t display your local files if your file formats aren’t supported, Spotify has corrupted its cache, or your firewall is blocking Spotify from accessing your files.

Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows

Enable the Spotify Local Files Option

This is the most frequent reason Spotify does not display any of these features The only way to get your music from your local library is to disable the option that makes Spotify recognize them. Spotify will automatically locate all of your files in the interface once this option is enabled.

  1. Open the Spotify Desktop app for Windows P.
  2. Click the profile icon at the top-right corner to choose Settings.
Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows
  1. Scroll down for the Local Files Section in Settings. Show Local Files option.
Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows
  1. Make sure the folders you see are those where your music files are. If this is not the case then add your source folder to the selected menu Add a source.

Make Sure Your Files Are in a Spotify-Supported Format

Spotify can only support a limited number of file formats. To be able to play your audio files in Spotify, you must have one of these file types. There are three supported file formats: MP3, M4A, and MP4.

You will need to convert files if they are not in these formats These files can be converted to supported formats They will not be visible in the app until they have been modified. It is possible to change the file format of music on Windows PC in several ways.

After you have converted the files into a supported format place them Files in Spotify’s Local Music Folder, Your files will be displayed in the app.

Clear the Spotify App Cache

To improve the user experience, Spotify saves and uses cache files. It is possible to corrupt these files Cause the app malfunction. . The reason your local files are not being shown in the app could be due to a corrupt Spotify cache.

Clearing the app’s cache will resolve your problem. You can still delete any personal information, including the music library that you have stored in the app, by doing this.

  1. Open Spotify You can access it from your computer.
  2. Click the profile icon in the upper-right corner to choose Settings.
  3. Scroll down for the Storage Section in Settings. Clear cache button.
Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows
  1. Choose Clear cache Enter the prompt.
  2. Closing and reopen Spotify.

Re-add Your Files to Spotify’s Local Music Folder

Spotify doesn’t recognize some of your local files. This could be because the app is experiencing minor bugs that make it hard to identify your files. This is where you can uninstall all your local audio files The local music directory, Next, add the files again.

  1. You can open the folder that contains your local music files by going to a File Explorer window.
  2. Choose all of your files and right-click on any file to select it Cut.
Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows
  1. You can access any folder in your storage by right-clicking anywhere that isn’t blank and choosing “Access All Folders” Paste. . The temporary location for your music files is this folder.
  2. Launch Spotify, Wait for 10 seconds and then quit the app.
  3. Navigate to the folder in which you saved your music files. Select all of them, click on one, and then choose “Open with…” Cut.
  4. Open Spotify’s local music directory, click anywhere you don’t see, and then choose Paste.
  5. Open Spotify, You should listen to local music.

Modify Your Firewall Settings to Add Spotify to the Exception List

Microsoft Defender Firewall also known as Windows Defender Firewall may be installed on your computer’s PC Spotify Access Restrictions Save your files to local folders. The firewall may block your files from being displayed in the application. This firewall is usually used to protect your app from accessing content that it should not.

This situation can be solved by adding Spotify to your firewall’s whitelist. This will allow Spotify to access the entire network.

  1. Open the Start Search for menu Windows Security, Launch the app by clicking on this lin.
  2. Select Firewall & network protection In the app.
  3. Choose Allow an app through firewall.
Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows
  1. Select Change settings At the top.
  2. Allow the box to be shown beside each instance of Spotify. Private and Public Checkboxes available for every situation Spotify instances.
Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows
  1. Select OK Save your settings by clicking the button at the botto.

Fix Spotify’s Local Files Issue by Updating the App

Spotify could be running an outdated version on your Windows PC. Some issues in older versions of Spotify are easily fixed by newer apps. This is why you should update your Spotify app to fix your problem with local files.

Update the app It’s as simple as choosing an option in your existing app.

  1. Open Spotify Ensure that you have the latest version of your computer.
  2. Select File > Help > About Spotify You can find it in the app’s main menu.
Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows
  1. Choose Click here to download If an update is made available, please let us know.
  2. Relaunch Spotify After you have downloaded and installed all available updates.

Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify on Your PC

Spotify won’t display your local music files if they don’t appear in your account remove Install the Spotify app again on your computer. You will be able to delete the entire app file from your computer’s storage. This will also remove any corrupt files.

This is what you’ll need Log in to your Spotify account Remember to save your login details when you install the app again.

  1. Open Windows Settings By pressing Windows + I.
  2. Select Apps In Setting.
  3. Choose the right product for you Spotify Application on the list. Then, select Uninstall.
Fix spotify’s local files not sing on windows
  1. Select Uninstall Enter the prompt.
  2. Reboot your computer.
  3. Start your favorite web browser and head to Spotify’s download Page, then download the latest version of the app to your Windows PC.
  4. To install the application, run the file you downloaded.

Get Spotify to Show Your Local Music Files on Your Windows Machine

Spotify can be used as both an app for streaming music and as a player of local media. If Spotify suddenly stops playing your personal music, it will frustrate you.

If you use the techniques outlined here, it won’t take too much to resolve the problem. You’ll be able to move on once you are done The problem item was fixed, Once you do, all your files from your Spotify account will be visible on the interface. Then, both online and offline music can now be played on your computer. Happy streaming!

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